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Political information
Type of government

Federal Constitutional Republic


Traite d'Unification


Constitution of United Earth.

Head of State

President Lydia Littlejohn

Head of Government

President Lydia Littlejohn


President Lydia Littlejohn

Executive branch

President of United Earth

Legislative branch

Legislature of United Earth

Judicial branch

Supreme Court of United Earth

Societal information

San Francisco


United Earth credit




First Contact Day, etc


Anthem of United Earth

Political information
Formed from

nations of Earth

Date of fragmentation


Date of reorganization


Date of dissolution


Date of restoration


Succeeded by

pre-Federation Era

United Earth is the name of the planetary state created through the unification of Earth in the 22nd century following First Contact in 2063. United Earth continued to exist as a political subdivision of the United Federation of Planets when its government helped found that interstellar state in 2161

United Earth territory

By 2155 United Earth claimed all worlds settled by humans as it's territory. It claimed the human homeworld of Earth, it's satellite Luna, and the planet Mars. Beyond Sol, they claimed the planetary system of the closest star,Alpha Centauri, specifically the worlds of Alpha Centauri III, Alpha Centauri IV, and Alpha Centauri V. The first colony established off Earth in the Eta Cassiopeia system i.e. Terra Nova. It also claimed the Vega system(Vega IX), The Sirius system (Sirius III and Sirius V), the Kappa Fornacis system (Deneva),the Altair system (Altair VI). In addition it claimed the world of Berengaria VII as the site of a military base.


United Earth was the planetary state represented in the Coalition of Planets and later the United Federation of Planets. Government officials included Ministers(in name only as a nod to the various parliamentary systems used by Earth nations. On a planetary level, with its organization patterned on that of the United States, their powers were based on US Secretaries). As a federal state, the various Earth nations hold most of the power over Earth's citizens. These nations include Canada, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Republic of China and the United States of America.

United Earth had many agencies. This included the early form of Starfleet (prior to 2161), Military Assault Command Operations(MACO), the United Earth Space Probe Agency, and the United Earth Diplomatic Corps, which was responsible, among other things, for running the United Earth Embassy on Vulcan during the 22nd century.

The Fire Nation War

United Earth fought a major war against the Fire Nation in 2155. The war was instigated by Azula's capturing of Starfleet personnel and the threat of a general Romulan offensive into the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

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