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By RageOfFluffy Part of the The Lost Histories of the War continuity.
United Council
General information

Katsyu (Water Tribes), Sen Shi (Earth Kingdom), Hazashi (Fire Nation), Kashi (Air Nomads)


Four Nations


Whale Tail Island


Four Nations


Keep the peace of the world

The United Council was an alliance between the four nations. Council members would discuss the state of the world and make decisions. They had, in a sense, more power than the national governments, as they could place sanctions and blockades upon a nation when needed. Joining the council, excluding certain positions, meant loyalty to your country came second.


The Council was formed long before the great war, some say it is as old as Ba Sing Se. The Council was destroyed by Fire Lord Azulon.


There were several positions in the United Council.

  • Council Leader: Four Council Leaders were appointed, one from each nation.
  • Council Representative: A representative from each nation, he/she still holds primary loyalty to his/her nation.
  • Consular Representative: A representative of each section of Consulars.
  • Consular: A regular member of the council.
  • General: Five Generals were appointed. They represented the Armada.
  • Substitutes: There were substitutes for each position, excluding Consulars.

Council Sects

There were different sects in the Council.

  • Water Tribe Sect: A group representing the Water Tribes.
  • Earth Kingdom Sect: A group representing the Earth Kingdom.
  • Fire Nation Sect: A group representing the Fire Nation.
  • Air Nomad Sect: A group representing the Air Nomads.
  • Economy Sect: A group for the economy.
  • Military Sect: A group for the military.
  • Peoples Sect: A group for the people and unions.


The council had an armada which consisted out of soldiers and benders from each of the four nations, even Air Nomads. This armada would be called upon when sanctions, blockades, or necessary occupation was needed.

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