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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan continuity.
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Southern Water Tribe




614 BG


522 BG (Age: 92)

Physical description


Hair color

Dark Brown

Skin color


Eye color

Dark Blue

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Whale-boned blade, polearm


Southern Water Tribe, Northern Water Tribe, Tanaraq, Prince Unaraq, Rong Yan, Unaraq's crew, Aloi


Ex-General Senlin

Chronological and political information

Chief of the Southern Water Tribe


Chief of the Southern Water Tribe (Present)

First appearance

Book 2: Water Chapter 1: Royal Allies

Last appearance

Book ??

Unirak is currently a minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan, Unirak currently the first chief in Avatar Rong Yan's life time. His son Unaraq will be the second chief during Rong Yan's life time. He is the chief of the Southern Water Tribe.


Unirak, was born in 614 BG, to unknown parents, though his father was reigning chief during Avatar Ku Tei's life. Unirak was a boy throughout the Thirty Year War, learning of the politics and every day life that a chief must endure to lead his people.

Unirak's father died, when the boy was merely fifteen, the war had been over for at least seven years. During this time, Unirak had been crowned the chief at such a young age. Knowingly, he knew what his father taught him about the position of being chief.

The child chief was target too many organizations throughout the world who wanted him dead, in return to rule the Southern Water Tribe. Many assassins were sent to kill off the prince, this was of course during the times of Ku Tei's later years.

The boy had no contact with the Avatar nor knew anyone who could contact Ku Tei to protect him. Two years passed the attempted assassinations continued to occur. One assassin did eventually injure Unirak, but not to a serious level. Unirak has a large scar on the left side of his abdomen going across from his left armpit to his bellybutton.

A counter assassin was hired by his mother the chieftess who was actually running the entire tribe, though the boy was just put on the throne as an icon. The counter assassin was around to protect the boy until a certain age where he would protect himself or until the attempts were stopped.

Around three years later when Unirak was twenty-one, his mother had descended the throne, and Unirak had ascended it no longer being an icon but now the official chief. Tradition, within the Southern Water Tribe, is that the royal bloodline, a son or daughter within the bloodline must be at least 21 years old to ascend the throne after the previous leader has died.

In 635 BG, after taking the throne, that night he met a woman through a coronation party. This woman was later married to Chief Unirak, and she bore him two children a son and then a daughter. At the age of 29, in 643 BG his first child is born a boy which is named Unaraq, who later becomes known as the crowned prince of the Southern Water Tribe. His mother dies before Unaraq is born.

Three years later, when Unirak is 32, in 646 BG his daughter, and second born child Tanaraq is born who is later known as the crowned princess of the Southern Water Tribe.

Five years later, Unirak's wife, and mother to Unaraq and Tanaraq dies. Unaraq knows the cause along with his father but wishes to keep the death to themselves. Tanaraq knows of the death of her mother but does not know the cause.

Years have passed, and he grew older, stronger and smarter, when people compare him to Chief Cupun of the Northern Water Tribe, he is on a larger scale of power and leadership, even though their limit of power is similar.

His later years, Chief Unirak dies at the age of 92, but gives up his throne to his son at the age of 60. Unaraq his son takes the throne at the age 38. Reasons Unirak departs from the throne he thought at his old age he can no longer take the responsibilities of a chief.

During Unirak's reign, he was a great leader and tried to keep away the war from beginning again.


Unirak was born a non-bender, but was highly trained in the arts of swordsfighting, and is considered a master in the art. Along with knowing how to use a polearm, which one of his personal guards had trained him around the time Unaraq was born.



Book Two: Water

Preceded by
His father; Unknown name; Chief
Tribal Chief of the Southern Water Tribe
635 BG - 575 BG (60 years)
Succeeded by
Prince Unaraq

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