Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Union in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

A world beyond the Avatar.
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The Legend of Korra




Avatar: The Last Airbender


In the modern-day world, the Avatar Cycle has been broken and all benders must keep their abilities secret while still maintaining balance between good and evil. Unbeknownst to the majority of humanity, benders and light spirits across the globe have held dark spirits at bay, working together to preserve harmony and order, despite a rising tide of opposition that threatens to overwhelm their efforts. The world is in desperate need of the Avatar, but the reincarnation cycle has ended, and the Great Light Spirit is nowhere to be found. A new kind of savior must step forward and restore balance to the world.

Four elements.

Light against darkness.

One hope.

One chance.

A new – Union.



Charismatic and powerful, Bruin heads a local team of young benders with brash and courageous leadership. He is a skilled firebender, and an expert tactician, devising many of his team's offensive and defensive maneuvers both during training and while in the heat of battle. Although plagued by secret insecurities, his willpower serves to make his team one of the most outstanding groups in the Bending Nation.


Seth serves as both the lieutenant and spiritual guide of the team. He is well-versed in matters pertaining to the Spirit World and possesses a natural affinity with spirits, both light and dark. Although he lacks the immense talent displayed by the other waterbender on the team, he is a powerful bloodbender and his determined training has made him a deadly fighter. Off the battlefield, he is also a master healer, having an articulate and useful knowledge of the human body, its weak points, and its chi paths.


Usually seen as a motivating influence, Emily is an earthbender and metalbender, preferring the latter due to the fact that it causes less damage. Aggressive, she channels a fighting spirit, but, rarely, can be steadying and reserved. She is spiritually in-tune, and rivals Seth in his abilities to communicate and work with spirits. Her primary weapons are thin metal cables stored in a booty bag that never leaves her person.


Laura is best described by her nickname, 'Chimp'. Her firebending prowess allows her to deftly perform acrobatic feats as if she were a monkey, nimbly avoiding any and all attacks thrown in her direction. Although she is a firebender, she has studied airbending extensively, following the typically airbender-exclusive technique of dodging and evading while building up strength for an explosive counterattack. She is also lighthearted and fun, and is always willing to have a good time with her teammates.


Wil is easily the most level-headed member of the team, and is referred to by the others as the 'Voice of Reason and Tentacle-ies' due to his undeniable logic and proficient use of the Octopus Form. He is a waterbending prodigy, easily mastering high-level techniques in a matter of seconds or minutes, much to Seth's dismay. He is also a skilled and innately-gifted healer, and has the closest relationship to Bruin of all the team members.


Should I finish this particular story arc, I will also write the other two or three stories bouncing around in my head. This might not happen. Be prepared for anything - the zombie apocalypse, flying coffee pots, people with pink hair (seriously, how does that happen?), giant meteorites, Bill Gates - anything! Meaning that if you travel tomorrow, make sure you pack a map of Montana, a couple sticks of bubblegum, a beanie, and a revolver. If you are anti-firearms, a useful alternative would be the ever-popular rubber-band gun. Whatever floats your boat.

Book One: Heart

Chapter 1: Wisdom

Chapter 2: Dreams and Problems

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