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Avatar: The Last Airbender


The Legend of Korra


A new adventure has begun! The war against the Fire Nation has been over for six years and Aang is a fully realized Avatar. He lives his life trapped behind the walls of Ba Sing Se, solving the problems of the world. When Katara breaks his heart, he sets out on his own to personally help people, which is really just an excuse to get away from the city. Meanwhile Toph has been living on her own and prospering, but she isn't happy either. She constantly must turn away suitors from her doorstep because her parents don't think she can survive without a husband. When Aang and Toph reunite, she invites herself along on his adventure, needing to get away from the life she is leading as well. Along the way they encounter pirates, assassins, and uncover a plot that has the possibility of overthrowing the governments of the world and even poses a threat to the Avatar himself. And along the way Aang might have found true love where he least expected it and is put to the test to prove it.

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Chapter List

Chapter One His Story Six years have passed since Aang ended the war against the Fire Nation. Now 18, he is overwhelmed by the responsibilities of caring for a world still recovering from the war's aftermath. Now living in Ba Sing Se his life consists of meetings of the Nations Council and playing mediator to the representatives from around the world. The only bright spot that keeps him going is the fact that Katara, 20, has decided to become the representative for the Water Tribes and will be taking up residence in Ba Sing Se as well. This is when Aang decides it is the perfect opportunity to ask Katara to marry him. His plan backfires on him and she turns down his offer. Hurt and heartbroken Aang decides he must get away from the city and the woman that has crushed him. Thus, a new adventure begins! One that will test his strength and his faith in love, and reveal things that even he as the Avatar had not known.
Chapter Two Her Story Toph lives her life as she pleases. Having left her parents home at only 14, she made her own home and was given Master Yu's Earthbending Academy, which she fixed up from disrepair and reopened as an Earthbending Academy for the noble girls of Gaoling. Her parents were still overprotective of her and sent a young orphan, Fanon:Miyu, to take care of her. The girl quickly became a good friend and top student to the young earthbender. Among the other friends she made over that time were Fanon:Yu Lin and Mrs. Ling. However, her parents felt that even Miyu was not enough to take care of their frail daughter and soon suitors began lining up at her door, trying to convince her to marry them. Headstrong, and having been hurt once before, she turns them all away, by force if necessary. When Aang interjects on one of her brawls, she doesn't hesitate to get involved in his business and also decides to invite herself along on his little trek across the globe. She bids farewell to her friends and sets off with her old companion, unknowing of the trials they will both come to face.
Chapter Three In The South Aang and Toph's trip first takes them to Aang's original home, The Southern Air Temple. While there, the two butt heads and have serious talks about the past, the present and the future. Aang learns how lonely his friend was after the war. He also stops a ship of renegade Fire Nation soldiers turned pirate and rescues the Water Tribe ship they had been attacking. To his surprise, the captain of the ship is Sokka, who is grateful for Aang's help. It is now that Aang begins to learn of things happening in the world that had not made it to Ba Sing Se.
Chapter Four Assassins on Kyoshi Aang and Toph set off again, this time entrusted to let Suki know about the attack to Sokka's ship. She is currently visiting Kyoshi Island with her and Sokka's son, Rizu, at the behest of Ty Lee, the new leader of the Kyoshi Warriors. While they are there, Aang learns about bandits that have been plaguing villages on the coast of the mainland, that even the Kyoshi Warriors are having difficulty stopping. These bandits have even threatened the lives of the warriors. They make good on their promise and invade the island in the dead of night, set on assassinating the warriors in their sleep. However, Toph is able to sense them prowling around and alerts Aang of the danger. While he heads off to gather Suki and the rest of the Kyoshi Warriors, she takes a more direct approach and goes after the would-be assassins.
Chapter Five The Black Band Bandits Aang, Toph, and the Kyoshi Warriors manage to take down most of the assassins, but a few of them manage to escape. The following day, the Warriors are preparing to take their prisoners to Omashu for judgment. Meanwhile, our duo is setting off for the city of Qian. Aang plans on speaking to the delegate of the region, who resides in Qian, and hopes to solve some of the problems of the region. Along the way, the two encounter a hapless couple of newlyweds, who convince the two to escort them home to Qian. Humor ensues and they young wife makes assumptions about the relationship between the Avatar and the earthbender. Once in the city, the duo must once again rescue the couple from being robbed at knife point by a pint-sized thief, who wears a black band on her arm. Aang begins to piece some facts together about the pirate, assassins, and this thief, that reveals something going on that's even bigger than he could ever imagine.
Chapter Six The Secrets of Qian The duo meets up with the delegate of Qian, a man named Ling Dao Ren, who both find suspicious. Aang returns to the delegates estate to discuss the events he has been a part of, while Toph takes the young would-be thief home. There she uncovers some disturbing facts about the Black Band Bandits and the city of Qian. Unknowingly, she uncovers an even bigger plot than either she or Aang had suspected. When the two reunite, they must risk their lives to save children from the clutches of the Dragon Line and bring down the local sect of the Bandits that are causing turmoil in the region.
Chapter Seven Living a Delegate's Life After removing Ling Dao Ren from power, Aang and Toph find themselves stuck in Qian until a new delegate can be found. In the interim, Aang discovers a little bit more about his friends life, as well as information about how the Black Band Bandits might have earned their money.
Chapter Eight Who They Met In Rangsen After being relieved of their duties in Qian, our companions find themselves playing babysitter to the two kidnapped children: Setsuko and Yul. They are determined to return them to their family, but trouble rises when they do. Toph runs into her former fiance, Yasuo, and his wife Mien Lo who happen to be the parents of the two children. Grateful, the duo are invited to stay for a feast. Right away Aang notices that something is not right with his friend, and that she seems out of character. He soon learns why when he discovers the true reasons why she and Yasuo ended their relationship.
Chapter Nine The Almost Bride We go back to the years just after the war and come across a young, carefree Toph. At a social gathering, she meets the man that will be her future ex-fiance, and we discover how she fell in love and how she fell apart after it all ended. And some questions are answered, like why she is against arranged marriages, and how exactly Yasuo ended up married to someone else.
Chapter Ten Leaving the Past Behind After Toph explains her history with Yasuo to Aang, she leaves him as a rainstorm rises. Her life is put at risk by her bitter anger and it is Aang who must save it. In the end, both are resigned to leave their unhappiness in the past where it belongs.
Chapter Eleven Life While You Were Gone Just because Aang was gone did not mean that Katara sat idly by, waiting for his return. Still, she had her own difficulties to deal with and new challenges to face. A familiar face surfaces and she finds herself doubting what her true emotions really are on love, marriage and Aang.
Chapter Twelve Return to Ba Sing Se Aang's return to the city is not pleasant. He tries to convince the Council to mobilize troops to stop the Black Band Bandits, but his proposal is shot down. They do not believe that all of the events he witnessed were connected, but are willing to review the confession of Ling Dao Ren, the traitorous delegate of Qian, as proof. He is resigned to request the information from Omashu.
Chapter Thirteen Omashu Uprising Chaos has overrun the city of Omashu. With Bumi out of the city, the residents have taken to rioting. Someone in Bumi's palace is behind it all, pulling the strings. Can they calm the people or will the city be entirely lost?
Chapter Fourteen The Art of War With new details arising surrounding the Black Band Bandits and the riots in Omashu, Aang and Toph must make the tough decision to face their foe head on. Enlisting the help of a band of mercenaries, the two make plans to once more leave Ba Sing Se.
Chapter Fifteen It's a Long Road to Zhai With the weight of their commitment on their shoulders, Aang and Toph must endure the trials that come with travelling by foot while focusing on the task of stopping their enemy. Despite well-laid plans, it's proven that nothing ever goes as expected for these two.
Chapter Sixteen Mountain Pass Ambush They'd gone undetected for weeks and it had made them all lax, leading to a surprise attack with dire results. Now Toph must cope with the aftermath.
Chapter Seventeen Recovery in a Quiet Town
Chapter Eighteen Interlude: Letters to Gaoling
Chapter Nineteen Showdown at the Stronghold
Chapter Twenty Seeking a Healer's Hands
Chapter Twenty-One Untangling the Strings of Fate
Chapter Twenty-Two Ba Sing Se, Again
Chapter Twenty-Three A Voice in the Night
Chapter Twenty-Four What the Blind Girl Saw
Chapter Twenty-Five Where Has She Gone Now?
Chapter Twenty-Six The Lies the Heart-Eater Told
Chapter Twenty-Seven To Give Away a Heart
Chapter Twenty-Eight Epilogue

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