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The Lost Air Temple


Book 2 Rise of the Deathbenders


21 Under Ground

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Last Time on TLAT. . . The group arrives at the Western Air Temple and meet Osla. The only known person to escape from the THIEVES and an old friend of Cori. She tells Cori, Baizken, and Finosa her tale, however her memory of it is foggy at best. Also, Wong returns and beats Cori badly in an official battle using his unorthodox skills. Meanwhile, the Western Air Temple points their suspicion at the Central Air Temple. After having no good advice from his past life, Gatton has to go alone. But now, Osla finds herself deep in a Black Lotus conspiracy.


The beast was silent now, my mother. The one who had abandoned me when I was a child. She felt like a millipede for a moment. Her aura was dark and cold and she led me through the ground. Things floated with no effect of gravity. The things, they were the items I had made vanish. Spoons, cups, frozen lightning, and dozens of rats. I followed straight behind the creature, my mother, her path winded in and out. I turned toward the tree and Raingeous; they were almost pitiful. We got to a door. It was just a normal door, made of wood with a handle of emerald. The creature, my mother, turned into an orb of shadows. Slowly, she molded herself into a human form. She reached and touched the handle. Pain befell her face as she touched the emerald and she slowly opened it.

"Akra sifa," her speech was jargon, unlike anything I had ever heard before and the door opened with a blinding green flash.

I was now in a room, and I had turned into a humanoid form, like my mother. I guess a thrown room like for one of a king or another kind of ruler. There was a thrown made of bones and laced with shadows, and who sat in it was the one who ruled. My mother bowed before this person. I decided to follow suit.

"Why have you brought a half-breed into my presence. You know how I despise their kind," the ruler's voice echoed and was distorted.

"My offspring, he is friends with the Avatar," her voice echoed weaker than the ruler, "He may be of use to us."

"The other spirits would smite me for that, interacting with a halfbreed of a supposed banished servant. I may have saved you from your punishment, but I can do no more."

"Shadow Spirit, I beg you to reconsider. He may be able to buy us some more time. Slow down destiny long enough to enact your excellent plan."

"Why should I?"

"Great one," my voice was louder and more powerful than them both, "I pledge my allegiance to you. For what wouldst you like for me to slow?"

"Power is great in this one, more than I've know from his kind. Very well, he is to go on the mission, but it must be kept a secret to everyone. The humans, nor another spirit must know of this. Smoke, son of Tao, you are to be a ferry for the destined, Gatton and his grandchildren, whom you are already acquainted to. You are to intercede destiny so long as it does not cause or undo death. You will remain here for a period of time before you may go on your mission, to train. I remind you time in this place passes differently than the mortal world or even other parts of the Spirit World. Months merely weeks, and years months, you need to grow in great power before you start your journey."

And so I prepared for what ever was about to come upon me...

"Excellent," Wong responded to Osla pledge, "If you continue to obey you'll be sane in no time."

"Wong," addressed a fit woman from the Northern Water Tribe, "Should we not take her to the temple?"

"Yeah and hurry, I've got important business to attend to," said Sulu in his shiny armor.

Osla concentrated and managed to say these words, "Why am I doing this?"

"Do not keep fighting your mission, and it will be easier on you. Only certain events will trigger your agenda, so just stay quiet," Wong said shrewdly.

Wong drew a cloud down from the sky. It hardened and firmed and they all stood on it. Wong controlled the cloud; the cloud went up into the air and went at record speeds.

"You're the one who kidnapped me," she said under her own power, but only because it was allowed.

"Right as rain," Wong said as he sped the cloud faster, "I'm also the reason you are like this." All Osla could do was grunt at that. It did not take long for them to reach the Central Air Temple, maybe an hour or so. Osla looked around and there were male and female monks everywhere, most of them masters.

"Why did you bring the outsidersss," said a woman with a hiss.

"Backup," Wong replied, "And stand at attention, Ikis!"

"Yes, your prince-ship."

Cori could not sleep that night. Something about Osla was unsettling to him. She looked... not like herself. Very controlled which was so much unlike her. Cori was truly worried about his old friend. Cori decide to escape for a walk, maybe visit the echo chamber. Fortunately, the window was open. Cori was careful not to wake up his master who slept on the other side of the room. He grabbed his glider and flew out the door like a helicopter as usual.

The air was crisp that night and the ground was cool. Cori knew spring was supposed to be warmer than this. He looked back at his lodging and saw that he had now waken up Senzin. This gave him reassurance to walk the grounds. There were no more trailing mothers and he walked the ground thinking of a less confusing past. He remembered that this was his birthplace, his home. Though Cori did not ever know his mother, he knew Osla had. In fact, Osla had seen Cori as an infant, but he could not remember that. No, his first memory of Osla was from when he was five.

A young Cori was visiting the echo chamber with a middle-aged Senzin. Cori laughs at his own echo and Senzin chuckled at his future pupils antics. Anjelo flew around the temple and chirped as if he wanted to join in on the game. However he flew back to Senzin's shoulder when he heard echoing footsteps. A voice finally joined them.


The voice echoed for quite a while. A curious Cori ran all around the chamber until a girl came back through the elongated door way.

"Hello, I'm Osla," she said in a voice that sounded loud, but kind.

"Hello," a quiet Cori said as he stood behind Senzin.

"What's your name?"

"Cori, Cori is my name."

"Pleased to meet you, Cori," she said and extended her hand. Cori ran to the girl with a smile on his face.

"Air shove!" she yelled and performed the move and launched Cori across the room; however he was not hurt because of the material the floor was made of. Rather than cry like a normal five-year-old would, he giggled and did the same. Only a small puff of air came from his hand though.

"That's good, but you need to do it more like this," they played for more than an hour in the chamber along with Anjelo. Senzin just stood back and watched them play, happy to see someone older take an interest in his soon-to-be student.

"What has changed," Cori muttered as he entered the chamber. His normal pleasure of hearing echos in this place was just emptiness. He gave an unmeaning shout and decided to head home feeling worse than when he left.

Osla walked through the corridors of the temple. The halls were narrow compared to what she knew. Osla pondered at the fact that this was not her first time here and if she would remember this trip. The Earth Kingdom Black Lotus had a heavy axe strapped to his back and the northern agent had eight satchels of water to her side. The others had distinguishing features, but the way those two carried themselves showed their power more than a mask or some heavy armor. And Wong led them all. He led her to a prison room he locked the door and left with the soldiers. It must have been a couple of hour before he came back. She paced herself around the cell, especially when she saw him coming. Osla knew she could not fight Wong. No, she saw what he did to Cori and she could tell he had been holding back. She was no match for a master.

"Ah, my prisoner, it seems that you still have much use to us," Wong said in a voice that was potent and lethal.

"You better steer clear of me," Osla said but with no oomph, "You can not hurt me."

"Oh, I have no plans of hurting you. No no, as I said 'you still have use to us'," Wong spoke clear as crystal, "Try not to make this hard or else I'll have to knock you unconscious again."


Wong raised his hands in the air and twisted them into a crazy position. Suddenly, Osla eyes rolled back into her head and she stood limp. Wong had cut off some of the oxygen and left only enough to be partially conscious. Mindbending, a dark art where one bends another mindset.

"Now, let's get down to your new program..."

Cori ran toward his quarters. The young monk never knew when Senzin got up because he slept in and often was woken up by his mentor. Cori slowed down when he saw his quarters. Cori had to be stealthy about this; he knew that his master had the ears of a rabaroo. Cori silently spun his staff and hovered up the wall. He finally reached his window when two big eyes stared at him. Cori about screamed if he had not remembered to be silent. It was Anjelo, his masters lovacle, but old lemur. Cori continued and jumped into his room.

"Great night for a walk, isn't it?" Senzin said on purpose to surprise Cori and his pupil did shout.

"Master Senzin! I can explain."

"Explain! You just left in the middle of the night with Providence knows what is out there. This was the most irresponsible thing you could!" Senzin yelled. It reminded Cori he cared about him.

"You would do the same if you were me... Master... There's something wrong with Osla; I know it. I thought a walk would clear my head."

"And did it?" Senzin said much more calm.

"No, you just don't understand, sir."

"I know you feel strange right now and I know you're worried about your friend, but it is not worth getting possibly kidnapped, is it?"

"She is like my sister, sir. I would gladly do it if it means finding out what the spirits is wrong with her."

Senzin just sighed "Let us try to get some sleep."

Wong felt quite proud of himself. He had successfully programed a person to carry out his father's plan. His father was the leader and some time in the far-off future it would all be his-the temples-the Black Lotus-maybe even the world if he was lucky.He walked to his father's, Geno, room. It was large and filled with air that swirled around the room like a storm. His father scared Wong most of the time, but this time as he opened the door this time, he could tell his father was pleased.

"My son, did you carry out your mission?" Geno's back was turned to Wong so he could not see his Geno's face.

"Yes father I did it with perfection and the men are home," Wong said in a timid voice he only used in addressing his all-powerful father.

"Why did you bring the outsiders?" Geno's voice was loud, almost enhanced.

"Well sir, I needed them as muscle to fear her into coming with us," Wong feared his father's next words.

"Very well, I guess we did not need another corridor to be half-destroyed by an air blast. I have a new mission for you, son, a new target."

"I will come without warning, a THIEF in the night. I will find them and I will make sure they will suffer, Father," Wong spoke in a chilling voice.

"Easy my son, the targets you are after are necessary pawns..."

"Meaning?" Wong asked.

"You must capture them. The relative of the Avatar and the pupil of the Head Monk Senzin. If they take the bait they will fall right into my trap," Geno said triumphantly.

"Yes, father."

"Take Osla home post-haste," Geno said. Wong did this at a great speed and was there before dawn.

That mourning, three parties got up. Each one with an agenda. All of them could strike at any moment, but rather they play Pai Sho?


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