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Long Feng



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November 4, 2009

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"So Soon!"

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Hunting Long Feng

Undead! is the eleventh chapter of Long Feng. It marks the final appearance of Yue.


Yue, had been bitten by a vampire, a monster that fed on the blood of living people. She had become a vampire, too. "She is undead!", explained Haru.

Like the ghostly women in Long Feng's Vastle, she was now an evil, blood-sucking creature. "The undead are desperate.", continued Haru.

To give Yue peace, and save her soul, they had to kill her once again. Sokka, who was Yue's fiancé, had to give permission. "Is this all a nightmare?", asked Sokka.

At midnight they all went together to Yue's tomb. Once again, they found it empty.

Haru sealed the door of the tomb with a paste made from Communion wafer!

They waited, until a ghostly figure appeared in the distance. It was Yue, but looking more fierce and cruel, and with a small child in her arms!

Wild and blood-stained, Yue glided towards Sokka. Her voice was sweet. "Come to me, Sokka. Leave these others and come to me.", said Yue.

But Haru's cross halted her. Yue's eyes blazed with fury. She spat and growled viciously.

Yue backed away while Haru removed some of the wafer. She slided through a tiny crack......and returned to her coffin.

Now Sokka had to act. He hammered a wooden stake through vampire Yue's heart. She writhed and screamed, then grew calm and still. Yue was no longer a monster, now her soul could go to the Spirit World.

Sokka kissed Yue for one last time. Now it was farewell, forever.

There was one more dreadful duty. Haru cut off Yue's head, then filled her mouth with garlic and sealed the tomb.

Yue's soul was saved, but Long Feng, the vampire who attacked her, was still free. And now he was seeking victims on Ember Island. He had to be caught and destroyed, somehow!

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