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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan continuity.
Prince Unaraq
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Southern Water Tribe


23 (Book 2), 30 (Book 3)


643 BG


510 BG (Age: 103)

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Weapon of choice

Whale-tooth spiked club, and Saber-tooth Cat Knife


Southern Water Tribe, Northern Water Tribe, Monk Yong Ten, Tanaraq, Chief Unirak, Rong Yan, Unaraq's crew


Ex-General Senlin

Chronological and political information



Prince of the Southern Water Tribe; Chief of the Southern Water Tribe (Eventually)

First appearance

Book 1: Air Chapter 3: Rong Yan's Master

Last appearance

Book 3: Earth Chapter 20: ??

Unaraq is currently a minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan, in Book 2 will be considered a major character along with his sister. Unaraq is crowned prince of the Southern Water Tribe. He is also the next chief in line of the Southern Water Tribe.


Early Life

Born into royalty of the Southern Water Tribe, as crowned prince, and future chief. Unaraq lived his childhood famously. Chief Unirak, took Unaraq into the wild often to learn how to survive in the wilderness and the icy cold lands of the South Pole and also trained him to be a warrior. As child he saw a man fishing at a near glacier, and was surprised how well the man fished.

Since, he saw the man fishing near a glacier, he seemed to have a passion for fishing. People think wrong of him being a fisherman, when he's royalty he shouldn't be fishing. Unaraq should be doing better things, like war meetings or plans, or whatever princes' do. Unaraq finds that stuff boring, and to pass the time his hobby is fishing and selling the fish to any of the other nations.

Unaraq is also a skilled warrior for his age, since his father took him out into the wilderness at such a young age and trained him in the art of the warrior. His favorite weapon is his whale-tooth spiked club. Unaraq only uses the Saber-tooth Cat knife to skin game.

Meeting the Avatar

In Chapter 3, Avatar Rong Yan wanted to meet the cook who had made him the delicious fish. When the fish redirected him to the fisherman that caught the fish, and gave the credit to him. He met Unaraq and his crew.

Not knowing anything of Unaraq being royalty, he thanked him for the meal and Unaraq and the crew went on their way.

Crossing Paths Again

Unaraq was reintroduced to Avatar Rong Yan by his father Chief Unirak. Rong Yan and Prince Unaraq had quickly recognized each other and knew that they've met before back at the Fire Nation eons ago.

Reuniting again, they soon became friends, and their destinies have intertwined. Now Unaraq along with his sister the princess have joined Rong Yan in his quest to master the four elements.

Meeting an member of an Ancient Organization

At one point before leaving Ni Juo, Unaraq was curious to know if the hermit had returned to the shack up in the mountains. Upon arrival they had met a hooded figure, who was the hermit.

Startled he dropped his drink and air dried the stain on his robes. Aloi the airbender jumped in joy when she found out he was an airbender. He had revealed he was a member of an ancient organization called "The Vibrant Ones".

Who were a selected few of master airbenders trained in the three different branches of Soundbending. Chaos, Deception, and Melodic branches, each had the same standard moves but each had their own unique set moves.

Although Tanaraq and Unaraq, were not present during the day where Giman was training Rong Yan and Aloi. They were having their own little day in the town of Nuo Ju. Some time during the afternoon, a sonic boom had came from the mountains and they were aware it was their friends.

They tried their best to try and persuade the guards that it was the weather. When an acquaintance had showed up at the scene and told the guards it was just lighting and thunder from the mountaintop.

Northern Water Tribe

When the gang reaches the Northern Water Tribe it seems to be peaceful since they arrive before General Senlin and his comrades do. In the coming days the entire visit gets thrown into disarray, first when Senlin wanted to upsurge another war he had sent Kimaru to kill Tulok's cousin although it turned out they triple teamed him. With Senlin delivering the final blow to the young officer. After they found his body the Northern Water Tribe chief had gone into a rage and waged war on the eastern Earth Kingdom. In the final two chapters of Book Two, they begin to prepare the wedding of Tulok and Tanaraq who have had a quick relationship taking each other for lust and the arrangement of marriage through royalty.

In Chapter 19, they were preparing the funeral of Amak, and later in the chapter towards the end they attended the funeral and the burial of the young man. In Chapter 20, they had attended the royal wedding while in the end the two chiefs had a war council with Cupun's general and admiral the twins Issumatar&Oomailiq. Where on the subside back in Ba Sing Se it showed the complete opposite, while the Northern and Southern Water Tribes united for the war, the eastern and western Earth Kingdom had become divided for the war. With the end result of Ba Sing Se province going at it alone against the Water Tribes while the Omashu province closes off its borders until the war was announced over.

New Earthbending Master

Rong Yan and the gang had gone to Han Tui after three years of war it was difficult getting into the Earth Kingdom for many, with the Water Tribes getting the upper hand in the war and gaining territories on eastern Earth Kingdom soil. In the planned efforts in trying to win Chu Shi.

Rong Yan and the gang spent three long years in the safe non war ravaged province of Omashu, where Rong Yan perfected and mastered airbending, soundbending, and waterbending with his teacher Aloi, and with the scrolls that were given to him by Chief Cupun. Each character had grown up, Rong Yan had began to sport a mustache and goatee, Aloi shaved the frontal forehead area to reveal her airbending tattoos, and Unaraq had grown a beard and began to resemble much like his father Unirak. When arriving in Han Tui they had learned that Sun Wu the earthbending prodigy master had passed away of old age three weeks before their arrival.

In a tavern within the city they had run into and met Jushi, a master swordsman and earthbender who, at first, had no qualms of helping the Avatar master earthbending. But after life saving and persuasion, Jushi had a change of heart and joined in Rong Yan's quest to master the elements and defeat the Traitor General.

News from Omashu

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The Battle of Chu Shi

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The Deserter

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It is well known around the Southern Water Tribe, that Chief Unirak's son is fine warrior. He carries a traditional war club, and now carries a blade made by Earth Kingdom smith, that was crafted in a Northern Water Tribe style.

Hand to Hand Combat

Like many warriors from either tribe, when they have been disarmed by their opponent, they still have use of their arms. Unaraq is well trained in hand-to-hand combat although he does not use often.


His survivable skills are top notched and he grows even more smarter by the day. Traveling with the Avatar around the world, has increased his knowledge in survivable, fighting off enemies and adapting to the different climates of the nations.

Unaraq, can also fish, so if they ever run out of food he can just go fish for food. Just like every other man in the Southern Water Tribe, Unaraq was taught how to hunt. His tracking skills are impressive as well, any army would be lucky to have him.



Book One: Air

Book Two: Water

Preceded by
Tribal Prince of the Southern Water Tribe
643 BG - 575 BG
Succeeded by
Unknown, eventually Sokka
Preceded by
Chief Unirak
Tribal Chief of the Southern Water Tribe
575 BG - 510 BG (65 Years)
Succeeded by
Unknown, eventually Chief Hakoda


  • Couldn't think of a name, so I named him like Bryke is naming every other new Water Tribe male.
  • Unaraq is a resemblance of Sokka although he is a little more serious and mature. Though he has the key trait that makes Sokka funny, clumsiness. He's the comedian of the group.

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