By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe III continuity.
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New World Danger (brief)

Umbreon is a 4 legged, human faced animal and one of Zalgo's followers. She is rather small, about the same size as Smile Dog, but is much smarter and vicious. Umbreon, despite her appearance, is a very skilled Anti-bender, and is proud of it, though she didn't get it from Slenderman. Instead, she got it from Zalgo himself, as a reward for her mission in the Core. She shares the cunning trickery of Azula, but has a bit of a temper.

Avatar: New Universe III

Umbreon first appears on the night the new planet Kyouga was complete and both Team Avatar and Teen Titans were asleep. She managed to sneak into the core and was told to get one of Slenderman's old men back. However she managed to get out Smile Dog and Ghost, outta all of them. She tries to keep them quiet as she goes to the main lobby, where she exchanges the Triforce parts to them. After that she creates a portal and shoves the duo inside, her following afterwards into Kyouga.

After she successfully hid the Triforce away, she returns to her main base just before Slenderman was sent to the Distortion World, ironically saving him. She tells Zalgo that she was successful in her endeavors and was told to go back to Kyouga, and hunt down both teams so they don't retrieve them. She agrees and goes back.

Sometime after this, she appears again and deflects Zuko's fire blast and Cyborg's arm ray. She dodges another attack and was actually annoyed that they didn't bother asking her name or why she was there first, not going by the book. She introduces herself and reveals herself as a dark anti-bender, and came there to kill them. She does get completely ticked when Smile Dog blabbers out the location like an idiot, but before she can attack, the natives suddenly show up. She leaves, saying she'll talk later, just before they all were trapped (except for her).

While they were with the Groudon Tribe, Umbreon had managed to get to Groudon first, and hypnotize it so it would try to kill the team when they showed up. She makes herself known and appears in front of Groudon and orders it to exterminate them. She keeps to the side until Raven flies off. She tries going after her but ends up fighting Smile Dog instead, getting distracted until Groudon was free of her grip. She tries sneaking off but was stopped by Risley. Not having much choice, she just teleports away through a self-made portal.

After that, she goes back to Zalgo and was given the orders to evilize Starfire. She thought of evilizing them all, but changed her mind when Zalgo said she was defying him. It didn't take very long for her to find them, but had her cover blown by Toph. Unable to hide, she quickly got the injection into Starfire during a short fight and disappeared before being captured. Later on, she tracked down Starfire and finds Katara nearby. She fights her until the injection took full effect and followed Starfire the Terrible away from the trouble.

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