By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe III continuity.

The Umbrella Tree is the main plant that is found in the jungles of Kyouga. Thanks to the constant rainfall through most of the year, it is able to grow to gigantic size, similar to that of a regular sized skyscraper. It is due to their large size, that these trees support a good quality of life, fauna and flora alike. At night, they close their disk-like tree tops since there's no longer sunlight to soak in.

These giant trees host a good amount of other plants and animals. As many as 20 animal species can be found at the same tree, and as many as 40 different neighboring plants can be found by one too. One example, the Bioplume and Star Lily can be found growing on the Umbrella Tree's branches, and Elephant Vines wrap around different trees, acting like large trails off in the canopy. The disk-like shape on their top are used to keep water in their leaves, often under the top of the tree, to store water. As the top of the tree closes, the smaller leaves, which are also disk shaped, remain open to gain water and dew.

As large and magnificent as an adult Umbrella tree can be, they are actually quite fragile. Too much water at the top of the tree can make the tree top heavy, and have risk of falling over (which is rare). Also it takes many years for a sapling to grow into a full grown Umbrella Tree, which is usually as long as 200 years at the most. Often a seed or sapling is eaten by other animals before its first year.

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