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Uluru Bending Complex is the BDA's prison for benders and the Avatar in the fanon story Alone.
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Uluru Bending Complex
Physical information

Central Australia


Bender Prison

Form of Government
  • Dictatorship
  • Loyal to the Leader
Head of State

The Leader

First appearance




All of this prison's history is currently unknown. It will be released at a later date.

The Leader decimating the Rebel Army

1984 Attack

In November of 1984, Avatar Joel led an attack to liberate and destroy the prison. Within the course of an hour, Joel's army decimated half the ranks of the Enforcers. As they neared the gates of the prison, the Leader showed up and slaughtered Joel's army, forcing them to retreat and winning the battle for the BDA.

Leah's Incarceration

Leah Sanchez was first brought here in November of 1995, after being assaulted and kidnapped in Chicago. Here she was brought to the Leader and was told of her identity and of the extermination war against Earth's benders. To her great dismay and fury, she spent the next four years of her life here before being let out on "parole" to Alice Springs, a nearby town.

After Leah came back with the ability to bend glass, she had the resolve to escape at last. On December 20, 2000, she broke out of her cell and swept through the guards with ease. She made it to the garage and stole the Leader's jeep. She drove out of the main entrance tunnel and was confronted by the Leader outside. There they fought a vicious duel that nearly brought Leah's death, were it not for Adrian, a fellow prisoner.

Adrian deflected the Leader's lightning attack meant for Leah and gave her the time to escape. As soon as the Leader came to, he had Morgan do some unknown thing to Adrian that resulted in a pillar of pure blue light. Afterwards, he jetted to the top of Uluru and shot a bolt of lightning in the air, signaling the Enforcers that the Avatar had escaped.


The Leader sent out the Elite to hunt down Leah and stayed there to plan future attacks. On April 8, 2001, George Tenet, leader of the CIA, came to Uluru and reprimanded the Leader for the Elite's carelessness in the attack at Xylia. After being thoroughly humiliated, the Leader called back the Elite to Uluru and kept them there, saying he had a mission planned for them.


Uluru is home to the Leader, the Elite, dozens of non-bender workers, and about half of the Enforcer's Ranks. They are equipped with several jeeps, an airport, and the latest in surveillance and GPS technology.

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