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The Final Avatar


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November 22, 2011

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After the Fire Nation is terrorized by a war, hit by a rock about the same size as it, and trampled by a monster, it is in its most fragile state in history. Only one more shove will topple it. A shove Boli is more than ready to provide...


The bells were ringing again. Everyone ran inside. They locked their doors, sealed their windows, and armed themselves. Not that it meant anything. The bells only ring when the Earth Kingdom are invading a city. And when this happens, no precaution can protect the citizens. They can just sit in their houses, and hope the roof won't get smashed in on them. There was only one difference with this one. It was the capital being invaded this time. The final stronghold of the Fire Nation.

"General Aloh! Deploy the tanks! The aircraft! Send men out there! Get some cannons!"

"Fire Lord Erus, we've done all we can. We've sent all of our tanks, all of our airships! And they told us the cannons won't be prepared for two to four days!"

"Then what do you recommend?!"

"Fire Lord, we can't stop them. We do not have the firepower. Our best hope is to plead to the Water Tribes to send soldiers."

"We don't have time! They've already broken through our borders! There's no time to send a message, let alone transport a thousand soldiers!"

"It's our only hope!"

"No. Avatar Zaru is out on the front lines as we speak, and he is the greatest man I know. We also have myself."

"You know I don't approve of the Fire Lord going into combat. Do you realize the only other heirs are the Avatar, and the evil Azap? Neither would exactly make a perfect Fire Lord."

"It just happens I don't care. I will die for my people if I must, but I will not let those soldiers march into our capital without voicing my opinion."

"Y-Yes Fire Lord." He bowed respectfully, and Erus left the room.

Meanwhile, Zaru was fighting on the front line, just like Erus said. But it wasn't going well. Not well at all. Zaru and the other soldiers were shooting fire left and right (and up too), but it was making no difference. It was almost as if a new soldier marched in every time one was killed. But they were pushing the Fire Nation back. Not even Zaru could handle these soldiers.

"Commander Boui! Have your soldiers fall back to the palace! I'm going to pull off some freaky Avatar magic!"

"Yes Avatar Zaru! Good luck!" The commander ordered the retreat, and the soldiers quickly evaporated. Zaru scolded himself for being stupid enough to go with this plan, and then walked up to the army. He twisted around, and made a tornado. It blew through the armies and threw them across the city. Don't worry, there were survivors. But they were taken down by the shower of fire Zaru rained on them from the tornado. Zaru decelerated until he touched back down on the ground. His attack worked... too well. He destroyed the army, as well as everything else in this section of the capital. Erus ran in, screaming, only to realize there were no soldiers left.

"Let me guess. You pulled off some freaky Avatar magic that was too powerful, and you made hundreds of people homeless."

"Heh heh... At least I took out the army..." Erus massaged his forehead, which now had a skull-splitting headache throbbing within it. And Erus was right to be frustrated. This is but one of the Earth Kingdom's seemingly infinite armies that were attacking the Fire Nation.

Several days later, Erus received two letters. Replies from his requests for backup from the Water Tribes.

Dear Fire Lord,

I have received your request, and I completely and wholeheartedly disagree. 
It is NOT in the Northern Water Tribe's best interests to send so much as 
a pickled fish to the Fire Nation. We believe that assisting the Fire Nation 
in its war will bring the fighting to us. This is not what we wish for, 
so as sorry as we are, we are refusing your request.

Signed, Toue
Chief of the Northern Water Tribe

Fire Lord Erus,

I read your message. I speak for my entire tribe when I say we would be 
honored to assist the Fire Nation in the terrible war that hovers over us.
 I have deployed two thousand armed soldiers as well as five hundred 
subs and one hundred aircraft to work under your control. My only regret 
is that I can not come to fight as well.

Chief Pachu of the Southern Water Tribe

Erus folded up the replies, and stowed them away. He then stood up, and then went up to his throne room. Another war meeting was to be held in about ten minutes. With war meetings coming more and more frequently, they have become more and more aggravated. Erus sat in his throne, and the generals slowly filed in. After everyone was present, Erus gave them the usual lecture about how the war was worsening, and asked for reports. Erus' headache grew worse as he learned Fire Nation citizens were becoming violent (against and with the Earth Kingdom), the Lightning Empire had control of the entire Southern Fire Nation, and worst of all, the Earth Kingdom had the Fire Nation pushed up to the capital.

"Fire Lord Erus," General Aloh said, "After our successful repelling of the Earth Kingdom Army on the capital's borders, they have retreated back to neighboring cities. The army is being rebuilt as we speak. It is estimated it will take nine days for the Earth Kingdom to replenish their army, and send them in. By this time, they will be too strong to stop, even with the Southern Water Tribe's backup."

"Perhaps we shall send in a spec ops team to destroy these cities?" asked General Shout.

"Excuse me?" Erus said, "Are you suggesting that we kill thousands of Fire Nation citizens just to temporarily eradicate a few Earth Kingdom squads? Never!" General Shout sat back down, rather irritated. Erus waited, and nobody came up with any other solutions. So, Erus addressed his best weapon maker. "We need more firepower. Vehicle supply is adequate, but weapons technology is coming slowly."

"I apologize Fire Lord, but I accidentally blew up my factory while working with new explosives," he said. Erus facepalmed.

"Well, it looks like we're doomed. I suppose I'll..."

"Wait!" Zaru had stood up, "We can still fight! I am the Avatar! The Avatar! I can wipe out entire armies without even trying! Give me a chance. I will reclaim the Fire Nation!"

"You have one week Zaru. If you can not stop them by then, we will have to admit defeat." Erus stood up, and left the room. The generals followed until only Zaru was in the room. He then left as well. He went outside, and set off on his journey. No, he did not have to start right now. He wanted to leave before he could change his mind. He traveled for a while, and eventually discovered, he was in the middle of nowhere! He was sure there was a city right where he was standing, but there was just a desert. A desert with black sand, oddly shaped rocks... wait. It was a ruin. The sand was ash, the rocks were demolished buildings. Then, what happened?

BOOM! The ground exploded under Zaru, throwing him into the air. The ground then came up, and threw him back down.

"Well, well, well. Looks like I'm not the only one left after all. I thought you'd wait a few days. Oh well, now I can kill you in peace!" Zaru recognized this voice. It was Voe, a former Earth Kingdom Head General. Zaru shot into the air, and fanned fire our around himself.

"I am seriously starting to hate your guts."

"I'm honored!" he then shot a bunch of boulders at Zaru. He dodged them easily, and then torched Voe.

"What happened to this city?!"

"You mean you don't know?" Voe laughed, "I suppose it won't hurt to tell you. The Earth Kingdom is my enemy as much as it is yours. Earth King Boli has been working on three great weapons of war since he came to power. The first one, was simply a large chunk of earth he used as an artificial solar eclipse. The second was a cybornetic upgrade to a human, creating a monster. Of course, you've already seen and defeated both of these. But the third has yet to be used until now. A bomb. But not just those little boxes full of blasting jelly. I mean a large device that has enough explosive power to wipe out a city. This is the first test on the battlefield, and I have to say, I'm impressed."

"So, you mean, Boli created enough power to destroy a city?"

"A city? Hundreds of these things are being produced as we speak!"

Zaru stood in shock for a moment. He couldn't believe it! But now he realized that Voe was using this conversation as a distraction so he could capture Zaru. It worked. Zaru was encased in stone. Voe lifted the prison out of the ground, and took him away...

Meanwhile, Erus was pacing in the Fire Nation Palace when a man came up to him.

"Fire Lord! We have just received reports that Juhi City has been destroyed!"

"Juhi City? That was one of our strongest cities. The Earth Kingdom's capture of..."

"No sir! Not capture! Destroyed! There's nothing left!"

Erus just stared at him.

"Sir, are you okay?"

"If you're lying to me..."

"No sir! I have already arranged an aircraft incase you wanted to go there."

"Yes, we will go there NOW!" Erus exited the room, came back a few seconds later to ask where the aircraft actually was, then left again. He got on board, and he was flown to the former city.

When he looked out the window, he saw just what Zaru had seen: The ruin of a Fire Nation city. Then, he noticed a figure that was moving.

"Captain! Lower the airship! Zaru is below us!"

"Right away, Fire Lord." The ship lowered, and eventually touched down on the ruins. Erus exited the airship, and saw not Zaru, but Voe.



Erus and Voe attacked at the same time, but Erus was just a bit more powerful of a bender. He overwhelmed Voe with a series of powerful fire blasts. Voe was on the ground. A large rock beside Voe started to crumble, and Zaru emerged from it.

"Hey Erus. What's up?"

"Oh, the usual. Fighting evil Earthbenders. Discovering my land has been destroyed."

Zaru suddenly realized something. "Erus! We have to evacuate the Fire Nation! NOW!"

"Wha... Are you okay?"

"This," he gestured to their blown up surroundings, "is going to happen to all of the Fire Nation! We have to get the citizens OUT OF HERE!"

Erus started running in circles. Zaru smacked him to get his attention, and the two grabbed Voe, and got in the airship. The Fire Nation Palace was only just in sight when...


The palace had exploded. Another blast... and another... and another... and yet another. The Fire Nation was going up in, well, fire. Zaru turned, and Erus was on his knees, a tear glittering in his eye.

"Captain," Erus said. He was obviously putting effort in keeping his voice firm. "Take us east. We must move to what is left of the Fire Nation."

"Yes sir."

And the Earth Kingdom has won, for now...

Behind the Scenes

As of this chapter, the Fire Nation can be considered gone. Over the length of Book 1, the southern half, as well as some northern areas, has been captured by the Lightning Empire. Now, the western Fire Nation has been completely destroyed. What is left of the Fire Nation is scattered, and unorganized. The military is now as good as gone. Erus is all that's left of the government.

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