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Ugly Revenge
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Ugly Revenge is the fourteenth chapter in the fanon series, The Phoenix Chronicles.

While Mian and his friends relax, they are ambushed by Jeong, his protectors, and one of the Phoenix Island's best warriors, Ravena.


Mian jumps into the air, looking behind and forward, trying to be alert to all that is going on. Suddenly, Zura jumps out from a few bushes and launches a small fire ball at Mian. He shields himself, though he trips over his own foot, and falls down.

"Wow, you've really improved." says Tia, with a sly look on her face.

"You try handling these balls of burning death!" retorts Mian.

"You need to start your Earthbending training again. You're getting rusty on some topics. No Earthbender ever trips over their own foot." laughs Tia.

"Come on Mian. We need to work on your stance." says Zura.

"Guys, give him a break. It's not like we don't have time to make Mian a formidable opponent." says Ami, in a rather defensive tone.

Tia's mouth nearly opens in retort, but suddenly, a slight sound going off stops them. The children turn around as they see a small bomb. In panic, Tia instinctively buries the bomb under the earth. It explodes, and a small jet of fire shoots from the earth.

"Look's like we have some unwelcome guests." says Hai, as the children try to see who has just attacked them.

"So, this is the great Team Strike. A group of the most powerful teenagers in the world. You just look like a bunch of snobby brats to me." says a mysterious voice from the shadows.

"Show yourself, cowards!" yells Zura.

"I'd be more than happy too, your highness." says a familiar, and aggressively sarcastic voice.

"Wait, it can't be, is that-"

"Yes, Hai, it's me, Jeong!" says the military man.

"I thought you were dead!" yells Mian in shock.

"No, but I don't know if it matters now. Because of you little brats, I lost my high rank in the islands that I worked so HARD for!!! And you're going to pay. The leaf clan and you have met your match."

"We can defeat you and your little protectors." mocks Tia, though with a hint of discomfort in her voice.

"Sir, I think I'll be fighting the so-called witty Princess." says a girl, now out of the shadows. She was a girl with a very pretty, yet dark and mean face. Her voice, however, was hard and cruel sounding. "She looks like she might have a few minutes of strength in her." the girl says. Tia simply looks at her with hate and disgust.

"Pick whoever you want, Ravena. After all, either way they'll get what they deserve." replies Jeong.

"Mian, you fight the Protectors. I'll fight Jeong." whispers Zura to Mian.

"Zura, are you sure?" asks Mian in a worried tone.

"I'm sure." says Zura. "Let's do this."

As Jeong's Protectors surround the children, they look at each other one final time. Then, the battle begins.

"So, let me guess, I'm dealing with an amateur swordsman?" asks Tia mockingly.


Ravena reveals herself to the members of Team Strike

"You foolish Earthbender. Little do you know you're dealing with the best swordswoman in all of the Phoenix Islands!" yells Ravena as she takes a sharp and quick stab, aiming for Tia's throat.

Tia attempts a comeback, though Ravena is already in the midst of her vicious assault. Tia then shoots herself in the air with Earthbending, and hammers a few Earth spikes at Ravena. Ravena, however, does a flip backwards, dodging the spikes. She grabs a small knife from her armored suit, and throws it precisely at Tia's throat. Tia shields her entire face with earth, blocking the knife. Tia attempts to gather her breath, but Ravena persists viciously, swooshing her sword side to side and up and down at Tia's face.

Zura and Jeong face off for their battle. "'re not an Avatar or a Fire Lord, but you are royalty, and you helped ruin my life, so I suppose you'll do." said Jeong as he blasted a few fireballs at Zura.

"We didn't want to ruin your life. You ruined it yourself by fighting for such an awful cause." yells Zura as he blocked Jeong's attacks a fired a couple fire disks of his own.

"I am a loyal Protector!" yells Jeong. "I know that what I'm doing is right. The members of the Water Tribe are filthy, greedy, sick people! And they deserve to die!"

"That's what your king tells you!?" retorts Zura. "He's lying. If anything, our ancestors are the ones who have acted sickly."

"Maybe your ancestors! Mine weren't responsible for the destruction of Wulong Forest, or the brutal murders of the Hu Xin Provinces, or even your great aunt's coup on Ba Sing Se!" says Jeong, this time with a shaky voice.

"My grandfather has righted our wrongs. But now you and your king have soiled the world once more!" yells Zura, instinctively trying to defend his family name.

Jeong simply snorts, and in a rage, sends a massive jet of orange fire at Zura's heart. He blocks it, and then starts to attack Jeong head on.

"Ami! Hai! Look out!" yells Mian as a Protector jumps from the air and tries to scald them both in back. Ami turns around, and blows the man back with Airbending.

Hai tries to hold off a few non-bending Protectors, while Mian and Ami take on the Firebenders. Mian jumps in the air, and creates a wave of water, which pushes the men back. A Protector tries to attack him from behind, but he anticipates it and sinks the man in earth. Mian smiles, seeing how Tia was wrong, though he is brought back to his senses when Ami jumps up to him and creates an air sphere around the two of them and Hai, which pushes the Protectors back.

Meanwhile, Raven and Tia continue their battle.

"Getting tired, cupcake." Ravena says as she viciously tries to behead Tia. Tia tries to sink her in earth, though Ravena jumps into the air at the last second. She swooshes her sword at Tia, though Tia encases her sword in an earth block. Just when it seems Ravena will lose, she does a spinning kick on the ground, knocking Tia to the ground. Her sword is then released, and she does a front flip to the ground and grabs it. She walks over to Tia.

"No." says Tia as Ravena smiles evilly.

"Yes! Say goodbye, princess!" yells Ravena as she lifts up her sword. However, just before she can kill Tia, a fire blast hits her right in the armor. She is not hurt, as the armor protects her, though she is thrown backwards from the impact.

Tia at first expects her hero to be Zura, though she is surprised to see it was actually Mian.

"See, I know a move or two." says Mian.

"There's no time for I-told-you-so's!" yells Tia. "Where are the protectors?"

"We defeated them." says Ami, floating over to Mian and Tia.

"Then come on, lets help Zura with Jeong before Ravena wakes up." Tia responds.

They run up to Zura, only to see he has already defeated Jeong, and has him at flame point. The team celebrates their victory, though they soon see the Protectors are retreating. The five of them try to chase after them, though Ravena stops them. She is able to hold them off, and Jeong escapes.

"No!" yells Ami "Stop her!"

When the men are out of sight, Raven puts her sword back into her suit. "We'll meet again, fools. I can't wait for my next battle with you, Earthbender. I'm so curious to see what a Princess' blood looks like." says Ravena as she runs away with the other Protectors, laughing maniacally.

"I failed." says Tia, as the team rests my their tents. "I underestimated my opponent."

"Don't worry, Tia. You'll get your rematch. That girl is just....superhuman." says Mian.

Tia laughs. "Thanks Mian." she responds.

"So, we won." says Ami.

"I wouldn't say so." Hai replies. "Jeong is still seeking revenge, and with people like Ravena by his side, who knows what we're in for."

"Hey, we survived this battle, so we can survive anything." said Zura. "After all, we're Team Strike."

The five children all smile, and hug as the sun sets.


  • This is the first Phoenix Chronicles chapter to be written by a user other than The avatar.

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