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The Drowned King was recruited by Mori Shashou to help him conquer the world with The Beast.

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Biographical information

Northern Water Tribe

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

A blue steel Katana

Bending style(s)


Chronological and political information

Assassin/The Elemental Lord of Water


Sediao/Mori Shashou/Four Lords of the Elements




Ubu was a scholar of the Northern Water Tribe who decided to move across the four nations to heal others. When cornered by Earth Kingdom thugs who were out to murder him for failing to heal their boss, he was saved by Mori who saw great potential in Ubu, and decided to recruit him as The Elemental Lord of Water. Ubu then swore service to him in order to learn many Waterbending secrets, both helpful and harmful.


He's rather passive when it comes to people he has just met or doesn't know very well, usually taking a backseat until the first words are spoken. When dealing with friends, he'll be a little more open and friendly. When in battle, he is still passive, but shown to be quite cold and aggressive.


He has long brown hair tied in a bun with a line of beads going down his left side; he wears glasses, and his eyes are light blue. He wears an outfit resembling a kimono-like tunic with split sides for leg movement and fur trimmed leggings underneath. He has blue line tattoos all over his body.

He has four masks that he uses with various effects.

The first is beige and orange, and allows him to create the large water form that can last for two days, unless he is pulled out of it or if he gets himself out of it. It's named Rok-Ko.

The second is dark blue and green which eanbles him to collect and use water at a lightning's pace and allow him to use large bodies of water for about two hours
The Elementals

His four masks

. This one is called Wa-Wa.

The third is light blue and white, which can be used to turn himself into a water form unusable to others. In this form, he can make escape or possess others. This is Lo-Lo.

His fourth mask is red with orange, and can change the base of any liquid to another kind; for example, water into acid, or turn up the temperature of water to boiling or lava like degrees. This one is Py-Ro.

Abilities & Equipment

He possesses the power to manipulate water to master level degrees. Because of his training with ancient scrolls, he can create strong waves and make the water give a symbiotic suit of water. He can also reform himself into a massive, elemental form in his own image; He has been an entirely water-based, with rocks forming details on his chest and head, a large water creature depicted with a horse-like head, arthropod limbs, and a long serpent-like tail which connected them to his torso. He can make a light-blue sphere at his opponent that encases the person within it, shoot high-pressure stream of water at his adversary to knock them down, create a small pool of water to emerge behind his opponent, and he can freeze the water in many different ways.
God of war poseidon 02 by nichtelf-d40w1bl

A show of Ubu's great power.

All these abilities are channeled through four distinct masks that allow him to use each ability with strain in a certain amount of time.

He also wields a blue steel katana and a golden coral like Trident.


Based off Poseidon from God of War 3, and with some bits of Subzero.Also based off Cagnazzo from Final Fantasy 4

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