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Ep.3: Breaking Chains

Tzumok is a large, human-like spirit found within the Soul Grove, as the grove keeper. His appearance closely resembles that of an anthropomorphic crow, with a smaller pet crow he keeps on a rope. The crow's eyes are where his own eyes are located, the bird acting like a seeing-eye guide as he wanders the grove.


For centuries, Tzumok had been the one to guide unsightly souls to the grove and make sure they didn't escape without reason into the Spirit World. Assigned personally by Raava, Tzumok had been given the role as the Soul Grove Keeper early on in existence. This job had left him as the image of depression, as many other spirits that came across him would often succumb to depression within the grove itself. He doesn't bother with souls of those with strong spiritual belief, which meant that those that are found in the grove often belong to those "misguided by the sins amongst all mortals".

Recently though, he started to fail at his guard duty and ended up with a few souls escaping from the grove thanks to Vintana. It was too late for Tzumok to stop them, and he ended up distraught. Later on, Vintana came into the grove again, and Tzumok caught her, remembering her entering from before. Vintana told him whom she wanted to see (P'Li, Ghazan, and Ming-Hua), and he allowed her to enter. He found her again, taking the souls away from their original location, and asked why she was doing that, so she whispered her goals to him. Tzumok left her alone once more.


  • A unique ritual is required upon confronting Tzumok:
    • If you request anything from him, you have to whisper it to him truthfully. If he agrees, he will let your soul venture further. If he refuses, your soul will be trapped amongst his own hide.
  • He's the Avatar World's "Grim Reaper".

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