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Early Life

In 350 AG Tzoun was born to an esteemed Fire Nation Admiral and an Air Nomad nun. He had a brother, Shen. When he was 10 and Shen was 12, thieves attacked their village. Their mother and father were killed by the thief leader, Ulaani. The two brothers ran, and ran. The two brothers both had the abilities of an Avatar. The thieves saw this, and kidnapped the protective Shen. Tzoun continued to run. After realizing he was the Avatar he searched for masters to teach him how to master being the Avatar. Over the years many people thought they could teach him but they couldn't.

Finally four years later he found masters.

Finding Masters

Aang's enhanced firebending

Tzoun firebending at sunrise.

In 364 AG Tzoun stumbled upon a large group of displaced teenagers. Among them were four bending masters. First he learned airbending then fire then earth then water. Even though he learned them out of order he still mastered them. He began using firebending more than other elements. He also learned how to bend glass, freeze the water around someone's eyes, make someone's heart explode by forcing blood out of the heart, take away bending, and give nonbenders bending.

The Deathbenders and Republic City

A few months later Tzoun, and his group went to Republic City to see his grandfather Rohan. Rohan told Tzoun about a gang known as The Deathbenders who killed nonbenders, and benders alike. As the Avatar Tzoun had to stop them. Tzoun on the way to a restaurant found a small Polar Guenia Pig, and named it Mejin. Tzoun then discovered that The Deathbenders would be at a local skating rink. He got there too late. He found a Deathbender bloodbending all the skaters. The bloodbender saw Tzoun, and released the skaters. He then bloodbended Tzoun. He took him to the Deathbender leader Kushang. Kushang told Tzoun that his time would come one day. Tzoun was then free to go.

Tzoun then began fighting the deathbenders with his friends again.

At a movie theater the Deathbenders struck again, this time killing two people. Tzoun then hunted for Kushang.

The Battle at The Docks

He found him on a ferry heading for Gaoling. Tzoun and his friends attacked the ferry. It exploded, and threw everyone onto the docks. Tzoun killed the bloodbender Tahi with lighting. Tzoun then came at Kushang with firebending, and airbending. Kushang dodged these attacks. Tzoun then trapped him in  earth restrainers.

Amon revealed as a waterbender

Kushang airbending.

He then unmasked Kushang. Tzoun then realized Kushang was really his brother Shen. Tzoun then released him, and they embraced. One of the Deathbenders then shot lightning at Shen. Tzoun jumped in front of his brother. Tzoun then let the lightning envelop his energy. One of Tzoun's friends then shot the lightning generator. Tzoun then went into the Avatar State. Tzoun then killed most of the Deathbenders. Shen then helped Tzoun leave it. Even though he was his brother Shen had to be arrested because of his crimes.

Later Life

Ominous Amon

The Deathbender leader Kushang.

In 372 AG at the age of 22, Tzoun married Kasuki Monasota the great granddaughter of Asami Sato the owner of Future Industries. They had fourteen children, 7 sons and 7 daughters.

He passed away in 480 AG at the age of 130.


As the Avatar, Tzoun could bend all the elements quite well.He could also Chi Block and wield Dao swords.


Tzoun was a kind and caring individual.

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