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Tyro during the invasion
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Tyro is one of the leaders of his coal mining village. He is a courageous and wise leader.

Six years ago, The Fire Nation attacked his village. Outnumbered, he lost the battle and was sent to an off-shore prison rig. Katara later inspired him to lead his people to successfully rebel against the Fire Nation. Tyro also participated in the Invasion of the Fire Nation, but was captured. He has since been released, and returned to live a peaceful life in his village.


Tyro and Haru

Tyro and Haru bending coal

The Fire Nation attacked his village six years ago. He and the other Earthbenders were outnumbered 10 to 1, but fought bravely. When they were finally defeated, they were sent to an off-shore prison rig where they were imprisoned. Tyro remains a leader and inspiration to his people, even during their imprisonment.

Tyro has worked hard to keep the prisoners alive throughout their long captivity. Unwilling to engage in hopeless combat on a prison rig without earth to bend, he has not favored open rebellion. When Aang provides a source of earth and his son Haru shows a willingness to fight, however, Tyro sheds his reluctance and helps lead the fight for freedom valiantly.

Invasion Tyro

Tyro in the invasion

Tyro was again seen in "The Day of Black Sun, Part 1: The Invasion". He was found by Hakoda and the other Southern Water Tribe men. Along with his son and other Earth and Waterbenders, he was brought to the Black Cliffs. It would seem that he and Haru did succeed in liberating their village. The small army invaded the Fire Nation during the solar eclipse. After Aang failed to defeat the Fire Lord, the submarines were destroyed and the invasion force was stranded. The younger ones, including Haru, were sent to escape with Aang while the older ones were to stay. The soldiers that were left behind, such as Tyro, were then imprisoned.

Tyro was freed from prison after the War ended, and reunites with Haru. Traveling back to his village, Tyro eventually lives in peace. That peace is interrupted when Captain Zifu appears and attacks his village. Tyro and other Earthbenders were driven into exile, and the group began planning to take back their village. Eventually, Tyro's effort is aided by the Avatar and friends, who pledge that they will help free his village.

After a lengthy battle, during which Tyro is reunited with his son, it is discovered that the Phoenix Warrior's captain escaped. Tyro thanks Team Avatar for their help and says that he remains in the Team's debt.


A master Earthbender, Tyro is the de facto leader of his village. His abilities prove useful while mining and he is also an able combatant. His skills assisted in the liberation of the Earthbenders of his village along with several other villages that were occupied by the Fire Nation. In the Invasion of the Fire Nation, his Earthbending proved useful in taking the Fire Nation Royal City.


A quiet man with sage-wisdom, Tyro accepts his situations as they come and works to make the best of them. Even while in prison, Tyro led his people through the struggle, ensuring the survival of the elderly and sick. His intelligence and abilities earn him the respect of those in higher positions than him, such as the Avatar and the Fire Lord.


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