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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Tyro is a character in the fanon Avatar: Energy Saga. He is also canon. Tyro is a member of the Council of Five and thus one of the highest-ranking military men of the Earth Kingdom. During the War against the Fire Nation he was imprisoned for Earthbending. After escaping he became a resistance fighter. After the War was over, he was promoted on the grounds of his service as a resistance leader. He was one of the more hard-line members of the Council of Five, believing the Fire Nation is still not to be trusted despite this new era of peace.


Council of Five

Despite not having that much military experience, Tyro was promoted to the Council of Five in the years after the War was ended after having served with distinction during the invasion of the Fire Nation and leading an inspiring resistance force in the rural Earth Kingdom. He left his small town behind and settled in Ba Sing Se, where he became a close adviser to the Earth King Kuei. When there was trouble in the Fire Nation, Tyro advised against sending any kind of aid, believing the kingdom's resources were better used at home. Tyro also thought that since the Fire Nation had caused so much pain for the other nations, they should have to deal with their trouble on their own. Tyro still saw the Fire Nation as the enemy and felt that they deserved to endure some suffering of their own.

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