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The tyrannogator is a large dinosaur-like creature that is mainly found in the inland western regions of the Earth Kingdom.


The tyrannogator is the same size as a tyrannosaurus, making it very intimidating to its prey. Its jaws are filled with sharp teeth that help them tear apart prey. They have a muscular flat tail that propels them while swimming.


Because of their size, tyrannogators are mostly rare and males usually live alone. Males can come together with females to mate. Females make large nesting holes for their eggs. They are highly sensitive to changes in the hydrology, salinity, and productivity of their ecosystems; all are factors that are expected to change in their habitat.


The tyrannogator is a hybrid of the tyrannosaurs and the Chinese alligator. It has the head, body archetype, legs, and size of a tyrannosaurus and the scales, tail, and forearms of an alligator.


  • Tyrannogators can swallow their prey in contrast to real world alligators.

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