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The Rise of Avatar Singi





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November 4, 2016

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"Spiritual Workings"

One week has passed since the piracy incident. Singi is again waterbending training along the bay, the sky cloudy, and a blustery wind blowing in from the southwest. As Gekkō, Jamyang, and Jiefeng watch Singi's motions, Gekkō briefly looks skyward, noticing the gray clouds drifting rather quickly, and the waves hitting the shoreline with a bit more intensity than usual.

"I feel we may have a storm incoming over the next few days," Gekkō states.

"Singi and I came from the northern mountain range northeast of here," Jamyang replies. "We usually only got windstorms, but I'm guessing you get typhoons at certain times of the year, correct?"

"Yes, and I have a feeling this one may be a particularly powerful one," Gekkō mutters with an air of concern. Directing his attention back to Singi, he calls to her momentarily.


Focusing on her waterbending, Singi responds.

"Yes, Master Gekkō?"

"There is a storm approaching. For the next few days, we will shorten, and likely have to halt training."

At this, Singi frowns slightly, and holds her stream of water in place.

"Are you sure? Wouldn't training in the midst of a storm be good practice?"

"We'll be training in slightly harsher conditions, but I will not allow you to train in the midst of a large storm at your experience just yet. It's too dangerous."

At this, Singi pouts slightly before turning her attention back to her waterbending.

"I've been training for a month now. Surely, I'm ready to take a slight risk. I mean, I'm sure I'll be facing much worse threats than a storm as the Avatar," she thinks to herself.


Over the next few days, the storm grows more intense. The waves crash harder against the shore, and the winds become more blustery. Singi and Gekkō have shortened their training periods, much to the former's regret. Eventually, just as predicted, the storm strengthens enough to form a rather powerful typhoon, but luckily, the settlement is just inland enough to not suffer severe damage from the rough surf. The winds, however, are able to deal considerable damage, but luckily, the residents have managed to batten down the hatches and seek refuge until the raging force of nature passes.

For two days, training is cancelled. However, on the morning of the second day, Jamyang wakes in the tent to not find his student beside him.

"Oh no..." he murmurs, before focusing his attention briefly to the opening of the tent, hearing the winds howl and the waves crash sporadically along the shoreline. Carefully, he makes his way out of the tent and secures it shut so that Jiefeng will be unable to follow him. He calls for Singi multiple times to no avail, and tries to see through the sheets of rain relentlessly falling from the sky. Jamyang airbends a shield along his head so as to provide some protection from the elements and eventually makes his way to Gekkō's residence, desperately knocking on the door.  Soon after, the waterbender emerges.

"Monk Jamyang?  What are you doing out here!?  You should be—"

"Singi's gone missing.  I have no doubt she's training somewhere along the shoreline."

At this, Gekkō's eyes widen in shock, and he soon huffs in annoyance.

"That girl.  That eagerness of hers will get her in further trouble if she keeps it up."

Jamyang bends a cloud and mounts it. "Hurry, get on!" he instructs to Gekkō, and the waterbender complies, stepping onto the cushion of air behind the airbender and gripping his waist for support before the two bolt west down the beach, calling out to and searching for the Avatar. Eventually, they come along an inlet consisting of numerous tall, sharp, and jagged rocks near the shore. Standing on one of these rocks is Singi, who is perched atop one of the pillars with a more flattened top. Jamyang dissipates the cloud and Gekkō quickly bends some nearby water into ice and freezes the two of them down to the ground, ensuring they don't get blown away.

"Singi! What are you doing?!" Jamyang calls.

"I'm trying to prove that I've become a more skilled waterbender since I began training a month ago! If I can train in the midst of this typhoon, that'll show that I've become just as good as Master Gekkō!"

Over the crashing of the waves and howling wind, Gekkō yells his response.

"Singi! Don't make the same mistake I did for much of my early life! By focusing solely on my bending abilities, I paid little attention to my own health and wellbeing. Forget training for now, your survival is paramount!"

Whether Singi is being stubborn, or simply cannot hear her instructor over the powerful forces of nature is unknown, and she remains in place.

"This isn't like her..." Jamyang murmurs, worried.

Gekkō soon utters an audible gasp before pointing south towards the sea while placing his other hand on Jamyang's shoulder. "Monk Jamyang, look!"

At this, the eyes of the two elders widen in horror. Amongst the gale-force winds and the large waves crashing along the shoreline and exposed rocks, one particular wave begins to approach the inlet. As in nears, it quickly begins to build up in size, towering into a massive tidal wave about 20 feet high. Singi can only stand frozen, her expression changing from one of determination to shock, as Gekkō and Jamyang desperately call for her to flee.

"Singi, run! Get out of the way, now!" Gekkō shouts urgently. Meanwhile, Jamyang is about to pull Singi in towards them with a gust of wind, but suddenly, something happens.

As the wave closes in, Singi's eyes and tattoos begin to glow a bright white. Immediately after, her teeth clench into a scowl as she widens her stance and generates two streams of fire, one in each hand. Bringing her arms together, she intertwines the two streams until they form a massive comet-shaped stream of fire, bursting forward with incredible intensity, moving at breakneck speed towards the tidal wave. The two men look on in bewilderment, worried that the enormous fire stream will be unable to penetrate such a force of the opposing element. Upon making contact with the arching tower of water, the stream does not seem to make much of an impact, but after a few heart-racing seconds, it finally breaks through the wave, causing it to collapse and collide with the rock spines with much weaker force. Singi lowers her arms, still generating two runnels of fire from her hands, before the flames extinguish, and Singi begins to double over, her glowing eyes now closing. Gekkō quickly changes the ice into water and Jamyang leaps over and grabs Singi as she falls into his arms, bringing her back to the mainland. Upon touching the ground Singi's tattoos fade to their usual light blue color, and her eyes stir, slowly opening revealing her usual gray irises. The two men sigh in relief upon seeing Singi coming to.

"M—Monk Jamyang... Master Gekkō... w—wha—?"

"We'll explain later, young lady," Jamyang states calmly. "Right now, we need to get you back to the settlement."

With that, Jamyang bends a cloud while Gekkō carries the weakened Avatar in his arms, and the trio race back to Kunatuk.


A couple of hours later after resting in the tent, Singi's eyes open, and upon her vision returning to focus, she finds Jiefeng tucked beside her, gazing at her friend with what could be considered a mix of concern and curiosity. Singi smiles weakly and pets the cranefish chick, the animal acknowledging thanks by cooing lightly. Hearing the noise, Jamyang turns and faces the two.

"Why, hello there, young Avatar," Jamyang states gently, smiling.

"Hello, Monk Jamyang," Singi acknowledges, still smiling.

Almost immediately after, a familiar voice can be heard from outside the tent.

"Monk Jamyang..."

"Come in, Master Gekkō. Singi's awake."

With that, Gekkō lets himself in and kneels down, trying his best to fit into the tent with some difficulty.

"How are you, Singi?" Gekkō asks with concern etched on his face.

"Still a bit tired, but okay," Singi responds. After briefly looking back and forth between the two men, she breaks the silence, "What happened?"

After a brief pause, Jamyang speaks up.

"You went into the Avatar State, dear."

At this, Singi's eyes widen in shock.

"B—but how? I don't remember..." Singi trails off.

"There was a large tidal wave heading your way. We tried to call you over to safety, but you didn't respond," Gekkō responds, with a slight huff after his second statement.

"Just as the wave was closing in, you entered the Avatar State and firebent at the wave with such intensity, it broke down. It appeared as if you entered it reflexively, in order to save your life." Jamyang continues, while Singi looks on with confusion.

"But how could I have been firebending? I haven't begun to learn the element. And how could what I apparently did have enough strength to break a tidal wave apart?"

"It's... rather complicated. I think it would be best if I discussed it with you another day."

Singi looks at Jamyang with a mix of perplexity and worry.

"There is nothing to be afraid of, dear. For now, we should focus on waiting out and recovering from this typhoon, as well as making sure you remain safe during that time. As Master Gekkō said, your safety is paramount."

Singi then turns her attention to her waterbending instructor.

"Master Gekkō, I am so, so sorry for disobeying you. I—I guessed I rubbed off on you a bit. I just felt that as the Avatar, I should be able to challenge myself once in a while, and test my abilities in certain, rather dangerous, scenarios."

"It's alright, Singi. Luckily, it seems as if you learned your lesson. You're only a month in training. It will likely take you years to master waterbending, but you'll have the full support of myself and your friends the entire time."

At this, Gekkō smiles warmly.

"Even though you've only had roughly a month of training, you've certainly come a long way already. Jamyang and I can attest to that."

At this, Singi smiles slightly, and everyone comes together for a group hug. After the embrace, Gekkō speaks yet again.

"Well, I think I should return to my home and let you two rest some more. It was an eventful morning."

"It definitely was," Singi remarks. "Thank you, Master Gekkō, Monk Jamyang, for saving me."

"In reality, you saved yourself." Gekkō smirks. "We'll resume training once the typhoon has cleared out."

Singi nods, smiling, before Gekkō turns and makes his way out of the tent. Once he has left, Singi settles back down to rest as the storm continues to hammer the settlement. Exhaustion taking her over, she closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep.


  • The inlet where Singi attempts to train in the midst of the typhoon is the same location where Sokka did his "ice dodging" in the episode "Bato of the Water Tribe".
  • This chapter contains Singi's first instance of entering the Avatar State.
    • Additionally, the move she used while in the Avatar State was an intertwined fire stream, demonstrated by Zuko in the Crystal Catacombs of Old Ba Sing Se, and later again in his Agni Kai with Azula.

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