By Gingalover Part of the Fauna continuity.
Fire ferret
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Ba Sing Se


Limber farm

Physical description


Skin color


Personal information

Red, Horn


Mr. Limber

Chronological and political information

Unnamed farmer

First appearance

Fauna Ch.1

Last appearance

Fauna Ch.12

Tyler is a young and friendly Fire ferret and is mainly considered the main protagonist of the story. Born in a pet store of Ba Sing Se, Tyler was later taken in by one of Limber farm's workers, whom gave him the name. He was later brought back to Limber farm and immediately took it to his liking. It was some time after when he met his lifelong buddy, Red, and was having a fairly good life ever since. When the "Evil days" occurred, it didn't exactly affect Tyler too much, but he can still see the rough times the other animals were dealing with.

Fauna involvement

Although technically he didn't do all too much too the farm, he still has a very good role in it. He was seen in a barrel next to Mr. Limber's house. He was nearly hit by a board thrown at him, making him hide under the house until Red came over to tell him it's safe. After that, he fallows the Hybrid pigs over to the night meeting, and remains silent as Mel was explaining. He and the Goat Dog nearly were fallen onto when Mel does die.

He comes up later on that morning and is shown trotting over to his owner, whom to his shock, had the meat of Old Mel in his hands. almost immediately after realizing it, Tyler ran off to the barn to meet back with Red. They both talk and he was about to tell him when they both see the animals talking of revolution in the barn. He and Red go off later on that day after Mr. Limber left for his drinking again. He did give the idea to run away to Red but he never really got an exact answer as they came back to the animals eating in the barn. He goes in to eat and when Mr. Limber came back early, was the only one (aside from Red) whom managed to sneak out right before the battle took place. He hid the whole time with his friend as the battle went on and as soon as it was done, he went over to the exit of the village and had the thought that things were about to change.

He woke up later on, having the best night ever since he didn't have to be forced to wake up like usual. He met up with Red sometime after and noticed Horn with his bucket of white paint. He was impressed how he milked the cows, thinking it was milk until Horn told him what it really was.

As for the weeks that followed, Tyler had his doubts on the decisions the pigs are making. He remembered correctly that Mel said not to resemble men in anyway. He and Red went to the main exit of the barn, still considering running away. He agrees with Red and made a deal that if things get too bad on Limber Farm, then they will run away. After the meeting, he and Red had a lot of thinking over to do.

He was made into helping build the mill, along with all the other animals during the time. However while he was working, they were told about another raid by the humans to take the farm back. Tyler quickly informed this to Spike himself. Although he didn't want to, Spike forbid him and red to hide away, needing all the help they need.

When the windmill was destroyed, Tyler was the one who found Mr. Limber nearby. He and Red called for the others to see and were there during his last moments. Although he didn't like him, it was still hard to watch. As time went on, he woke up to find that Spike was trading with the outside world, obviously confusing him. He checked the commandments afterward to find them altered again in Spike's favour. He still wasn't so sure about this, and had an idea that something bad was about to happen.

Although he didn't do anything during the execution, he shows up later on with Horn and Red checked the commandment. Seeing the changes again, he was gonna run away for sure with Red, and they would have been joined by Horn if he wasn't convinced to stick around. He agreed to stay until spring.

He wasn't seen nor mentioned.

Tyler was rather sad to see Henry leave and during the meeting and the explanation over the slaughter truck, he asks whether or not he was being lied to, single-handedly convincing them to get proof on it. A few days later, he was on top of the tallest building when he saw the messenger hawk return. As he went down though, he saw the pigs practicing to walk on their hind legs, finding it funny that they can't do it, able to balance perfectly himself. Later on that night though, he and Red were awoken by the noise from the pigs' house. When they looked to see, he was stunned to see the pigs partying inside, much like humans do. He told Red about it, and they went to the commandments to check on it. When Shawn starts to change them in front of them, he tries to catch him but ends up getting fallen onto. He got himself out, saying that the whiskey is "Vaatu water", and heads back to the barnhouse. The next day he found Shawn still there.

Tyler was awaken by Horn on the night before the anniversary, being shown the single commandment. He felt completely disgusted over this, and wanted to run off but the meeting was required to go to so he had to wait until afterward. When the meeting took place though, he grew so scared upon seeing the humanized Spike making his lecture, he even fainted from fear.

When Tyler finally woke up from his passed out state, he finally sees its time now to finally run away. This time nobody stopped. However, when Spike ended up finding him, he immediately retaliates and finally speaks his mind before leaving.

Tyler had left the farm for years before he and the rest of the caravan sense that it was safe to return to their home. He and the rest scanned the area, later on deciding to stay as the humans regained the farm. He made a promise to make sure they don't make the same mistakes.

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