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Ty Lee as a Kyoshi Warrior
Ty Lee
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Ty Lee, a secondary member of Team Avatar in The Weatherbenders, was also a member of the Kyoshi Warriors.


86 - 100 AG

Ty Lee was born in the Fire Nation, part of a rather large family, which included six sisters.

She attended the Royal Fire Academy for Girls, where she met Mai and Princess Azula and quickly befriended them. She also met Prince Zuko during this time.

Later, Ty Lee ran away and joined the Fire Nation circus, performing for several years as an acrobat. In 100 AG, Azula recruited her and Mai to track down Aang, Team Avatar, and Zuko.

She helped Azula defeat the Kyoshi Warriors and infiltrate Ba Sing Se, later participating in the coup of the Earth Kingdom capital.

After this, she traveled with Azula to the Boiling Rock when Zuko was imprisoned there. As Zuko tried to escape with Sokka, Suki, Chit Sang and Hakoda, Ty Lee helped confront them all. She fought Suki, but this battle ended in a draw. After seeing Mai betray Azula, Ty Lee followed up with a betrayal as well. She was imprisoned with Mai and the Kyoshi Warriors. Later, Ty Lee would befriend them and teach them chi blocking.

She was released following the War and was accepted to the warriors.

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100 - 102 AG

Ty Lee would become accepted as a member of Team Avatar following the War. She befriended all their members, most notably Katara. These two girls would share a close friendship over the next two years.

Ty Lee moved to Kyoshi Island just before 101 AG, beginning her training with the Kyoshi Warriors. She also held a newfound friendship with Suki. Ty Lee excelled in the group, and also, through her, the warriors became greatly experienced in chi blocking, making them all the more formidable.

Ty Lee lived peacefully on Kyoshi Island, maintaining contact with her friends from throughout the world, including Team Avatar. Occasionally, she would visit the Southern Water Tribe with Suki, when the latter went to visit Sokka. Ty Lee would spend most of her time with Katara and Aang.

The Weatherbenders continuity

In 102 AG, Ty Lee, along with Suki, was recruited by Sokka to join Team Avatar on a mission against the Meteorologists. She was to be a great contributor to the group, with her chi blocking skills having the ability to stop the antagonist Meteorologists at any time.

However, Ty Lee's time in the mission was short-lived.


Ty Lee became wrapped up as a part of the first battle with the Meteorologists in chapter five. Originally, her and Katara teamed up to fight Kianna. Katara was called by Aang to help against Zorro and Ezan. With Katara's back turned, Kianna launched a series of ice spikes at her, which Ty Lee saw. She jumped out in front, but was unable to knock the spikes away, instead having them pierce through her body, causing her to bleed heavily.

After Team Avatar was rescued by Reeaki after their defeat and moved to the Southern Water Tribe, they arrived at the healing huts. Nurses tried to do work on Ty Lee, but the blood loss and severity of her injuries had become too much.

Ty Lee was pronounced dead at the Southern Water Tribe, ending her life after sixteen years.


Ty Lee's funeral took place on Kyoshi Island. During this time, she was awarded the Guardian of Kyoshi Award posthumously. Her funeral featured many of her Kyoshi Warrior friends speaking for her friendliness, and drew a large crowd.

She was buried outside the Kyoshi Warriors' headquarters.


Ty Lee's legacy popped up one final time by a creation of Reeaki in chapter thirteen. He made several wristbands with her initials, "T.L.", bordered on each side by fans used by the Kyoshi Warriors. The other side had the inscription "WHY WE FIGHT" on it. All members of Team Avatar wore them into their individual final battles, each giving them a source of inspiration.

As a matter of fact, in chapter fifteen, Katara was losing sorely to Kianna. However, when Katara briefly lost consciousness and had thoughts of failure, Ty Lee appeared before her. She inspired her to rise from a near defeat with the words seen at the top of this page, and consequently, Katara was able to stop Kianna from completing a fatal move, and later went on to defeat her, a key victory for the Water Tribes in the Siege of the South.


Ty Lee was an upbeat, spunk girl for most of her life, always excited to take on new challenges and meet new friends. She was very optimistic and in high spirits most of the time.

However, Ty Lee did have a more serious side that showed in battle, and also when talking about her past. As shown during the Avatar: The Last Airbender continuity, her growing up with six similar-looking sisters caused her to lack any apparent originality, which contributed to her joining the circus.


Although not able to bend, Ty Lee was one of the most dangerous non-benders in the world. Because of the acrobatic skills she developed in the circus, she was capable of quickly dodging bending attacks and moving rapidly from place to place.

Ty Lee's most dangerous ability was her chi blocking. With a few quick jabs to certain points on the body, she could quickly cut off one's ability to bend. This made her a formidable opponent even to a bending master.

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