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"I don't know Azula, I kinda feel bad for the poor kid."
— Ty Lee sharing her opinions on Chen with Azula in The Fire Lord's Son
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Ty Lee
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The Fire Lord's Son

Ty Lee is the Ruler of New Ozai, the mother of Tam Mee, and a high adviser and friend to Supreme Fire Lord Azula and Mai. She is well-known across the globe for her bubbly nature and her unyielding beauty.

Ty Lee played a huge part in ending The War, fighting on the front lines herself. She later settled down, married a kind nobleman named Chong, and gave birth to Tam Mee. Ty Lee and her husband had great influence on Tam Mee, who became a bubbling, happy girl just like her mother. Ty Lee also had great enthusiasm when Azula made her the Ruler of New Ozai, and had no problem moving there with her husband and daughter. Ty Lee also has a poodle monkey named Puffers.

Ty Lee's acrobatic skills are unmatched. She can block a person's chi with ease, and has been known to take out entire groups of men, either by fighting or seduction.


Victory at the Boiling Rock

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While Sokka, Suki, Zuko, Hakoda, and Chit Sang were escaping on the gondola from the Boiling Rock, Ty Lee and Azula propelled themselves on to the gondola just in time to fight. Azula fought Sokka and Zuko, while Ty lee fought Suki. In the fight, Ty Lee showed impressive skill, and eventually, after a lucky shot to the ribs, was able to block Suki's Chi. She then went to fight Sokka, which gave Zuko difficulty in fighting his sister. Ty Lee eventually defeated Sokka, and before she could flirt with him, Azula killed him instantly. Ty Lee was to bewildered to notice Zuko escaping. Ty Lee watched as Zuko climbed across the cliff, while Azula killed Suki, Hakoda, and Chit Sang. The two then left the gondola, and Azula and Ty Lee were praised for their actions, but Azula was not satisfied with the victory, and she knew Zuko and the Avatar would be back.

Final Battle with Katara

Ty Lee paralyzes Katara

Ty Lee paralyzes Katara in their final battle

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While Azula and Zuko fought their final battle, Mai and Ty Lee fought Katara. Katara was unable to defeat the both of them, and, upon seeing Zuko get killed by Azula, fell completely apart, allowing Ty Lee to block her Chi by surprise. The shock of the death and the blocked Chi caused Katara to die. As a result, Ty Lee was one of the few people praised at Azula's coronation as Fire Lord, the others being Ozai, Mai, Lo, and Li.

Conquering Kyoshi Island

Main article: Siege of Kyoshi Island

Ty Lee lived her life peacefully in the Fire Nation for a few years, but one day she found herself and Mai called up to help with one of Azula's last campaigns; the conquest of Kyoshi Island. Azula explained to them that she wanted the village to stay intact, so she wanted an army of nothing but warriors. Ty Lee and Mai led the army. Azula decided that Mai was to make sure to cut off their food production, while Ty Lee, her troop of all warriors, and Dai Li agents would defeat the Kyoshi Warriors and the Earth Kingdom soldiers. The morning before the great battle, the Kyoshi Warriors were sent out on a mission to assassinate Azula and her two closest advisers. The Kyoshi Warriors were able to make it to Azula's bedroom, but Ty Lee couldn't sleep and saw them. She was able to hold them all off for a very long time, and Azula and Mai soon jumped into the fight, followed by the other soldiers. The next day she marched into the island and attended the ceremony were she renamed the island Zula Island after Azula. She then returned home, married a nobleman, and had a daughter, Tam Mee.

Promotion to Earth Kingdom Regent

When Azula was crowned Supreme Fire Lord, she appointed Ty Lee to lead the whole Earth Kingdom, with the exception of Phoenix City (Ba Sing Se), which Mai was appointed to lead. Ty Lee was not a cruel, merciless, or strict leader. She was however, obedient to anything Azula ordered, which was very bad for the slaves of Zula Island.

War with the Rebels

Advising Azula

Ty Lee inside the drill

Ty Lee advising Azula

A day before her daughter's appointment to hunt Team Rebel, Ty Lee was shown profusely raving to Azula about Mitsuki's abilities, though she felt bad for Chen. She tried to encourage Azula to comfort him, but Azula ignored her. Ty Lee stopped arguing, and left the room with Azula, despite still being upset.

Ty Lee also accompanied Azula on a Royal Jet during her appointment of General Yi. She listed many reasons why Tam Mee would need to return home, while Mai dismissed most of them. Ty Lee is also present when Azula arrested General Yi for multiple failures. She tells him not to worry, as Mitsuki is attacking the Kein Forest rebels, though Azula is not nearly as happy-go-lucky, and orders Yi's arrest.

New Plans

After the battle, Ty Lee reunites with Tam Mee in Azula's war room during an emergency meeting, in which she is overjoyed to see her daughter. Despite the loss at the battle, Ty lee remains positive and optimistic even when Azula is at her most angry. When Tam Mee tells Azula that Mitsuki has a back-up plan, Ty Lee says that as she said, everything is going to turn out "super". For the rest of the meeting, Azula and Mitsuki discuss her plan alone, and Ty Lee, Tam Mee, Mai, Quanlee, and Z.Z leave the room.

While Azula and Mai have their confrontation, Ty Lee leaves and decides to buy a pet poodle monkey. She names it Puffers, and when she tries to introduce him to Azula, it jumps into her shirt. Ty Lee begins running around frantically trying to get the animal out of her bra.


Ty Lee very is bubbly, ditsy, and sensitive, traits she passed down to Tam Mee. Though she is good friends with Azula and does not side with the forces of good, Ty Lee is not at all an evil woman. She has shown that she can be kind, compassionate, and understanding, as she expressed concern over Chen after Azula insulted him and had nightmares over seeing innocent children (Team Avatar) die. Ty Lee is known for her happy go-lucky nature even during the most serious times, such as when she is heated battles. Despite her dizzy nature, she is by no means an easygoing fighter, and takes on her opponents aggressively.


Ty Lee is an extremely flexible woman, allowing her to do amazing movements in battles, proving an extremely powerful fighter, which once made her a wonderful circus attraction. She is the most skilled acrobatic in the world, and is one of the two only people who have an in depth understanding of Chi-blocking, which she uses to surprise all her enemies in battles and to defeat Sokka, Suki, and Katara in battle. Ty Lee also has great balance, able to run on wires, and stand on a plate on a pin needle on just one hand. These are all traits Ty Lee has passed down to her daughter, Tam Mee.

Non-canon Appearances

Ty Lee appears in the non-canon crossover, Clash of Worlds. Ty Lee makes her debut and only appearance in Part 2. She maintains her happy and preppy personality, and smiles through the whole meeting, even when Azula kicks Yino out for being a former assassin. When Mai offers Yino her position, Ty Lee is baffled, and tells Mai that she is one of the most major advisers of them all and that she can't offer her position to Yino, though Mai doesn't seem to care.


  • Technically, it was Ty Lee's lucky punch on Suki that ended up winning The War for her nation, as if she did not advance to Sokka, everything would have turned out how it did in the real series. She also saved Azula from death on one occasion.

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