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"Why?...WHY?! Because I don't exist with my family! that's why!! I don't feel special, or even one person! I feel like apart of some doll set."
— What Ty Lee thinks of herself with her siblings.
Ty Lee
Ty Lee
Biographical information
Birth place

Fire Nation


Kyoshi Island

Physical description


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10 nameless siblings


Aang, Suki, Katara, Sokka, Akame, Weed, GB



Chronological and political information

Kyoshi Warrier (formally), Team Avatar



First appearance

Book 1: Water -

Ty Lee was a Kyoshi Warrior in "Ginga Densetsu Avatar". She was apart of a large family with 10 sisters under the same name. It is because of this she ran away and was found by the Kyoshi Warriors.

Book 1: Water

Kyoshi Island

Ty Lee first appears after the storm. She cones in from the cave entrance and chi-blocked Appa, disabling him of his movement. She quickly did it to the others and went back to Suki. She shows up later after that playing with some of the Iga dogs in the trees like a little monkey. She then made 10 spins in the air and landed on her hand. She soon finds Aang nearby with his face in the dirt. She and Aang introduced each other, giving Aang her true name of Lee. She and Aang decided to play tag, and they had a lot of fun with each other, letting Aang win when they got to the village. Aang then introduced Ty Lee to Korra and Katara. She was kind of offended when she heard what Sokka thought of girls and fighting, saying that boys just fight for fun. She appears later in a 2-piece suit, asking if anyone would like to go swimming. Aang happily agrees and the two went off to a special watering hole she knew of. After a bit, she had to go to find help when the Eel Hound attacked. When they were about to leave, Ty Lee made her decision to join then on their way north. During the trip, she discovers that Korra, Sokka, and Jatara are all siblings, and she revels her past with her 10 siblings.

North Pole

Ty Lee got pretty confused when they arrived at the North Pole when it was found deserted. She decided later to pose as servants along with GB to find Korra without any trouble. To strengthen their chances, she mentions to Blue that she was top league when it cane to guard duty. And it worked, blue took them in. She appears a bit later when Katara and Sokka came in. Before blue got up, lee rushes in and chi-blocks him, keeping him down. She managed to escape un harmed with Korra and GB.

Book 2: Earth

Ty Lee didn't become as involved as she used to be during the first arc. Upon meeting Toph, she helped out in finding out when to strike the Fire Nation when the group found the spirit library. Using a special machine in the astronomy room, she found out a solar eclipse that will happen at the end of summer. She figured that only then that the Fire Nation will fall and become powerless and they can end the war.

When they arrived in Ba Sing Se, She went with Katara and Korra to the market when she was slashed at by an unknown animal running through in panic. Turned out okay, but she ended up with "Spiritual Stripes". Hers were an energetic yellow. Despite her friends objections to their stripes, Ty Lee was actually liking her stripes, and came up with the name "Tora-ge sisters".

Book 3: fire

Ty Lee appears in most of the arc as a side character mainly, showing up alongside Aang. Not officially shown in the arc, but it's a good indication of a love interest between the two.

Book 4: Air

In the 4th arc, she was dropped off with the others at the Eastern Air Temple Islands. She usually tries to help and began by conferring Aang when he starts to worry about Toph.

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