Ty Lee and Kyoshi Warriors
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Avatar: Aftermath and Burning Earth


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Chapter 6: Ty Lee

Oyaji took a step toward Yun Zhen. "An imposter? What are you talking about?"

Yun pointed his sword at one of the warriors. "She took part in the coup of Ba Sing Se! She is a traitor!"

The Kyoshi Warrior moved toward him. "My name's Ty Lee." She smiled at him. "I'm no traitor."

"Then why did I have to fight my way out of Ba Sing Se? Why did it fall to the Fire Nation?"

She glanced at the other warriors, looking for support. "Well, I've changed. I'm not... that's not my life anymore."

Yun sheathed his sword, confident a fight wouldn't break out. "Do they know?" He nodded at the warriors. "Do they know what your life consisted of before this?"

"Yes, they do. Ty Lee has been forgiven for her past actions." Another warrior, brandishing a katana, stepped into view; she was flanked by a warrior who looked out of place. "My name is Suki, and I am the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors. Ty Lee is one of us; I will not have one of my friends threatened." She whipped her sword so that the tip touched Yun's neck.

The lone male warrior spoke. "Suki... go easy. If the guy's met Ty Lee in the past, his reaction is understandable." He looked at the girl in question. "No offense."

Ty Lee shrugged. "None taken." She walked over to the young, confused Earthbender. "I know you, don't I?"

Yun, slightly taller, looked at her. "Yes, I had to flee the city because of you."

Ty Lee took a step back, and Suki moved in between them. "That's enough. I know there's been a misunderstanding, but we can deal with it in a civil manner."

Yun frowned. "Hey, I sheathed my sword; you're the one who insisted on helping me learn to breathe without the need for a mouth."

The Kyoshi Warrior stared angrily at him before whirling to face the chuckling warrior who had accompanied her. "Sokka?!" Her tone incredulous, "That's not funny!"

Sokka threw up his hands. "Hey, I know a good joke when I hear it."

She rolled her eyes. " really don't."

"As lovely as this has been," Chief Oyaji interjected, "The day is fading and dinner is almost ready. It is time for the Kyoshi Day Feast to begin!"

"Yes!" Sokka exclaimed. "I'm starving!"


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