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Ty Lee
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12 identical siblings named Lee, Dagger (older brother)


Aang, Katara, Toph, Sokka, Appa, Jet, Haru, more...


Dagger, Raiu

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"The Circus"

Ty Lee is an energetic, childish teenager and well profound acrobatic. She was in a circus before joining Team Avatar.


Ty Lee is a very energetic girl, with an cheery attitude to match a regular four-year-old. She is cheerful and friendly to anyone she meets, regardless of what nation they belong to. Although she is Fire Nation at heart, she doesn't fall under evil like so many think and doesn't really care if she does see the Avatar or not. Her energetic attitude also makes her more observant, but she will often choose not to speak up if it's not important or if it'll hurt someone.



Ty Lee was born in a big family with 12 other siblings, for some reason, under the same name as her. She didn't hate her siblings much, except for her dominant brother Dagger. It isn't enough for her to want to kill him, but Dagger does like to push her buttons and get her upset. The poor girls had to constantly deal with their brother's superiority over them. One night though, her brother got dominant to the point of brutally beating up one of her weaker sisters, who became crippled because of it. When Ty Lee saw this, she had no other choice but to run away, lest she risked getting the same wrath as her sister.

Among the time she was out, she managed to come across a circus group and, after proving herself an expert acrobat, joined up in the traveling circus.

Book 1: Water

Traveling with Team Avatar

While the circus was traveling, Ty Lee suddenly ended up behind and was trying to catch up when she came across Sokka and Katara. She could tell they were Water Tribe, but still acted cheerful and explained the situation to them. After getting directions, she kissed Sokka on the cheek and bolted off. She looked back to see Aang and Appa, but didn't bother with them.

She randomly showed up back at the circus and convinced the guard to let them in. With some provocation, she managed to change his mind by giving him a "puppy eye" look, similar to Aang's. She brought Katara, Aang and Sokka in and showed them their front row seats, before she went off to get started. She eventually did her magnificent routine, which amazed Aang to no end.

Ty Lee during circus act

Ty Lee's circus act.

After the act, she confronted them and asked how they enjoyed the show. It was then that she actually revealed to them that she already knew the whole time that Aang was the Avatar; she pulled off his hat to prove it. Her excuse for not saying anything was that not only did she wanted them to see the show, but it would also "ruin the surprise", whatever that surprise was. She and Aang talked for a bit and she revealed also other important information; examples include Zuko being the Fire Prince, an older version of Aang's wanted poster. In the end, she even asked to join them. The excuse for that was that she wanted more adventures and the circus wasn't really doing it for her. She pulled out her "puppy eye" routine again on Sokka and, with the same thing done by Aang, she joined the team.

When they stopped, Ty Lee was very excited and giddy about being with the Avatar, more so than necessary. Her mood quickly changed, though, when Zuko appeared and she ended up confronting him while the others hid. She was explained how her once boss told Zuko about his kidnapped acrobat. When asked about Aang, she tried her best to lie out of it, even showing Zuko the old wanted poster. She did get worried when her life was threatened and even more so when Aang and Zuko started to fight. After the Freedom Fighters saved them though, Ty Lee was simply amazed and thanked them deeply for the rescue. During her stay at the Freedom Fighters' home, she surprisingly felt calm despite their hatred towards Fire Nation. After Aang was kidnapped by Raiu though, she was the first and only one to find him out of the search party. When challenged, she won easily thanks to her chi-blocking and also chi-blocked the others so Aang could escape.

The next day, she came back with Aang, happy to find everyone was okay. Just a little bit into their conversation, Ty Lee explained her chi-blocking ability to them. She went on describing the beast Raiu to them when the beast in question suddenly showed up again. Ty Lee tried attacking, but this time she was pinned, Raiu not falling for the same thing twice. She remained pinned down by Zuko until she ended up paralysed by Raiu's electrical charge. After waking up and finding out where Aang had been taken, Ty Lee got an idea for Sokka and she managed to get a disguise for him. Beyond that, she still remained outside.

After traveling off from there, Ty Lee and the others rested for a bit and she noticed Sokka looking over the maps. After some bit, she heard Chong playing some music and grew really giddy over it. She was the first to introduce herself to them and get their names, complimenting them on their music. After talking for a bit, she and Aang asked if they could go on a side-trip to see some badgermoles, her adding in that there was a never-ending rainbow on the way. She didn't say so much from there and followed the other through the Cave of Two Lovers as the events went down. After she found the way through, she tackled Aang with a hug and explained how they found beautiful crystals and followed them back there.

After that, she went on ahead, being excited as usual to go to Omashu. She was the first though to see the fate that had befallen Omashu, her mood changing almost immediately. After everyone else saw, she actually agreed to just go, but eventually changed her mind when Aang went in anyway. She, Sokka, and Katara got the idea on how to save Omashu from the pentapii around and used it to trick the Fire Nation soldiers into thinking they had "Pentapox". She explained to Aang, along with the others, about their plan and she, being the athletic one of the group, went on out to help spread the plan and "infection" to the citizens of Omashu.

After they left Omashu, she and the others made their next stop. When she was given the credit for the save back at Omashu, she admitted that Sokka should get the credit for the idea in the first place. Afterwards, she asked about Aurora, becoming curious to the fact that they did meet it before. After that went on and when they saw Haru fighting off the firebenders, she got herself involved and tried to help, but ended up caught instead, being knocked out in the process. She woke up on a prison rig with Haru, finding she had 8-pt acupuncture cuffs on. During this, she tried to get her bearings on where she was and what was going on, as she tried to get the cuffs off her. Later on that night, Team Avatar found her and was ready to go, but Ty Lee wanted Haru to go too so he could be free, finding it rough when he refused. When the team got their plan underway, Ty Lee had to sit out and wait until the earthbenders had their earth to bend. When the fighting did start, she was having difficulty due to the cuffs until Haru broke them off, giving her a much better advantage as they got rid of the Fire Nation guards. In the end, after the Earth Kingdom prisoners were free, Ty Lee agreed to stay behind to help find Aang an earthbending teacher for when he was done with his training under Master Arnook, so they would be prepared.

Book 2: Earth

During Aang's time at the North Pole, Ty Lee and Haru were traveling through the Earth Kingdom to find Aang an earthbending teacher, but with no luck. They did, however, find Appa's shedded fur, and found Team Avatar later that night. Ty Lee was very happy to find them again and they helped each other catch up. Near the end of their talk, Ty Lee asked if Haru could join them, to which they agreed.

After flying for a bit, Ty Lee found herself staring down into the Foggy Swamp below and wanted to land so she could swim and cool down. Although the others disagreed with her and they eventually went away, Ita and Zura ended up forcing them all in. Ty Lee ended up with Sokka inside and was trying to find the others. Despite the situation, Ty Lee spooked Sokka with a funny trick, getting a good laugh out of it. During this, she and Sokka found the illusion of Suki, which struck her as funny due to Sokka's reaction to the kiss, but her mood quickly changed when she heard Ita and Zura laughing with her. Luckily, she was found by her team later on. When they all finally found Ita and Zura, the two dragon spirits made it out that it was her fault, since she wanted to visit in the first place. She didn't deny it, but didn't accept it either.

When the group reached Gaoling, Ty Lee tagged along with the others until they found June, the bounty hunter, bringing in a wagon of outlaws. When June had gotten her money, Ty Lee asked her if she knew any earthbending masters, only getting the cold shoulder from her. After being told about the Beifongs, she went along with the others and met them, asking them a similar question after a bit.

Ty Lee stood as a bystander for a while until it came to Toph leaving to fight the war. Ty Lee almost immediately insists for her to join Team Avatar, despite what she'd done. When Aang returned, it took a lot of Ty Lee's convincing to have Toph join the group, despite Aang's own anger at her.



Ty Lee possesses a very special ability to chi-block. This ability paralyses the nerve and muscles in any part of the body to immobilize the opponent. This technique also allows her to stop an opponent from bending for a limited time.


Ty Lee's agility

Her advanced agility.

Ty Lee's key quality is her agility status. Thanks to her acrobatics as a child, she is able to dodge, evade, and move with lightning speed. Her balance and timing peaked as well.


  • In Canon, Ty Lee joins Azula and Mai when they found her at the circus. In the Fanon though, she joins Team Avatar, who found her first.

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