Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Ty Lee's Adventures in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Seaport village
Ty Lee's Adventures
Fight, fight till nothing is left, but the dark gray sky.
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Twists and Turns


In this story, characters will learn from their mistakes in order to solve a huge problem. Ty Lee faces a threat that could mess up the whole world. With the help of her friends, she'll be able to accomplish all her tasks, but will that be enough? The dangerous leader, Ko-yu, and her group, "The Lethal Ninjas" will attempt to take over the Avatar World and burn it to the ground. Ty Lee starts out her journey by meeting new people, that all have a grudge against Ko-yu. The clock is ticking with only a few weeks till the world is completely Ko-yu's, the showdown occurs. Who will win? But new things appear and it gets very complicated. Other worlds? Traveling for longer distances? New enemies? Anything goes in this story of adventure, mysteries, and truths!


Ty Lee: A former Kyoshi Warrior. She can chiblock. Has a cheery and bubbly personality. Is tasked with saving the world from doom.

Nia: Ty Lee's new friend. Keeps to herself a lot. She's a waterbender. Reminds Ty Lee of Mai. Judges people a lot.

Mani: Ty Lee's animal friend. A huge wolf used to ride on through the forests of the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation. Travels with the group and protects them. Can run up to forty miles per hour.

Suon: Is a male firebender whose parents died in a bombing in their colony. Becomes friends with Ty Lee instantly. Has some sort of relationship towards Nia. Is the most smart out. The group, and knows a lot about myths and theories.


Ko-yu: Follows Ty Lee and her friends around to get revenge on Ty Lee. Is a powerful firebender. Can throw darts from long distances. Leader of the "Lethal Ninjas". Partly an earthbender and firebender. She's blind so she uses, seismic senses to see and firebend.

Ko-yu's Ninjas (Lethal Ninjas): Her "buddies" that will help her take out Ty Lee. A strong group of ninjas. Use shurikens.

Zung: Ko-yu's second to youngest assistant. He's a firebender that can shoot lightning. Ko-yu's most trusted advisor.


Lala: A non-bender who is talented with daggers and bows and arrows. Helps Ty Lee's group. Dislikes Nia at first, but learns how to deal with her. Kinda like the relationship between Toph and Katara.

Raina: An earthbender that the group finds along the way. Becomes a good friend of Nia. Very caring and tough.


Chapter 1: Twists and Turns

Chapter 2: The Scent of Cinnamon

Chapter 3: The Darkness Always Has Another Dark Way

Chapter 4: The Breaking Point

Chapter 5: Getting Ready to Strike


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