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Ty Lee
Ty Lee
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Fire Nation


Ba Sing Se

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Anti-bending (Chi-blocker)


Many siblings named "Lee"


Team Avatar, Rioichi, Raven, Starfire

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Ty Lee, or "Ty" as she likes to be called, used to go against the team during the war but now is a good member of Kyoshi. She came from a very big family, many sisters under the same name, Lee. To be her own person instead of a part of a set of Lees, she ran away from home. Throughout this, she became an acrobat in a circus, thus gaining her almost unreal agility and chi-blocking technique. She then joins Azula for a bit and at the end, she joins Kyoshi.

Avatar New Universe II

Ty first appears with The Duke and Toph on the night after the wedding. She raced down with them to find the Freedom Fighters pinned by S.C.P. She tried to stand her ground and was one of the last ones, alongside The Duke. Smile Dog tries to attacks her but she uses her chi-blocking to make his front leg unusable. She does this to three more of the SCP's men before Ghost goes in and throws her into the portal.

Arc 1

When she was thrown in, she and Raven collided and ended up traveling together to the same world. She introduces herself to Raven and they both go to a nearby village where it starts to rain. when this happens, she races into a cave where they find Rioichi. after some talking she agrees to help Rioichi get his shop back. After some managing, she does succeed in helping him and is happily rewarded. Later on though, she finds El Jefe and Smile Dog stealing Rioichi's cane.

Arc 2

For the longest time in arc 2, she wasn't given any important scenes, mostly side character until the last part of arc 2. She asked Toph on how she was doing in finding the tri piece and after Toph managed to single it out, she went off to get it. However she came back to find Smile Dog and Ghost there and was captured when Slenderman appears. She was holding the tri piece and demands it back, only to find that its completely useless against him, and he only used them to get it for him.

Arc 3

Ty awakes earlier then the others to see the SCP foundation from the outside. She continued looking around inside, HoundDoom telling her to not move, and sees Xerneas's head mounted inside one of the cells just before being thrown into the same cell as Starfire.

She and Starfire get to know each other a lot more before she was brought to the test chamber. She only watched as Starfire faced her mutant in Kaibutsu. When she was done, she was thrown into the same chamber, where Glaze had altered to look like a forest. She was faced with a pack of wolfbats, which she defeats in a matter of seconds.

After a while, she and Starfire were helped in escaping thanks to SCP-173. She took part in defeating the last two Metal men before they all escaped to outside.

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