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28 October 2009

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Two of Us is the second chapter of the fanon series, Avatar: Past Masters.


The final decision of the meeting is that Team Avatar must go for Azula. Iroh joins to the Order of the White Lotus with a new purpose. A new member in Team Avatar decide to help in the mission. Azula is seen by some Fire Nation warriors, and the gang starts the search.


The meeting had finished two days ago, and the final decision was that Team Avatar, including Aang, Sokka, Katara, Toph and Zuko would go for Azula, they decided to start the search in a week or two, nobody knew, just they five. The generals of the Fire Nation and the Fire Sages had tried to convinced Zuko he stays in the Royal Palace, but he decided, seconded by his uncle, to help his friends. Iroh would look for Azula with some important members of the Order of the White Lotus, he had informed them before the meeting, that had been the cause of his delay. Other decision of the meeting, reported by Iroh, was to hide the information of the escape to the people of the Fire Nation; he had said that many groups would start a revolution against the government; to save this information was the mission of the Council of Five.The Council of Five had changed some members after the end of the past war; How kept being the leader and Sung maintained his position. The other three members had been changed for other new generals: General Kite, General Sidoh and General Illya, the first female member in the history of the council.

Team Avatar would stayed in the Fire Nation until the start of their mission. One day, Sokka decided to travel, before the start of the search, to Kyoshi Island. He wanted to caution Suki and the warriors about Azula; he said:

- I'll go to Kyoshi Island, I have to inform to the warriors about the escape of Azula.

- Why don't you send a scroll? – asked Aang.

- I want to see Suki. The last time I saw her was..., well, I don't remember how many years, but I want to see her again like all those years ago – answered Sokka hopeful and hiding his real purpose – Ah, and I'll go alone.

- Okay, but you can't delay more than two weeks, we have to start the search soon.

- Don't worry. I'll be back in eight days exactly – assured Sokka very gullible of his counting.

Three days after, in Kyoshi Island, Sokka arrived with Appa. He first saw Oyaji, who welcomed him. Sokka immediately asked for Suki, she was in an expedition with the other warriors and she would return in tomorrow in the morning. And, how have been the island an the people?, asked Sokka to Oyaji. Very good, the people here have felt always very protected with the warriors; we have seen that the island is safe if we have Suki, Ty Lee and Kuroko with us, answered Oyaji. Who is Kuroko?, asked Sokka abashed. She's one of the warriors, many people of the island say that she's the best warriors of the group, informed the old man. I don't think better than Suki, defended Sokka. Well, I'm not sure, I wouldn't dare to say that, remarked Oyaji.

They entered to a house and he said: "Sokka, you're going to sleep here. Suki and the warriors will be here very early". Sokka thanked and went to sleep thinking in Suki. The next morning, he got up and asked himself if Suki was already in the island, he dressed and went to see Oyaji, who was practicing yoga in front of his house. Good morning Sokka, the warriors aren't here yet, said Oyaji first. Well, may I wait here?, asked Sokka trying to learn the exercises. Of course. They talked for about two hours, and they heard a noise near the sea. Sokka ran desperate toward the beach and saw the warriors, but he didn't see Suki. Unexpectedly, someone hugged him behind, Suki he thought, he looked around and saw Ty Lee.

- Hi Sokka! How're you? Why are you here? – asked Ty Lee very excited.

- Hi Ty Lee – said Sokka trying to hide his disappointment – I'm here because I have to inform you about something, but where is Suki?

- Oh! Suki's there – she said pointing with his finger.

- Suki!

Sokka ran towards Suki and, when she saw him coming, she dropped her things and went to greet him. They hugged and kissed for a long time. They and the other warriors went to the hub of the village; there, Sokka asked:

- What were you doing?

- We went to fight against some pirates. They had been attacking the island for many weeks, but they won't do that anymore – said Ty Lee.

- That's great, but I have to inform you something important. Azula had escape from Avalon. In the Fire Nation, we had have a meeting with Team Avatar, the Council of Five, the Earth King, the Fire Sages and Iroh. We have decided that Team Avatar will start a search of Azula around the world.

- That's terrible! – said Suki and Ty Lee at the same time.

- We will help you. What do we have to do, Sokka? – asked Suki worried.

- If you want, you may travel with us. But, for transportation, we would have a problem, we travel on Appa and he couldn't carry too much weight, just X tons.

- We know that he can just carry that weight, so only Suki and Kuroko will go with you – said Ty Lee.

- Are you sure, Ty Lee? – asked her Suki confused because they had not talked anything about that.

- I'm sure. You two should go – declared the warrior.

- Well, so you will lead the warriors. You have to explore islands. Azula maybe is hidden in some unknown Fire Nation island. - Okay, I'm agree, we'll do that.

- And, who's Kuroko? – asked Sokka interested.

- I'm Kuroko – she said.

Kuroko was a nice girl of 15 years old. She had meet the Kyoshi Warriors six months ago and, from that day, she joined them and became one of the best warriors. Like the other girls, she wasn't a bender, but she knew to fight very well with fans, katana and some other weapons. Kuroko had grey hair, grey eyes and a medium height. She was always jolly and happy, but in a fight, she was very solid, concentrated and brave.

- Nice to meet you, Kuroko – said Sokka to his new partner.

- Nice to meet you too. Thanks, Ty Lee for this opportunity, I hope someday you'll join us and the world will be as one – she thanked.

- You're welcome, Kuroko. I think I have taken the right decision, your help to the world will be better than you think. One thing I can tell you is you got to be free.

- We have to go in two hours more – announced Sokka to the girls.

- Two hours? We haven't anything ready. We have to prepare all, Kuroko, quickly – said Suki while she was running to her house.

When they all were ready to get back to the Fire Nation, Sokka thought: "I hope the guys accept my idea about Suki and Kuroko". They arrived to the Fire Nation three days after. During the trip, Sokka explained minutely to the girls the plan, and informed Kuroko about the members of the team, the names she needed to know and some important things about the past war. Kuroko heard attentively trying to memorize and learn. Sokka, Suki and the new member arrived to the house where Team Avatar was living during its stay in the Fire Nation, he knocked the door edgy for the possible bad reaction of his friends due to the plan they already had made in the general meeting.

Inside the house, Aang, Katara and Toph heard the door. "It's Sokka, he's with Suki and another girl that I can't recognize for her steps", said Toph surprised. "That's weird, Sokka just had to talk with Suki, she had not to come here. I'm not saying I don't want Suki here, but he didn't say anything", replied Aang. Katara went to open the door and she saw Sokka with Suki and another girl; she didn't notice that she was a Kyoshi Warrior due they didn't have make-up nor uniform. Hi, said Sokka a bit sheepish, I'm back with Suki and Kuroko, they're going to help us in our mission, I think it's not a problem, right?

- Absolutely not. I'm happy to see you here Suki, and welcome...

- Kuroko, she's on e of the Kyoshi Warriors – completed Suki – Thanks, I know we'll finish and solve this problem swiftly.

- Thanks, Katara – said Kuroko – I...

- Hi! – shouted Aang appearing with Toph behind the door.

- Hi, Aang – said Suki and Kuroko.

- Suki and Kuroko are going ti help us in our mission – explained Katara to Aang and Toph.

- Maybe I'm amazed, but that's a really good new – said Aang.

- Excellent. And, why Ty Lee didn't come with you? – asked Toph to Sokka.

- She decided to stay with the other warriors; she thought Kuroko should come and join us.

After they all talked with Kuroko for many hours and met her better, they noticed that she would be an important member of the group. Kuroko's purposes were really for the welfare of the world.

Roku's island

Roku's Island

Azula was hidden in an unknown island near to the Western Air Temple. She had traveled many days flying (firebending) and swimming. Her purposes in that moment was to find food and a town or village to stay; she had not eaten anything in three days. When she arrived to the island, a week ago, she found a big dead fish in the seashore; she cooked and ate it. During the next three days, she tried to make a net for fishing, she could do that, but she only caught two fish. Now, she couldn't do anything, her net was broken and she didn't found more material to make another net. She was waiting somebody or some ship to attack and steal, but she was too weak, her firebending was lower; she really didn't know what was she doing in that island, she felt very tired in the way and decided to stay there some days, but se couldn't restart her course for an unknown reason. When she was thinking that, a ship appeared in the horizon; she used all her power and her last strengths and flew towards the vessel. It was maned by two Fire Nation generals and ten soldiers. Azula attacked them and took the ship and decided to visit the Earth Kingdom, she knew where exactly was. Only two soldiers survived in the sea, they fortunately were found by another ship and were taken to their nation, where they swiftly ran to the Royal Palace and told the attack of Azula near to Roku's Island, they noticed her low powers although they all had been defeated. Fire Lord Zuko felt his heart beating and called immediately a servant. In only two hours, Team Avatar was in the palace. First, Sokka and Suki presented Kuroko as the new member to Zuko, who welcomed her very well. The Fire Lord told the story to his friends, who thought it was time to start officially the mission. They all prepared their things for the trip, and in two hours they were on Appa, ready to start. Our friends are all on board, right?, asked Sokka. Yes, they're. Yip-Yip! – said Aang seriously and Appa started to fly according to the indications of the survivors.

Iroh was with the Order of the White Lotus in a secret location in the Earth Kingdom. He talked to all the members, breathing them and informing them about the importance of their mission to the world: "Our mission is to find Azula, to look for her in every part of the world; while some members do that, other will be thinking a new method to retain Azula, but an infallible method this time, a place where anybody could escape".


This episode of "Past Masters" have changed its name three times: the first title was "Revolution" (now, the next and third chapter), then it was changed to "Come Together", and finally to the actual name, "Two of Us".


  • The title of this episode is a reference to a song of The Beatles with the same title.
  • This is the first chapter with Kuroko in the series.

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