Two Marriages
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The Avatar of the Fire Temple





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The Death of Katara

Two Marriages is the epilogue of The Avatar of the Fire Temple.


So, how did this tragic story end? Well, the coward Haru did at least manage to save Miyuki, the cat. He even became a successful writer of tragedies!

Captain Jet, for all his unfaithfulness, got what he well and truly deserved. He married the dull Mai but was never truly happy, as his heart could never forget the beautiful Gypsy girl, Katara.

In his sorrow, Aang disappeared from the Fire Temple, leaving the great bells silent. No one in the Fire Nation Capital knew his whereabouts.

The dead body of poor Katara was taken from the gallows to a tomb at the Cave of Murderers, where others like her were buried! Here she would rest in peace.

But that was not quite the end of the tale. This, after all, was a love story, albeit a sad one. Many years later, two men were searching the great vault beneath the cave.

What they discovered there, among the gloom, cobwebs, and skeletons, would live on forever in legend.

They found two skeletons wrapped in a curious embrace. One was that of a girl clutching an infants boot, the other was strange as it had arrows on it.

When the explorers tried to part the two skeletons, the stranger of the two disintegrated to dust at their touch. They were obviously meant to be together forever.

Well, dear reader, we know that the skeletons were those of Aang and Katara. The Avatar was finally able to be with the Gypsy girl he loved so dearly, but only in death.

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