Two Lovers
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December 17, 2012

A young boy travelled far and wide
To save the world from doom
And when he reached the Northern World
Began to love the Moon

His love for her was strong and fierce
But the girl, her life was owed
To Spirits of the Tides and Sky
To the ebb and flow

One day found the two at war
A headless, poison snake
He killed the Moon, her life was lost
For freedoms only sake

The Spirits took a part of him
He couldn't just despair
He looked up at his only love
The Moon shone through the air

His soul grew dull, he knew no hope
Redemption not for him
Until one day he met a girl
And kissed her on a whim

Inseparable, the two became
Moons' mem'ry, nought but that
Till he lost his second love
But vowed to get her back

They staged a coup to win the war
But still he could not see
Where his love had travelled to
Wherever could she be?

A Princess told of lovers caught
Locked within steel walls
He wasted time asking for her
The Emperor did not fall

The enemy, a face to match
Enlisted the groups help
He had to teach the world's last hope
His father must be dealt

The boy had plans to rescue the girl
To sneak away and save her
The new recruit heard of his plans
And helped him, as a favour

Two lovers caught between a war
Came together at last
And with the help of someone blind
Their destiny did pass

The war was won—so was his heart
He looked up at the Moon
Her blessing given, he took her hand
And made with her a home

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