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February 12, 2011

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This is the sixth chapter in Around the World (Again). I finished this one really early. This is the first time that I've ever done a B story and I hope you all like it. Enjoy!


Sokka visits his old master with Suki. Meanwhile, Katara and the others go to the old village that Katara once helped.

Previously on Around the World (Again)....

Sokka wants to see his old master again.

An old villain is following the gang.

"You failed! I'll let it slide by this time, but we need to get rid of them of all. I know, we'll set a trap for the Avatar and his friends at Ba Sing Se, and you better not fail or else."

"Or else what?"a Dai Li agent asked, he was shaking with fear, thinking that he shouldn't have said anything.

"Or there will be CONSEQUENCES!"

"The Avatar is almost at Ba Sing Se. Perfect."

Two Journeys

Appa was flying through the cool air as the sun began to rise. Almost everyone was still asleep because they had left over two hours ago. Sokka was the only awake. He was excited to see his old master again. Then Aang woke up from a long dream. This time, he didn't have any nightmares. His dream was all about his old Fire Nation school. He and his friends were playing after school, as Hide watched from the headmaster's office.

Aang saw Piandao's house below, grabbed Appa's rope, and said 'Yip Yip'.

"Wake up, Suki. We're almost there. Get up!" Sokka said excitedly to Suki. He was pushing and poking her over and over until she finally said,

"All right, okay, I'm up."

Sokka then woke everyone else up, repeating the same thing over again.

"Wake up! We're almost there. Hurry! Get up!" Appa landed about twenty feet away from Piandao's house while the rest of the gang were getting up from their nice, long sleep. Sokka jumped off of Appa and started running towards his old master's home.

"Sokka, wait," Katara called to him. Sokka walked back to Appa and said,

"What is it Katara?"

"What are the rest of us going to do? Are we just going to follow you around while you show Piandao your skills?" Katara asked.

"Yeah. Is that a prob-"

"That will get really boring after a while. No offense, Sokka," Zuko said.

"Why don't you guys go somewhere else then? You know, for the day and then you can come back to pick me up," Sokka said.

"Okay, that'll work," agreed Aang.

"Suki, do you want to come with me to Piandao's house?" Sokka asked.

"Yeah, Sokka. I'd love to," Suki answered.

Then the two walked to Piandao's house.

"Where do you want to go for the day guys?" Aang asked the gang.

"We should stay near here, just in case Sokka needs help." Katara said.

"What's the closest village from here, Aang?" Toph asked.

Aang pulled out and map of the Fire Nation and said,

"The closest village to Shu Jing is Jang Hui." Aang looked at Katara. "Also known as The Painted Lady Village."

Katara suddenly got excited. She wanted to see how much the village had improved. The village that she once helped.

"Let's go to Jang Hui," Katara said.

"I don't know if I want to go back to that village," Toph said.

"Oh, so you just want to stay here all day then?" Katara asked.

"No, but-" Toph paused. "Okay, let's go to the village."

Everyone nodded their heads as Aang said,

"Yip Yip." Appa kicked off the ground and went soaring into the sky.

Knock, knock. Piando's butler, Fat, opened the door after Sokka knocked on it.

Knock, knock. Piando's butler, Fat, opened the door after Sokka knocked on it.

Then Fat said, "Hello, Sokka, and who might this person be?"

"I'm Suki, Sokka's-"

"My girlfriend!" Sokka interrupted.

"What do you need, Sokka?" Fat asked.

"I want to see my master again. Can I please come in?" Sokka asked.


Fat showed Suki and Sokka where Piandao was. Fat opened a large door and told Sokka and Suki to go wait there. Shortly after, another door on the other side of the room opened and Sokka's old master stepped into the room. He had a surprised look on his face.

"Sokka? Hello Sokka."

"Hi, Master."

"Down there boy. Yip Yip." Aang said as he pointed to the place where they camped at last time.

After Appa landed, the gang, except for Appa and Momo, walked over to the dock and saw someone standing on a boat. It was Dock.


After Appa landed, the gang, except for Appa and Momo, walked over to the dock and saw someone standing on a boat. It was Dock.

"Hey, it's 'The Painted Lady'," Dock said to Katara. "You're the people that destroyed the factory. Thank you so much."

"Your welcome." Katara said.

Aang was wondering if he still had his two other 'brothers'. So he asked, "Where are your other brothers?"

"I don't have other brothers. I was acting crazy from drinking the polluted water, but after two months of drinking regular water and eating regularly, I got better. I'm sorry if I annoyed you guys. My real name is Dock," explained Dock. "Do you want a ride to the village?" He pointed to the village in the Jang Hui River.

"Yes please," said Katara. After they all got in the boat, Dock began to paddle to the village in the river.

"What are you doing here, Sokka?" Piandao asked, still surprised. "And who is this?" He looked at Suki.

"This is Suki, my girlfriend and I have a lot to tell you."

Sokka told Piandao all about his adventures, how he lost his sword and boomerang, how he found them afterwards, and what they were doing there.

After Sokka finished talking, Piandao said,"Wow, you have done a lot of things since you left this place. I'm really proud of you, Sokka. You want to show me your new moves and skills, right?" Sokka nodded. "Then, lets go out to the courtyard and show me what you got."

They walked out the palace door and into the courtyard. There, Sokka showed Piandao his new moves, while Piandao showed Sokka some of his moves and gave him tips about being a swordsman.

"Why don't we go inside for something to eat?" Piandao asked after a long day of training. Sokka and Suki then nodded and started walking into the palace. "You have almost become a better swordsman than me, Sokka. Keep practicing hard and you'll be remembered as the greatest swordsman that ever lived." Piandao smiled and so did Sokka.

The gang jumped out of the boat and onto the pier. The village was looking a lot better than before. It seemed that no one was sick anymore. Everyone had smiles on their faces. Kids were playing and running around while the parents sat and talked.
Jang Hui

The gang jumped out of the boat and onto the pier. The village was looking a lot better than before. It seemed that no one was sick anymore. Everyone had smiles on their faces. Kids were playing and running around while the parents sat and talked.

"I'm glad that we helpe-"

"AHHHHHHH!" Katara was interrupted by a loud scream from the other side of the village.

"Someone's in trouble. Let's go help them," Aang said. The gang went running to where they had heard the scream, but before they could get their, they saw what the person was screaming about.

"Dai Li agents!" Katara yelled.

The Dai Li were destroying houses. Everyone in the village was running around, screaming for help.

"We have to get the Dai Li agents out of here!" Katara said.

Then the gang began to attack the Dai Li agents, not to hurt them, but to scare them so they would flee. Finally, as the last Dai Li agent left, the village was safe, but houses were destroyed.

"Don't worry, we'll rebuild your houses," Aang said to the villagers. He and Toph earthbended to make houses. They were more safe than the other houses that they had.

After all houses were rebuilt, the gang walked to the shore.

"We're ready to go. Can you take us back to the shore?" Aang asked Dock.

"Yes, of course."

The gang hoped in the boat and Dock began to paddle it to shore.

"That was boring." Mai said.

"Would prefer to stay with Appa, just waiting there all day. A least we helped people," said Katara.

The fight against the Dai Li agents had taken up the whole day. Once they got to shore, they said goodbye to Dock and then left on Appa.

"Well this day was a waste." Mai said.

Appa soared to Shu Jing.

"It seems like your friends are here, Sokka," said Piandao as he pointed out a window to Appa.

"Yeah, I got to go. Goodbye, Master Piandao," Sokka said.

"Goodbye, Sokka and remember what I told you: Keep practicing."

Sokka hugged him and then left with Suki.

"So did you guys have fun today?" Sokka asked. No one said anything.

Then Mai finally said, "No."

"To Ba Sing Se. Yip Yip." Aang said and Appa took off into the dusk sky.

"Sokka wait, you forgot-" Piandao started, but Appa had already left. "He left his map."

Then there was a knock on the door.

"Hello," Piandao said.

The person at the door pushed Piandao down and said, "Give me that map!" It was the mysterious villain. He took the map from Piandao and left the palace.

There were a lot of Dai Li agents waiting outside.

"This is what we need. This will tell us all their stops. We need this in case the plan at Ba Sing Se fails." The villain paused. "You attacked them today at Jang Hui. Why!? I didn't tell you to do that! You all keep failing at everything!" The villain paused again. Every agent was scarred stiff.

Then, the villain said, "Lets go to Ba Sing Se and give me a reason to not use this map and remember this: You all better not fail!"

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