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Two Dragons Two Suns
Who doesn't like a fire fight?
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October 12, 2012



Two Dragons Two Suns is a one-shot written by Plasmabender117 for Minnichi's Epic Art for Epic Battles contest.


(Earth Kingdom)

"General Iroh we have terrible news." an officer by the rank of private, interrupted.

"Private Tien, would you mind saving this for another day?" Iroh said with withheld aggression.

Tien prided himself on his position as one of the few men to break through the wall of Ba Sing Se, unfortunately as the battle predicted to win the war proceeded, the great generals son Lu Ten died for his country.

For a man he admired, he felt it was impossible for such a great man like Iroh to lose himself so much.

"My apologies sir, but we have an order to withdraw from the country immediately." Tien said with crushed dreams in his voice.

"Tien, I understand, we will leave tomorrow. Please no interruptions for the rest of the night though." Iroh said not turning from his spot.

"Of course sir, I'll go inform everyone immediately." Tien said exiting the tent.

What seemed like an eternity seemed to pass since that day for Iroh, he stared at the picture for as long as possible, in some way he felt that Lu Ten may come back if that had happened. The feast would be great. The aromas of fireflakes and hippocow meat on a spit roasting while the soldiers and Iroh himself would be fascinated by the story of how he fought off all those earthbenders, and still made it back in one piece.

A clank of armor came from outside, Iroh quickly turned his head.

To his dismay it was only two solders walking by.

Iroh stayed awake for as long as he could, until his eyes felt like rocks themselves. He slowly lulled into a sleep unaware of the two beings watching him.

A woman like figure in pure white dress floated like an ominous figure. "He is so sad, it makes me feel so... good." she said showing her wicked black colored eyes.

"The fact that you are getting this much joy from his pain means he is a good man. You know what that means" The recently reclusive black clothed male figure spoke with a softened tone and closed eyes.

"Yes, yes, you goodie goodie, balance, Avatar, can't interfere unless it is in best interest of the others power. Wait? Where is the young fool?" the woman figure turned.

"Frozen in a block of ice." the male figure said.

"Ha, the idiot. Wait? Weren't we suppose to do something if the it was gone for too long?" the female continued.

"Yes, he must be eliminated." the male figure said.

"So when will we pick the one? The female said.

"The sentence has been cast already, we just have to wait for the right time." the man said.

"Let's pick a smart one" the female spirit pleaded.

"Fine but remember you have to kill it before it spawns offspring." The white spirit said as he opened his eyes that held a black sclera and white coloring.

"What about him?" the female spirit pointed to Iroh.

"Let's give him what he wants." the male spirit responded.


(The Morning After)

Since Tien heard the general never left his tent since his visit. "General Iroh, I'm terribly sorry about my um ...Insensitive actions I preformed during what I am sure is a terrible time for you.

No response came from inside the tent.

Growing concerned, Tien decided to go into the tent. "General? Iroh?"


"Oh my head." Iroh said as he awoke to strange surroundings as he was in a forest.

"It's not safe." a high pitched tiny voice said.

"Excuse me? Would you mind telling me where I am?" Iroh said uncertain of his hidden company.

"It's not safe, he'll get you if you aren't careful." the voice said.

Iroh was tired, lost, and now unsure of his mental sanity couldn't help but feel distrust in the voice without a body.

"Listen I'm sure you are a good spirited person at heart, but I need to find my men. They may be worried." Iroh said with growing concern.

"You won't find them here." the voice responded.

Before Iroh could ask why to the strange voice. He heard a rustle in the shrubbery of the foggy area of the forest.

"He's here, run or you will be burned." the voice said as it grew further and further away.

Iroh was about to leave except the threat was already there.

A man with proud posture and powerful stride walked throughout the thicket.

Iroh couldn't believe it. "Son!!!" he said has he tried to run towards Lu Ten.

As he was several feet away the man kicked a line of fire at his father. Iroh countered this with a simple fire punch.

"Don't come any closer." the familiar voice boomed.

Iroh saw slight tears go down his sons face.

"I-I don't want to hurt you." Lu Ten said his face now fully reviled.

Iroh was shaken to his core no blow could be worse than this. He realized now where he was, and above that he realized his son was dead. "What happened?" Was one of the few things Iroh had choked out. "Unless you can defeat me the same thing will happen to you." Lu Ten replied as he took his stance.

"We don't have to do this." Iroh pleaded.

"Apparently we do." Lu Ten said his eyes a shimmer less grey pools of what they once were.

Lu Ten started off with two searing fire jabs coordinating first with his writing hand and his other hand. Still in the air he finished the combo with a fire arc coordinated with a mid kick.

Iroh reluctantly dodged the two blast using several evade techniques Pakku had shown him. As the hot line of burning light reached him Iroh inhaled for a second and released a weak fire breath. Instinctively Iroh countered with several fire jabs of his own. Before his body could perform the stances Iroh held several of the jabs which in turn caused the fire to come out at a less intense speed. Since the fire was slowed Lu Ten easily set up a fire sphere with the overlapping flames to burn out the already weak fire. "Why are you holding back?" Lu Ten shouted before several arm movements caused the sphere to break down with smoke the only sign of what was there.

"You already are dead son," Iroh said solemnly "I don't want to further you're pain."

After launching several fire jabs and another from his left leg Lu Ten spoke "Then don't let me hurt you or anymore people." He shot off several blasts that Iroh easily dodged.

Iroh holding back the tears if only so he could avoid the onslaught of fire blasts Lu Ten gracefully sent towards his father. "I-I can't I may be a general, but I'm not heartless." Iroh said countering as many blasts as he could. Hours could have passed since the battle started, all Iroh knew was his son's spirit was alive and fighting him.

"You're the opposite of heartless, father that is why you will stop me before I hurt anymore people." Lu Ten said smiling as he was attacking with relentless fire arcs and blasts coordinating this made Lu Ten look like he was fighting of a swarm of buzzard wasps.

To dodge as many attacks as Lu ten Seem to mechanically send forth Iroh had been lucky with the wooded surroundings and had been able to duck into shrubbery. He could not stay long due to what Lu Ten was about to warn him about.

"Father quickly set up a fire sphere." Lu Ten shouted as he made several advanced movements with no fire being released.

Iroh did not waste a single second he quickly went through the strenuous forms to make a fire sphere that would last long enough to survive Lu Ten's original technique. "Such a beautiful yet devastating technique" Iroh thought to himself inside his sphere trying to catch his breath.

While Iroh was resting Lu Ten was hard at work seeming to be trying to fire bend at the sky. After countless fire jabs without the fire emerging from his fists Lu Ten started the count. Unknowingly Lu Ten and Iroh had been in sync with the count.

"Three" They both thought.

"Two" Lu Ten Took a deep breath and held it.

"One" Iroh instantly braced himself.

Lu Ten unleashed a devastating force from himself as it seemed he was expelling a giant fire breath from his mouth into the sky. The blaze took form as a sphere when it reached as high as the clouds. The resemblance to the sun was so uncanny the average firebender would believe Sozin's comet had arrived early. The behemoth of flames stood for what seemed to be centuries for Lu Ten. Suddenly it fell. As the city sized technique fell it grew larger and larger. As the behemoth grew closer and closer it started to blast fire off into every direction. Only mere seconds lasted between the contacts of the front line of fire, and their source. What seemed like the size of a palace in between the technique and the ground caused Iroh to sweat. And within another moment it closed completely. And the wrath of a falling sun was upon the humble forest.

The initial wave of fire looked like a flood had poured out onto the landscape. Trees and weak rock were burnt to ashes from the full force, whatever be it stumps of trees, or old spirit shrines were barely there but had survived. In the middle of what was a scar on the earth. A single fire sphere dropped. Iroh inhaled barely to find the smell of smoke and ash has stained the land as well, Along with this the air was dry and thin which made it difficult to breath. As he searched for his son Iroh found a wall of fire still up, seconds later it was extinguished by Lu Ten who was even more out of breath and looked like he was going to collapse.

"Falling Sun, the ultimate firebending technique," Iroh said proud of his son and the fact he survived. "The ability to release nearly one's entire chi in one strike has its benefits."

"Nothing this powerful is without risks father. For one it eats up nearly all the air, and it exhausts reserves of Chi which can be replenished over years, and finally the friendly fire rate would be just as immense." Lu Ten said informatively, secretly diverting Iroh's attention from his hand as it grabbed ashes from the ground.

"But why make such a poor choice, why loose all your strength?" Iroh said with curiosity.

"So you could stop me." Lu Ten said as he threw the black ash into Iroh's eyes Blinded by pain and ash Iroh let out several Fire jabs towards the direction of where Lu Ten was.

Suddenly an unbearable pain overcame the one in his eyes as Iroh's left ankle was surrounded by a fire whip.

"Why resort to such insulting methods." Iroh asked in disappointment in his son.

"I could say the same, you were holding back." Lu Ten said from many angels. "You need to stop holding back, stop looking at me as a boy, and fight me in my last battle as a man."

After hearing such harsh truths Iroh felt great shame upon himself. Yet something was rekindled, Iroh felt adrenalin rush then he realized he wasn't fighting against his son, he was fighting with him, Lu Ten wasn't being controlled, he wanted one last fight with his father. Iroh with great pain opened new passionate eyes upon a brighter world.

"So will you give me one last honor?" Iroh heard from behind. The general sidestepped a point blank fire jab, and then unloaded a jab of his own into his sons upper chest without the fire.

As he flew back for a second Lu Ten almost said, "Still going sof-" He was interrupted by a delayed fire blast that made him propel back even further. As he tumbled and rolled Lu Ten felt the toll everything had taken from him. As he got back up Lu Ten closed his fists making fire daggers, Iroh did the same with his a bit longer.

Lu Ten came running towards Iroh making swift slashes towards Iroh's upper right arm and torso.

Iroh being well trained in the ability to dodge had no trouble due to Lu Ten's sloppy movements and inexperience in the art of the blade. As he dodged the torso slash Iroh saw an opening and thrusted this fire dagger into Lu Ten's right shoulder blade.

Unexpectedly Lu Ten grabbed Iroh's arm and cut into his side with the other fire dagger.

To avoid any further damage Iroh quickly separated himself and Lu Ten with quite a distance.

"Let's end this now Dad." Lu Ten said in a soft tone.

After hearing the word Dad come from Lu Ten Iroh felt as if a burden had been lifted.

Lu Ten made circular motions that represent the separation of Yin and Yang chi in his body. After two curves Lu Ten released the raw destructive force of Lightning. Iroh had prepared himself to face many with his new technique, to release upon. Out of anyone to first witness it he was glad it was his own son. He faced his left hand faced towards the lightning; Iroh absorbed the whole bolt. The raw destructive force made Iroh tremble a little, yet without hesitation he let it flow though his body and released it at his son.

In his last few moments on his feet Lu Ten, respectfully bowed to his teacher, idol, role model, and most important of all, his Father. With tears on his face the lightning hit him directly in the chest and Lu Ten started to fall defeated.

Iroh quickly bowed back proud of his son more than anything else. After he bowed Iroh ran to Lu Ten's side.

Landing on his back Lu Ten looked as if he was lounging in the middle of a burned down forest. "Dad," He began.

Iroh got closer to listen.

"This war needs to end; I know that you can help stop this. There is word in the Spirit World that it will return soon." Lu Ten continued

"Who?" Iroh asked.

"The Avatar, We all need you to change the mind of our king; Guide him in the right direction." Lu Ten continued

"Ozai is far from stopping this war." Iroh responded.

"Not, him Zuko." Lu Ten corrected.

"Zuko?!?" Iroh said in shock.

"If you guide Zuko on to his own path I am sure he will end this war when he is Firelord. And dad, thank you." Lu Ten finished as he faded away and the summer solstice ended.

Iroh was speechless at what had happened to him, he was bruised, wounded, tired, and somehow somewhat at peace.

All Iroh did was lay back and rest his head, his last tear shed that day was at the thought of Lu Ten's favorite lullaby.

"Leaves from the vine."



  • The Reason the Falling Sun technique grew bigger was because like anything else it was burning up in part of the atmosphere.
  • The smaller fireballs the Falling Sun Technique releases are due to the friction it causes by falling in part of the atmosphere

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