By Ianbernard Part of the Chronicles of Ian continuity.
Fanon- Jaime
Twinkle Times
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Northern Water Tribe


Water Tribe Money



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Chronicles of Ian

Twinkle Times

Twinkle Times, you hear about it in Chronicles of Ian. It is a spirit shop owned by Jaime, a local woman of the Northern Water Tribe. Here she sells candles, crystals, pendulums, herbs, and other higher self purchasable.

Jaime restocks her stores by traveling across the city to a small, mystical shopping district called, The Strip In the shop, Jaime has a magical item, that places a replica of her store into the Spirit World. She uses this connection as a gateway for Aang to get advise from her in the Spirit World.

In the series, Chronicles of Ian, Jaime opens the top floor of the shop to Team Avatar to use as their headquarters of the Northern Water Tribe.

Chronicles of Ian
Healing hut

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