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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Emblem of the Outlaw.

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Fire Nation


Late Thirties/Early Forties

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New New Team Avatar, the Order of the White Lotus


Anying Jiaoben, the Police

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Order of the White Lotus

Tuzo is Ai Shi's father, an arrested pro-bender and member of the Order of the White Lotus. He first appears in Book Three, being imprisoned alongside Haneul, however he is mentioned in a flashback in Book Two. It is shown that he is good friends with Meelo, as they are both high-ranking members of O.W.L.


Tuzo is a "dorky old man". Illustrated in his comical signature, which includes an illustration of himself giving the peace sign, he has little self-consciousness and is quite willing to show his humorous nature on a public level. However, he also cares very deeply for his daughter, and has said that he only wants to see her again. On her thirteenth birthday, when Tuzo was captured, he gave her a bracelet, which she still holds dear to her. Though in his final battle, it is shown that he also has a quick temper and is easily irritated. He and Meelo often joke to each other about their age, calling each other and "old man" in jest.


Master Firebender

An extremely proficient Firebender, it is remarked that he was considered/praised as the most powerful Firebender in the world before bending was illegal. His fighting prowess is first (and only) illustrated in his battle with Sumi, where he could quickly use his flames as a propelling device--functioning in a manner similar to a jet pack--while also being able to quickly change to an attack, as well as having some powerful other Firebending techniques.


In the resolution of his battle with Sumi, it is shown that Tuzo has a high-degree of athleticism in his ability to overpower his opponent without relying on or using his bending at all.


Tuzo Signature

Tuzo's Signature

  • Tuzo's name was coined by EotO's editor, StaticKatu, in her description of Ai Shi's history (the bracelet story as well as Ai Shi's entire back story was also created by Katu)
  • The characters for Tuzo's name (兔之哦, Tù zhī ó) translates to mean "Rabbit!" or "Oh rabbit!"
  • Tuzo's dorkiness is partially based upon Kaburagi T. Kotetsu from Tiger & Bunny
  • And Tuzo's signature is based on my grandpa's signature who, yes, draws a little picture of himself after his name either smiling or giving a little peace-sign.

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