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"Turning" is the third chapter of Anti-Avatar.


The Agni Kai between Zuko and Azula comes to a close. After receiving the horrifying news from Aang, Katara and Sokka go with him and head to the Fire Nation. As many people sign up to help build the new city, Toph reunites with Haru.


  • Momo
  • Haru


Agni Kai Ending

Engaging in aerial melee, the siblings engulfed their fists with flames of a winning determination. The fists collide and an explosion occurred. They both fell and struggled to rise from the ground. Zuko and Azula rush to each other and attack each other with a barrage of punches, kicks, and fire attacks that is blocked, intercepted, and dodged. They both back up from each other and breathe heavily.

"This is getting dull. Let's end this once and for all." - Azula

"That makes two of us." - Zuko

Azula generates lighting and shoots it at Zuko. Watching from the sidelines, Iroh grunts in worry and Yaiba chuckles happily. Zuko extends his arm, grabs the lighting with his right hand, and redirects it with his left. Azula quickly shoots lighting with her other hand and the two "flames" collide. Zuko and Azula struggles to get their lightings to hit the other, They augment the lightings by joining both of their hands together.

"Give it up, sis. You can't win." - Zuko

"Not until you're dead for good. Then, me and father will rule the world together." - Azula

"He'll throw you like he did to me. He only cares about himself and power."



The lightings augmented once more. Each one is still pressing against the other.

"AZULA!!" - Zuko

"ZUKO!!" - Azula

"UURRRAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!" - Zuko & Azula

Another explosion occurred.

"Zuko!!" - Iroh

The Trio Reunion

"Oh no! This could mean trouble." - Katara

"Who could be powerful enough to free him?" - Sokka

"I don't wanna know who did it, but, I don't want nothing to happen so let's find him before something bad happens." - Aang

"How can anything happen if Aang drained his powers?" - Sokka

"Because if he is weak, someone had to free him!! This could start another war!!" - Katara

"She's right! Come on, guys!!" - Aang

Aang grabs his staff and blows on his bison whistle. Appa appears before him.

"Momo!!" - Aang

Momo swoops and lands to his shoulder. Everyone runs and gets on Appa's back.

"Wait, before we go." - Sokka

"Yes?" - Aang

"Two things: First, me, Toph, Teo, and The Mechanist are building a new city. It will require all the people of the Four Nations. Do you approve with this?" - Sokka

"Yes. Great idea, Sokka."

"Okay. And since the three of us are here, does that mean Team Avatar is back?"


"Reminds the of the time we first met you." - Katara

Everyone smiles.

Aang in the iceberg

Aang and Appa's Awakening

"Ready?" - Aang

"Ready!" - Sokka & Katara

"All right! Appa, yip yip! To the Fire Nation" - Aang

Appa roars and soars into the sky.

Another Surprising Reunion

"All right, people!! Single file, one at a time! You will get your chance to help with the new city!" - The Mechanist

People from all over the world are zealous to help out for the construction of the new city. The Mechanist and Teo are busy by handing out registration fliers. Meanwhile, Toph is running through town trying to find Sokka.

"Ugh. Where's Sokka?" - Toph

Toph uses sesmic sense to find. Nothing. But she found Teo.

Toph's seismic sense

Where is Sokka?

"Teo!" - Toph

"Yeah?" - Teo

"Do you know where Sokka is?" - Toph

"Nope. I think he might have left. Maybe you should ask my dad. He might know." - Teo

Toph pants as she runs to the Mechanist. She bumps into a person.

"Ow!" - Toph

"(Gasps) Toph, are you okay?" - Person

"Wait a sec, is that-- (Gasps) Haru!!" - Toph

She hugs Haru.

"Glad to see you. What are you doing?" - Haru

"I could ask you the same." - Toph

"News of this new city went by fast in Kyoshi Island." - Haru

"How is the training?" - Toph

"Very well. The Warriors are almost master earthbenders."

"You better not have a crush on one of them!"

"I don't! I only have feelings for you."

Toph smiles.

"Why are you here?" - Haru

"I'm helping Sokka, but, I can't find him." - Toph

"I did see him in Omashu, but, he left with Katara to visit Aang."

Appa roars. Haru and Toph look up in the sky and see him. Appa descends.

"Aang! Katara! There you are, Sokka! I've been looking all over for you. Leaving us here to do all the work!" - Toph

"Okay, but that doesn't matter. We gotta go to the Fire Nation, quick!" - Aang


"Ozai is free from prison!"

"How can he be free from prison? He's not that powerful to free himself."

"That's what I said to him." - Sokka

"Sorry, Aang. But I got a real responibility here."

As Toph walks away....

"I'm coming with you." - Haru

Toph is surprised by this!

"You helped me once, now it's my turn to help you." - Haru

"All right." - Sokka, Katara, and Aang

"Are you coming, Toph?"

Toph walks away.

"Toph..." - Haru

"Leave her. She'll come back." - Katara

"To the Fire Nation. Yip yip." - Aang

Appa takes off and heads to the Fire Nation.


The smoke cleared and both fighters are down. Iroh rushes to the knocked out Zuko and tries to wake him up.

"Zuko, wake up!" - Iroh

No response. He places Zuko's body adjacent to wall. He grabs Azula's body and takes it to the prison. Two guards waiting outside.

"Thanks. We'll take care of her from here." - Guard

"Okay." - Iroh

As he was about to give Azula away...

"Iroh!! Don't do it!"

He turns around and sees Mai and again and sees one of the guards about to attack him!! He quickly dodges and backs up.

"They aren't guards. It's Yaiba and Ozai!" - Mai

"Correct." - Yaiba

They take off the guard uniforms.

"Ugh. I never thought that I would have to wear such lowly and disgusting outfits. Ozai, get behind me!" - Yaiba

Ozai gets behind Yaiba. Iroh gives Azula to Mai. Iroh uses Breath of Fire at them. Yaiba blocks it. He makes two fire whips and strikes at Iroh and Mai. As they dodge, Mai throws 3 shurikens at Yaiba. He grabs them all with his right hand.

"Return fire!" - Yaiba

He engulfed the weapons in flames and throws it back at Mai. She dodges the weapons but her dress got burned a little bit.

"Great. One of my best dresses." - Mai

Iroh & Yaiba bend a wave a fire at each other. The flames collide.

"Not bad, Dragon of the West. But I have some power myself!" - Yaiba

He augments his fire. This shocks Iroh! He also augments his fire! Then, people are screaming.

"Well, that's my cue." - Yaiba

He stops his flames and jumps, avoiding Iroh's fire. He throws a big fireball at Mai and Iroh. They dodge the fireball.

"Wish I can stay to play with you for a little bit, but, we got our hands full." - Yaiba

Ozai appears at his side, holding Azula!

"What?!" - Iroh

"How did he-?" - Mai

Prisoners come out of the prison and charge at Mai and Iroh.

"See you later. (Laughs)" - Yaiba

Yaiba and Ozai flee.

"Stop! (Growls) Come on, I take you all on! Let's go, Mai!" - Iroh

"All right!" - Mai

The Prisoners and Mai & Iroh yell as they charge at each other.

(To be finished....)

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