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May 21, 2010

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Omashu Attacked Part 1

Turbulence is the twenty ninth chapter of Avatar: Guardian.


As Team Avatar heads to Omashu, they encounter some turbulence.


Appa soars north, headed to a large city on a mountain. "Come on Appa... Bumi's gonna need our help" Toph mutters to the bison. Appa replies with a small roar and speeds up.

"Everything's gonna be fine Toph, there's no way anything will go wrong. We'll just soar into Omashu then put the smack-down on the Dai Li when they show up. No problems..." Sokka begins. He is interrupted by a large rock passing by his face. Appa begins swerving, as more rocks emerge from below.

"What's happening?" Toph screams while clinging to Appa's saddle. Aang begins knocking the boulders away from Appa when Sokka comes up with an idea.

"They might think we're bad guys! The Phoenix guys have probably attacked, making people think that it's a Fire Nation attack! They might think we're an airship!"

"We need to go down lower, so they know its us!" Zuko adds, and Aang obliges.

Appa flies lower, and the guards begin sending up more boulders. "What's wrong with you guys?" Sokka yells down at the guards, who reply with a boulder aimed towards his head. "HEY!"

"I'm gonna try to find out what's with them!" Aang says the group while picking up his staff. Aang unfolds it and soars off of Appa towards the soldiers who are attacking him. He dodges boulders and eventually lands on the ground. The soldiers begin attacking him rather than Appa.

"Cease and desist Avatar!" One guard yells at Aang.

"Fine." Aang drops his staff in front of him and puts his hands up. "What are you guys doing?"

"Our orders!" The captain of the group raises his arms and covers Aang in a rock sheet.

"What are those orders?"

"Attack and arrest anyone who tries to enter Omashu from the air. That would be you." the captain replies. "Men! Resume attacking the bison!"

Aang is shocked. He quickly breaks out of the sheet imprisoning him and picks up his staff. The soldiers raise a boulder and send it up in the air, only to have it crushed by another boulder sent from Aang. He blows the guards away with his staff and flies up. An agent shoots a rock behind him and knocks him down. When he hits the ground, he is caught in the earth. "Who sent these orders?" Aang asks the captain. The captain ignores him and sends another attack at Appa. Aang breaks free from the earth and knocks the captain down with an air jet. "Who?"

"The sergeant at the base outside the city." As the captain finishes, Appa lands and Team Avatar emerges. Toph is glad to be on the ground, but wastes no time in attacking. She attacks many guards who rush over to help their captain, but they never reach him. Her torrent of land knocks them all onto the ground and encases them in earth.

"Now stay!" Sokka says jokingly as he sees this.

Katara knocks another guard down with a water whip and throws one away from behind Aang as Zuko defeats his few guards.

"That's all of them?" Sokka asks, as all the guards are defeated.

"This isn't the palace in Ba Sing Se Sokka" Katara tells him. "There are probably more spread out."

"Great." Sokka says as he gets on Appa, followed by the rest. Appa flies around the mountain, coming across the base.

"That's the base!" Zuko says as another boulder nears his head.

"Wait here! I'll distract them so you can get down." Aang declares, getting his glider out again. He flies down in between the boulders and knocks the guards away upon impacting on the ground.

Aang distracts the guards with a few fire blasts, until one comes from the sky. Zuko is propelling himself at the guards, and stops himself before he hits the ground. "I didn't have to wait."

As the guards begin attacking the pair, Appa lands and blows a few guards away with his tail. Toph sends the few guards that come out of the base to either side of the door and the team runs into the base. The team runs through the halls, seeing different holes and dents in the walls. Boulders are scattered throughout the halls, and Aang just knocks them all aside. The team comes across a room with an earthen door, which Toph quickly knocks down.

The man in the room is scared, wrapped in metal chains and in the corner of the room. Katara runs over to him and unwraps the chains and helps the man up. "What happened to you?"

"My base was attacked, and we were all defeated. We're used to fighting against Firebenders... These Earthbenders just took us by surprise."

"Why did you order an attack on us?" Sokka asks demandingly.

"I never did. After I was defeated, their leader entered. He took my order forms and wrote a new order. He must have had knowledge of royal signs, as there's no other way that he would have had the ability to produce a legitimate order."

Crash in Omashu

Aang sees smoke coming from Omashu

"Long Feng. He has that kind of knowledge; he ran Ba Sing Se for years. He would know about all sorts of seals." Aang recalls.

"He said that Omashu would fall. With the ease that he took out our base, it might happen. You need to save the city! Please Avatar!" the commander says.

"I know. I will. Let's go guys!" Aang says while running out of the room, followed by the rest of the group. Aang exits the base first, and hops onto the top. "No..." he quietly says to himself as he sees the smoke coming from Omashu. "Guys... We're going to need to split up. Appa! Yip-Yip"

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