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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.

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Book 2: Water Chapter 5: The Golden Claw

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Book 2: Water Chapter 5: The Golden Claw

Tuoba is a minor character in the fanon, Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. Tuoba is one of the pirates of Captain Sao Feng's crew.


Tuoba, is one of the few pirates in Captain Sao Feng's crew. Tuoba, really has no importance to the pirate crew. He's a low life, deck swabber who's ansy for treasure, and is easily scared.

Tuoba, is afraid of Captain Sao Feng, and sometimes is a buttkisser with the captain. He spends most of his days swabbing the deck of the ship, and does nothing other than just that.

Tuoba, became a temporary importance to Sao Feng, when he had overheard the conversation between Rong Yan, his friends and the merchant. Captain Sao Feng, noted that Tuoba was finally useful for something.

When they headed out to sea, down the river and towards the cavern that was drawn out on the map of Sao Feng's ancestors. Within the cavern, he was the first to discover the Golden Claw and grab hold of the artifact.

The captain then finally grew to like him, as they ran back towards the ship, Tuoba had tripped on something which dropped the claw out of his reach and into the hands of Tanaraq.

After the battle that broke out between the pirates and the Avatar and his friends, the pirates left empty handed. When the night sky was falling, Sao Feng threw a rage, and had Tuoba walk the plank for his stupidity and cowardice.

It is unknown whether Tuoba swam back to shore, or whether something ate him or he drowned in the bay of Han Tui.


Tuoba, was born a non-bender, other than the typical pirate he was somewhat skilled in thievery and knew how to use a cutlass. Though due to his huge cowardice, he never used his weapon to defend himself rather he would flee the scene with the item(s) or not.



  • Tuoba is Chinese for "swabber".
  • Tuoba is alike Oh only he's a coward.

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