By The Snowbold Part of the The Journey of Tala continuity.
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Foggy Swamp Tribe

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The Swamp


The Banyan Grove Tree

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Bending, Plants

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Waterbending, Plantbending




Fire Nation

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Foggy Swamp Tribe

Tuo is one of the leaders of the Foggy Swamp Tribe as of 317 AG. He was the first to sense something wrong in the Swamp. He was the first to disappear in what would become a systematic hunt for the swamp tribe.


Tuo is a master plantbender from the Swamp. An intensely spiritual person, he felt the disturbances in the Swamp around 318 AG. These disturbances formed into physical effects on the swamp. It became a much darker place and even more hostile than before. Tuo and the tribe failed to find what was the cause, but couldn't. Things became so bad that the roots of the Banyan Grove Tree became hostile to even the swamp tribe.

The tribe began to think that they would have to accustom themselves to this new change. Tuo continued looking on his own but disappeared leaving the tribe fearful. Their searches failed and soon others began disappearing as well. Half a year later, they first saw the captors, the Sea Dragons of the Fire Nation.

Two years after the events that turned the Swamp, Tuo and fellow prisoners were freed by a small contingent of Waterbenders from the South Pole and White Lotus led by the Avatar and her master, Ralyn. Tuo helped sabotage the underwater base that was not only his prison but a drill that was destroying the Banyan Grove Tree. They arrived to see Alov fighting the Avatar and was generating lightning when Tuo bloodbent him back.


Swamp monster

Tuo is a powerful master of plantbending.

Tuo is an incredibly powerful waterbender and is highly skilled in plantbending. He was powerful enough that after successfully capturing him, they couldn't risk transferring him.


  • Like Hue, he is a master waterbender with skill in plantbending, and is spiritual; however, he does not share the same views of illusionary life.
  • Tuo was incredibly powerful, Ralyn speculates he can bloodbend on more than just the full moon.

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