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Tum Guon
Biographical information

United Republic of Nations


Earth Kingdom, Northern Water Tribe

Birth place

Republic City



  • 51 by 174 AG
  • 105 at death

123 AG


228 AG


Yungyen (as the leader of Laobao)

Physical description


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Earth, metal, Glass

Bending style(s)

Earthbending, metalbending, sandbending, glassbending


Ikyina, Dyonu, Gouru, Yighua, Qing Tam, Yungyen, Tonnuk, citizens of Laobao, several sandbender tribes ...


Tonzuk, Triple Threat Triad

Chronological and political information
  • Policeman (formerly)
  • Earthbending teacher
  • Glassbending teacher
  • Inventor of Glassbending
  • Earthbending master
  • Metalbending master
  • Glassbending master
  • Leader of Laobao
  • Metalbending Police Force
  • Sandbender tribes
First appearance

Days of Laobao

Tum Guon was the founder and leader of Laobao and a former member of the Metalbending Police Department of Republic City. He was known as the inventor of Glassbending as he was the first to develop and perfect the skill from ancient sandbenders.

Though he meant well and was a fantastic husband and father, he was willing to do anything to protect his home and his people, going as far as leaving several of Kuvira's soldiers out in the middle of the desert to die.

The founder and leader of a slowly growing society, he did his best to gain allies from sandbenders and earthbenders beyond the Si Wong Desert


Early life

Tum Guon was born in 123 AG, the son of an Tun Teng, a woman from the Earth Kingdom and Tonnuk, a man from the Northern Water Tribe. He had one sister, Su Tiam, who also became a member of the Metalbending Police Force like him. While dispatched to a robbery taking place by Triple Threat Triads following the death of Avatar Aang in 154 AG, Tum Guon was able to save several unconscious civilians, who were about to be hit with falling glass, keeping it steady long enough for the other Police to arrive. He was able to keep his friends quiet about his new found ability with glass.

A few years later, he left Republic City, travelling to Senlin Village and later travelling all the way to Si Wong Desert. There, he began practicing his glassbending and how to make it from the surrounding desert sand. He founded a small town named Laobao, where he began a new society with several sandbender tribes.

He later married a sandbender named Ikyina and has two daughters and two sons who all learned glassbending like him. Tum Guon never forgot about his parents and his sister back in Republic City, planning on going back to the city one day.

Insurrection of Laobao

sometime in 74 AG, the city was visited by members of Kuvira's army, on a scouting mission through the Si Wong Desert to recruit sandbenders for the promise of wealth. The stumbled across Laobao and promised them power over all the sandbender tribes if they looked to Kuvira as their leader. When Tum Guon refused, the visitors went ahead and threatened the city with destruction if they did not comply. Outraged, Tum Guon had them taken into the middle of the desert without any food or water, and left them to die. Arguing with his wife about his decision, he admitted it was not a merciful way to handle things, but he would always protect his family and his home one way or another.

Battle of Laobao

When a sandbender army attempted to take Laobao in 206 AG, Tum Guon allowed the Yungyen, the captain of his guard, to lead the defence of the city. He and his family fought alongside the other guards and citizens.

They won an impressive victory over the sandbenders, allowing half of the remaining army to live in the city.


Tum Guon died at the age of 105 in 228 AG. In the middle of the city stands a statue of him. He was succeeded by Yungyen.


Tum Guon was uncompromising, strong and a great leader for his people. While generous and kind to strangers and his own people and loving towards his family, he is willing to do whatever it takes to protect them, even leaving his enemies in the Si Wong Desert to die. Believing in treating people fairly given the circumstances of where Laobao is located, they are given to equal amount of things and he doesn't give people any special treatment.

Tum Guon had little qualms with fighting people, taking whatever opportunity he had to practise his bending skills.



Tum Guon was a master earthbender. Like all earthbenders, Tum Guon was proficient in the Hung Gar, with a perfect footing that let him display a strong offense and defense in a fight. At a young age he was already able to manipulate earth, and leaned how to use it to control dust and soil while he was causing mischief.


Tum Guon had mastered metalbending soon after mastering earthbending. He was skilled enough in the art to be employed in the Metalbending Police Force in Republic City. He did manage to master the art before leaving the Police force. He even admitted in his later years that he forgot how to use metalbending since he had been teaching glassbending for many decades.


Learning how to create and bend glass in Si Wong desert, Tum Guon also learned to bend sand. He was still able to win over many sandbenders in his later years.


Main article: Glassbending

Tum Guon discovered the ability to manipulate glass while a policeman in Republic City. Travelling through the Si Wong Desert, he learned how to heat sand into glass, and continued his training, teaching himself to master the art. by the age of 51 he had already been a glassbending master for at least a decade, teaching his family and many of Laobao's residents how to do it.

Despite all his training, he learned the dangerous side of Glassbending the hard way, leaving his with many small cuts on his arms and legs. Tum Guon would later teach the skill to his children and all the earthbenders living in Laobao.

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