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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.

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Water Tribe


5 <small<(Beginning of Chapter 6)</small>, 12(Middle of Chapter 6), 17 (End of Chapter 6/Death)

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Water Tribe, Admiral Palartok, Chieftess Akitla


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Northern Water Tribe

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Book 3: Chapter 6: Memories of an Admiral

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Book 3: Chapter 6: Memories of an Admiral

Tukkutok is the deceased son of Admiral Palartok, who died during the first few raids that had been done on the Northern Water Tribe when General Choyun of the Omashu province assassinated Chieftess Akitla to spark the war. He is also a minor character in Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.


After having a son, with a woman who abandoned him and the newborn he raised the boy on his own. When the raids first came he and his son Tukkutok were out hunting. When they arrived they found some buildings damaged but the earthbenders never made it past the main wall that protected the city so they retreated.

Days or weeks later, they returned with a much bigger group and laid waste to whatever streets while they awaited for the commanding general of the Omashu province to get the job done. Palartok awoke to fighting and screaming seeing that Tukkutok wasn't in his bed. Fighting off some soldiers he ran to the palace when he began to see the Earth Kingdom forces retreating.

Seeing the corpse of his son near the palace courtyard was devastating to Palartok that he screamed to the top of his lungs. After doing the ceremony Palartok stayed home all the time, it was months later that he vowed to join the army once again and fight the Omashu province to its very end.

When Omashu pulled out of the war, Palartok abandoned his outpost and fled meeting Senlin a fresh general who was committing acts of treason. Joining him and his cause to overthrow the Earth King and usurp his throne along the way of assassinating the Avatar over jealousy.

Day of Remembrance

It was somewhere in the spring of 656 BG that Palartok was celebrating the death of his son in remembrance. Receiving flashbacks and all sorts of memories of his son did he start to remember his true motivations of rejoining the war.

After walking out in the morning on his friends he went far into the woods to build a small shrine for his son. Pleading Tukkutok to forgive him for all the war crimes he had been an accomplice to. He had a change of heart that morning, growing apart from his friends he leaves them after they depart from Omashu.


Tukkutok was born a waterbender just like his father Palartok, his teacher was Palartok and around the age of 17 Tukkutok seemed to have known most of it. He used his bending abilities during the hunt for the polar leopard that he and Palartok hunted and returned with to the city.

It might have been possible that he used waterbending when he was fighting off some Earth Kingdom troops before being killed and left dead in the palace courtyard.




  • Tukkutok means "generous" in Inuit. Since he was a determined and generous boy.
  • I actually retconned and rewrote Palartok's past, having a reason to join the war in the first place and then rejoining it later.

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