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This article is a fanon page about Tui and La. For the canon articles in regards to the Moon and Ocean Spirit, see Tui and La.
Tui and La
Tui and La
Biographical information
Birth place

Spirit World


Northern Water Tribe

Physical description

Male (La), female (Tui)

Skin color

Black with white spot (La), white with black spot (Tui)

Personal information

Water Tribe, Mizuomo


Fire Nation

Chronological and political information
First appearance

"(A:TR) Ep.17: North Pole"

Last appearance

"(A:TR) Ep.20: Burning Snow PT2"

Tui and La are two coinciding spirits representing the moon and the ocean respectively. Both spirits also show the symbol for Yin and Yang, the balance between good and evil.


Tui and La used to live in the Spirit World many years ago, like most other spirits. But after witnessing the struggles among the people at the North and South Poles, they both decided to take it upon themselves to travel to the physical world, taking on the job as the Moon and Ocean Spirits. This travel also turned their physical form into two koi fish, which circle each other for all time since arrival. Due to their effects, they became the teachers of the first waterbenders, whether intentional or not, and have ever since resided at the North Pole oasis, being there when they first arrived.

Book 1: Water

Zuko told the legend to his crew as he planned on using them to get the Avatar. Zuko also stated that if either one of them was killed, the imbalance of the death to either individual would effect the entire world.

They officially appeared when Team Avatar visited the Spirit Oasis. They both continued their circling pattern as the Northern Water Tribe was attacked. However, Tui ended up captured by Zuko, temporarily removing the balance. But La's vengeance turned to Raiu as it actually ate Tui in front of him. Angered, it fused with Katara to summon Mizuomo and eventually got revenge, driving out the Fire Nation in the process. Tui and La reunited once more and returned to the Spirit Oasis, balance now restored.


Spiritual abilities

Tui and La both have a powerful ability to effect the moon and ocean; Tui is able to control the moon, as to "push" the water, while La is in control of the ocean itself, as to "pull" the water, thus creating the waves.


If either one of them is able to connect with a powerful being, this will result in the summoning of Mizuomo, a water spirit that can only be summoned to the physical world in this manor.

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