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Tu Zin
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The Democratic Earth Nation



  • The Earth Monarch (formerly)
  • The Gaoma Family
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"To Republic City"

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Map of Earth
Tu Zin is a small state in the Southern Democratic Earth Nation. It is most notable for once holding one of the biggest Future Industries factories in the DEN. After the failure of the factory, the rich Gaoma Family bought it out and now rule over the area.


The town of Tu Zin was created after the discovery of rare metals there. Many Earthbenders came to see the beautiful area and mine for metals in Tu Zin until there was nothing left and people began to leave. The town of Tu Zin quickly became a ghost town and wasn't visited by anyone for many years.

During the Hundred Year War, Avatar Aang fled to Tu Zin in order to keep away from the evil Azula. Azula managed to find Aang there, but he fortunately was saved by his friends and managed to make it out safely without being harmed by the Fire Nation Princess. A few years later, the Gaoma Family moved to Tu Zin because it was quiet and there was no one there to bother them.

In 175 AG, Asami Sato, after returning from a trip to the Spirit World with her friend, Korra, decided that this would be a good place to build a new factory after discovering a new cave full of diamonds and other precious gems and metals. Many citizens of the Earth Kingdom who had lost their jobs when the Earth Empire fell decided to work in this new factory and help Ms. Sato to finish designing specialized war machines that would prevent an event similar to what happened in Republic City. When the Gaoma Family learned of Future Industries' new factory in "their" town, they decided to put an end to Ms. Sato's plans and started paying the workers to act up and cause disorder.

The Gaomas soon got what they wanted, the end of Future Industries' involvement in their town. The Gaomas had not won yet though, for the new factory had brought many new citizens to the growing city. So the spoiled family decided to put many of the commoners to work and reopened the factory. After about two years, President Wu visited the now thriving city and told the Gaoma Family about his plan to turn the Earth Kingdom into a Constitutional-Monarchy. The Gaomas agreed and became the leaders of the state of Tu Zin.


  • Puren, one of the members of Team Avatar, was born and raised in this state.

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