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Tsuzuki is the only adult member of Team Trickster and unfortunately the least intelligent of the group. Tsuzuki is easily distracted by things such as food due to a large appetite resulting in him being caught by the villainous Washizu using food as bait multiple times. Despite His lack of intelligence and large appetite, Tsuzuki has a big heart and is willing to put his life on the line for any of his young friends.


Tsuzuki was born to a lower-class family. As a young man he was caught for stealing bread and sentenced to nineteen years of prison. Once Tsuzuki was out of prison, he had taken up fishing which is how he ended up meeting Taketoki. One day while fishing, Tsuzuki had fallen asleep. That is when Taketoki, his friend Miki and cousin Kuniharu came upon him. Taketoki decided to make sport out of Tsuzuki, so he stole Tsuzuki's lunch and upon finding a fish pulling on the hook, brought up the fishing pole and placed the fish on Tsuzuki's lap. It woke Tsuzuki up and enjoying a good joke, became good friends with Taketoki and his band.

When the group came to causing trouble for Washizu, Tsuzuki became the look out so no one would see them preparing their tricks. Sometimes his appetite got in the way but he was always a big help.

Plays have ended up portraying Tsuzuki as the comedy relief. Sometime during the reign of Fire Lord Azulon, Tsuzuki's appetite was made a joke out of, by having him be big and fat.

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Tsuzuki was a person with a big heart. Besides having a big appetite, he also had a big heart and would help any poor soul he came across.

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