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月野 Tsuki-Ino
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Earth Kingdom

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Flowers, wood

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  • Former Princess of the Flower nation
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Fanon:Ayane (Avatar Legends: Ayane)

Tsuki-Ino is a flowerbender, a new nation and bending classification. She is soft and shy. Her father is the new leader of the Lotus Flower group. She is quick to join and teach Ayane on her course. At the request of her father, Tsuki-Ino is an exiled princess.



As a child, Tsuki-Ino has been shy and quite and bended whenever her father told her to. She was trained as a master after 16 years. When Ayane comes to the Flower Nation, Tsuki-Ino, finally, stands up for herself against her father's wishes. She and Ayane are the first two of Team Ayane.



Tsuki-Ino can create, control, shape and manipulate plants, including wood, vines, plants, fruits and flowers, even moss and fungus. She can use their power for transport, they could create a bridge of leaves, levitating the leaves and making them stay there or stick together to form bridges or constructs, shape the trees or even 'surf' using the grass. She can use their power for defense and support by growing plants from the ground and make them sprout seeds/fruits/berries, or even to possibly use plant chemicals to heal people or objects or manipulate their properties for a wide range of effects. Tsuki-Ino has the power to generate and manipulate flowers. With this power, all she has to do to obtain florakinesis is to touch a plant of your choice and concentrate. You can control any plants that you have touched. Also, if Tsuki-Ino concentrates and touches soil, she can cause a plant of your choosing to grow.


Tsuki-Ino is sweet, shy, genuine, calm, and loves any plants of all kinds, she likes to experiment on them and enjoys making tea. She is strongly connected to nature and loves helping people. She can be very sensitive and always wants the best for her friends and everyone around. She also loves peace, happiness, and tranquility. Although she tries to hide her true feelings, her friends help and encourage her to share all her ideas with everyone. At times, she does not know how to express herself, because she does not want to start fights. She is a diligent student at Alfea and is cautious of her actions. Although she can be quite insecure, her friends boost her self-esteem.

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