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Author's Note

Well, that wasn't that long of a wait. Please reveiw on the talk page.


Trust issues start to from between the Gaang and Viola.


"What happened after that? Can you tell us?" I urged.

Viola stopped her story for a moment and for the first time since I meet her, a genuine smile crossed her face.

"He came back for me," But just as quickly as it came, her smile vanished. "But Manchee was killed in the process." She pointed at Aang. "You know that apparently. After that we were here, and I can't tell you about that yet, because I don't know myself." She stood up, and I noticed that her face was swollen. "If you don't think you can trust me after that, then I'll take Todd and go." She turned around and walked back to the boat she came in. We watched Viola go and turned back to each other.

"I think we're supposed to be making a decision right now." Toph said, biting on her nails. I smacked her hand away and looked back at Viola. She was feeling the bottom of the boat and came up with-

Was that a knife?

I turned my back on her and looked at Toph and Aang. They looked indecisive at best.

"So what are we gonna do?"

"I don't know. Roku did give me the vision of Todd and Viola for a reason. But he also said to beware of an evil that couldn't be imagined. I don't think it's them, but they could be the ones bringing the evil to us. And did you hear her story? How do we know she's not- you know..."

"Not what?" I said, crossing my arms.

"Crazy. Insane. Loco." Toph said without looking up.

"Aang, this isn't like you. Normally you're so trusting of strangers. What's different about this time?" My voice started steadily rising. He started making slashing motions with his hand and pointing with his finger at the boat. I looked back and Viola was looking at the knife in her hands. It didn't look like she heard us, but you can never tell.

But she was looking at that knife like it was her worst enemy.

I turned back and Aang said, "She may be crazy, or lying-"

"She wasn't lying," Toph said. We both looked at her simultaneously. She looked at us with unseeing eyes. "She may be crazy, but she was telling the truth."

"The best liar is the one who thinks her lie is true." Aang argued.

"Why are you so against this and her?"

"Why are you so with her and this?"

"You people sound like my parents. Or like me and Todd." Aang and I jumped as Viola's voice came from behind us. We turned around cringing. She stood behind us with an amused expression on her face.

"There's a simple solution to this, really. You can tell if I'm lying, right?" She pointed at Toph. She nodded, and smiled.

"I think I know where you're going with this." Viola offered a wan smile in return. "Are you calm?"


"Okay. Are you crazy?"


"She's not lying." Toph said with a faint hint of triumph in her voice. Aang looked thoughtfully at his feet for a minute, then looked up.

"She could not know she's insane." He looked up at Viola. "Do you know that you sound absolutely crazy?"

She considered it for a moment and then calmly replied. "I had thought of it, but before today, I didn't think people could control water with their minds."

"Touché," Toph said, punching Aang in the arm. "Twinkletoes, you're acting stupid. Let her and Todd stay with us for a while." Then she turned to Viola. "Oh, by the way, it's not just water," Toph stomped her foot and a rock came flying up into her hand. This time Viola didn't look surprised.

"I was kind of expecting that," she said.

"No you weren't. I can tell if you're lying, remember?"

"Right." She replied, biting her lip. "So, can I stay?"

"I'm okay with it," Toph said.

"I'm fine with it too." I said, raising my hand and looking at Aang expectantly. I noticed Toph and Viola looking at him hopefully too.

"What?" he said, looking confused. I elbowed him and hissed in his ear.

"Say yes!"

"I know about that! I'm just wondering why you're all giving me sick puppy looks." He said. "Okay, you can stay." Toph pumped her fist in the air.

"I knew you'd see the light, Twinkletoes. It's nice being proved wrong, isn't it?" she teased. As I laughed, I saw Viola smile out of the corner of my eye.

Later that Night

My eyes shot open when I heard a faint rustling sound. I got up and peeked around Appa, and saw Viola walking towards her boat.

What the hell is she doing?

Is she sleepwalking-

Or something worse?

I carefully moved around Aang and accidently stepped on Momo's tail.


I held my breath and froze as Momo's eyes flashed open and he hopped up. He looked at me and chattered angrily. I made frantic shushing motions, but it didn't work. Aang opened his eyes, and rubbed them sleepily.

"What's going on?" He muttered.

"I couldn't sleep..." I said biting my lip, hoping he wouldn't see through my obvious lie. Unfortunately, his gray eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"You're so lying."

"Okay, maybe I am, but you need to be quiet if you want to come with me." I whispered. I looked over Appa again to see if Viola heard anything. She still continued tiptoeing through the camp. I silently motioned for Aang to come look. As he peeked over Appa's saddle, his brow furrowed in disbelief.

"What the hell is she doing?"

"Exactly what I thought," I muttered. "But keep quiet. I wanna see what she does." We watched as Viola slowly made her way towards the boat.

"She's good. She didn't even wake up Toph." Aang mumbled.

"But Toph is snoring loud enough to wake the dead." I whispered. He snorted, and I slapped his arm. I hurriedly looked over Appa to see if Viola heard, but she was almost to the boat. I shushed him.

"She's almost there."

"Again, what the hell is she doing?"

"Again, I don't know."

"Okay, she's at the boat. Shush!"

We watched as Viola reached down into the boat-

And grabbed something that glinted in the light-

"What is she doing with a knife?!" Aang whispered-screamed. "I don't know!" I said back at him. "Wait... she's throwing it in the river..."

"What... the... hell..." Aang said under his breath. "Why would she wait until the middle of the night to throw away a stupid knife?"

"She didn't throw it," I whispered. He looked again.

"Holy crap! She's coming back! Fake sleep!" he whispered. We slid down Appa's side and laid down on his legs. I slowed my breathing down, but it was hard.

(What was she doing with the knife?)

(Could she be trusted?)

(Was I wrong?)

I held my breath as I heard scrambling and muffled cursing on the other side of Appa, then I heard the saddle creak. I let out my breath in an audible sigh and immediately gasped. Through a slit in my eyelids, I saw a face block the moon, and then it drew back over the saddle and disappeared. I heard a sliding noise on the other side of Appa, and then nothing. I waited for a couple minutes, and then opened an eye and stared at Aang. He eventually opened his eye, and stared back at me.

"Do you think she's asleep?" He muttered under his breath.

"We should wait a bit, to make sure," I whispered back.

"Oh, you're no fun," He frowned.

"We could have a murderer with us! What's so fun about that!?" I whisper-screamed at him.

"Shush!" He carefully creeped around Appa's side. "Okay, I think she's asleep. Let's look at the saddle." We climbed up Appa's side and looked in the saddle. Todd was still in there, breathing normally, but next to him laid the knife. It was a monster of a blade, with a serrated edge and a bone handle. I could even see flecks of blood on it. I shuddered to think of why anyone would want it. But as I looked at Aang, I noticed him staring at it with an intensity that wasn't normal. It was almost like a trance.

"Aang," I whispered. "Aang!" I slapped his arm. He gasped and shook his head.

"This is gonna sound weird, but it almost seemed like the knife was talking to me," He muttered.

"And you said Viola sounded crazy," I hissed and kissed him. "Let's go back to sleep, and forget this."

"Oh, I don't think we should forget, but you're right. Let's get some sleep," He said, and with one last glance at the knife, we slid down Appa and went back to sleep.

That Morning

When I woke up, I saw Viola staring at me with a frown on her face.

"I know you guys were spying on me," she said in a mad voice. "Admit it."

"What gave us away?" Aang asked in a confused voice.

"One, you people are the worst whisperers in this world. Two, I saw the moon shining off your head, idiot."

"Idiot?! You're the one who woke us up!"

"Yeah, but my business is just that- MY BUSINESS! You had no right to see what I was doing!"

I butted in then. "Yes, we did! We accepted you into our group, and then we see you walking around in the middle of the night with a KNIFE! What were we supposed to do!?" I could see a look of fury coming onto Viola's face. A strong wind started whipping her hair out of her braid.

"That's Todd's knife!" She shrieked. "I thought he might like to keep it, since it was Ben's! What's so wrong with returning something to your best--" She was cut off when a huge shockwave threw her, Aang, and I back about ten feet.

"You wake me up two days in a row. Now that's just harsh." Toph said with a grin as we got up groaning. "I think Viola's kind of right. You guys had no right to see what she was doing." Viola glared at us. "But... They also sort of could. They didn't mean to make you mad. They were just going on what they thought was in the best interests of everyone." As Toph said this, Viola's rage just rushed out of her. She crossed her arms.

"Nice to have someone on my side," she said dryly. I looked at Toph in amazement.

"Where did you learn to reason like that?"

"I guess some of Twinkletoe's softness rubbed off on me." She shrugged. Toph turned to Aang. "Speaking of which, where are we going today?"

"I'm debating between the Fire Nation Capital or Ba Sing Se," Aang said.

"Where are those?" Viola asked. It looked like her curiosity won out over her anger.

"And why?" I asked.

"Well," he said. "If one part of my dream is true, then the thing Roku told me also has to be true. So we need to warn Zuko and Kuei before it's too late."

"Who? And where are we going?" Viola asked, confusion taking control of her face and voice.

"Don't worry. We'll explain on the way," I offered.

"I'd like that," she said with a wry little smile.


  • Toph's argument almost mirrors Ben's reasonings in the book.
  • The knife is Ben's (I'm not making that part up), and Todd did hallucinate that the knife was alive and that it was talking to him. I mirrored these scenes because Todd and Aang are alike in more ways than one.
  • FORESHADOWING HAPPENING IN THIS CHAPTER!!! See if you can find it...

Production Notes and Other Notes

  • This is the first episode in Katara's point of veiw.
  • This chapter was mostly filler, but it helps to establish a relationship between Viola and the Gaang.
  • This chapter came out much faster then the last one, because the author wanted to make up for the past delay.

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