Chapter Three: Truth and Lies
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The Legend of Aten





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May 31th, 2012

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Truth and Lies

As the rays of sun peeked its arms over the horizon, Aten opened his eyes. He had not slept all night, rather dozing, dreaming of his mother. After she left, Aten had no idea what to do. He didn't even know if it was his mother.
"That's absurd," he thought. "Of course its her."
Aten made up his mind. He would tell Ming his past. Tell her everything she wanted to know. Just, he wouldn't say anything about that spectre that visited him the night before.

"Ming?" Aten gently opened the tent and went inside. "Ming, are you awake?"
"Mmm? What, yes... Yes, I'm up. Did you uh... sleep?" Ming's voice was still drowsy with sleep, after all, she wasn't really up. Aten felt a pang of guilt. She probably needed to sleep. But, now that he had decided to tell her, he had to go through with it as soon as possible, lest he lose his nerve and courage.
"I did as you asked. I didn't sleep. But, I need to tell you my past."
"Oh!" Ming was surprised, but a little worried. She had no idea what he would do. "Let me just put on some jook."
Ming prepared the meal, and Aten prepared himself. As they settled down to eat, he began his awful tale.

"It was just a normal day on the farm, but that day was anything but normal. I was putting hay in the part of the barn where the pigs were kept, when a car suddenly parked in front of my house. From the distance, I could see my father, and three men. I didn't think anything of it, as many people came to buy our ostrich horses. But, then I heard dad start shouting.
"What do you want with this place? There's nothing here besides my family and my farm," dad said with clear disrespect in his voice.
"Well Mr. Farmer, can you guarantee that this place won't be destroyed?" I saw the gang member had fire in his hand as he said this. I started getting worried. I saw my father hand over, it must have been half of our money. The Firebenders left then, but I could see that my father was very angry.

I watched them drive away. I was so angry! How could they do this? Who was going to stop them? This was only the beginning of our trouble. It wasn't long before they came back, and they always got what they wanted time and time again. Every time, my father had to give up his hard earned money, and each time, his frustration with the gang grew. I was out the day they came. The last time they came. My mother had asked me to go into the woods, because she needed some White Dragon leaves for a special dinner. It was my little brothers third birthday. While I was gone, they came back. But this time, my father refused to the give the benders any money.

I heard the blasts and smelt the fire. I knew something was wrong. I ran back, I ran so fast. By the time I got back to the house, it was engulfed in flames. My father had run back into the house, trying to save my brother, but the fire was too big, to powerful. He was trapped, and there he perished.
"This is from the Agni Kai Triad. Let's say, a token of our appreciation." He lifted his hand up, and all I could feel was pain. I blacked out, I must have, because when I got up, the sun was setting. I must have been asleep for about 30 minutes. The house wasn't really on fire anymore. I ran around to the barn, and I saw my mother. She was burnt all over... She had gone to the barn to get some candles for the table. And... She died."

Aten finished his story. The sun was up, and birds were singing, but inside, Ming felt as cold as ice.
"Oh, Aten..."
He looked at her, and burst into tears. All she could do was hold him, finally understanding how close she was to him, and how much he treasured their relationship.

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