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Truth Be Revealed
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Princess Yue's Second Chance



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May 29, 2013

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Vanished Contact

Seventh Chapter...:)


The moment of truth has come! Sokka learned what Yue has been hiding all this time.


An Assumption

"Aang, is everything alright in here?" Katara asked. She took notice of the stranger and finally noticed it was Yue (as Patience). "Hey Patience, its cold out here don't you think? Why don't you get inside, we have a cup of tea there to warm you up."

"In fact, why don't we all get inside. We're done working here." Sokka said abruptly.

"Okay then." Katara said, not having a single idea what has just transpired. The five of them walked towards the entrance door. Katara used waterbending to shield them from the rain. Although she blocked the rain, for Yue, it was still raining. In fact, her nervousness made it more cold than it really was it made her shiver more than the rest were. There's no way I can stop this anymore. This is my doing, I have to face it. Yue was more confused than ever. She wondered if she really did the right thing in the first place. But I'm tired of being the one always sacrificing.

Death truly changes a person.

"Sokka," Suki said to him as he held his hand. "Why have you becoming so gloomy all of a sudden? Did Appa lick your face again?" But Sokka didn't answer. It was like he was in deep thought. He has never shown this face since Sozin's Comet.

Aang opened the door for them, the last one to enter was Yue. She hesitated at first but entered nonetheless. The living room was warm and comfortable but even that didn't stop Yue from shivering. Katara offered her tea." This should warm you up, it's from Iroh's tea shop.

"Yes, I've met him during-" Yue stopped suddenly. Realizing she slipped her tongue, she just drank the tea.

"Met him where?!" Sokka asked.

"Uhmm, met him at the uhhh..." Yue was now pale as the moon.

"Met him at North Pole, am I right?! You met him when-"

Yue was now crying so hard that Katara, being the mother-like figure that she is, went to her and comforted her. "Sokka, don't scream at her like that. You're acting like a complete paranoid."

It's a miracle Yue was still able to talk. "No, Katara. He has every right to be angry. I left him alone years ago and-"

"Alright! That proves it!" Sokka shouted. "You're hiding something!"

"Please Sokka, let her explain-" Aang hopped in.

"So you're BOTH hiding something." Anger was now present in Sokka's voice. "Aang, why did you call her Yue?!"

Suki stood up and went near Sokka. "Sokka, what's going on in here?"

"I have an assumption that she is Princess Yue, of the Northern Water Tribe!"

Cat's Out of the Bag

"What?!" Katara and Suki said together. Katara then said, "That's crazy Sokka. Yue's long gone since the siege at the North. We saw that happen."

"Then explain to me then why she knew us in the first place, why she looked angry at Suki after knowing we were engaged and why Aang called her an old friend!"

Silence again. It seemed that in every silence was a heart shouting silent screams. Yue's silent screams. For her, every moment of it was heart-wrenching. After those horrifying snippets of silence, Yue finally confirmed. "It's true Katara. I am Princess Yue."

Katara was dumbfounded. "But, but you don't look like-" "I don't look like my old self, I know. But there was a reason for all of this." Katara, Suki and Sokka were eager to listen. Aang already heard of this but listened anyway.

"That night of the siege, I gave back the life Tui has given me. I did it to save my people because they needed me. I made the ultimate sacrifice. Because I was bonded with him for a very long time, I too was taken away. But overtime we both regained our energies, our life force to its maximum through that connection." She then turned to Aang. "Aang, do you remember that night when you tried to get away from your friends after knowing that the world thought you were dead?" Aang nodded. "I intentionally appeared to you because we felt the same way. I know, Aang, that you understand my intentions. Just like that night, you have to sacrifice your existence for a much better plan. You felt bad because it hurts to sacrifice. That's what I feel too. Death can really change the way a person thinks."

Suki then said, "But that still doesn't explain why you're here."

"Let me finish, Suki. By the time Ozai was defeated, Tui became more balanced as ever. A repercussion of the world restoring to its original balance, thanks to the Avatar. Now that Tui was balanced, he was able to stand on his own. But there was a slight problem, due to the long period of time I was with Tui, I became more one with him as ever, I became Tui and and Tui became me."

"But why did you return then if you knew this bond was inseparable?" Katara asked.

"That's the problem, I didn't know then until Aang told me the consequences. He told me that if Tui and I were dimensions away, the bond would tear and the balance would once again tip its scales. I'm so sorry. I was too foolish, too human to think otherwise." She then faced Sokka. "But I did that for you Sokka, I was tired of being away from all I loved. Sokka, you're the reason I am here."

Sokka was staring blankly at space, not knowing what to say. Suki, however were having mixed emotions on what Yue had just said. "But I know that now, we were never meant for-"

Yue stopped talking as Sokka suddenly hugged him.

"I missed you so much Yue. Why did you leave me Yue? Why did you?" Sokka said with tears flowing out from his eyes.

"I had to do it Sokka." Both of them now were crying.

"I think we should leave them alone for now." Aang suggested. Suki, Katara and Aang went outside while Yue and Sokka were left inside the temple. The rain has stopped its cold beating, the Sun's radiance was beginning to pave out on the diminishing dark clouds. There was calm in the sky. Suki was still not convinced she was Yue. She felt her anger bubbling inside of her. Why would Sokka believe that lady's claims so easily?

Messenger Hawk

Although Yue's identity was now confirmed, she still declined the offer to live with them at the temple. She prefers to take it a little easy. Maybe this is the start of a normal life. But she remembered again that Sokka was now engaged to Suki, that she needs to return to the Spirit World. Not to mention the fact that her father doesn't know she was back. She was stuck on what to do next. Should she go back to the Spirit World right now? Heck, she doesn't even know if there's a way to return there. She then turned to the telephone. She has never seen anything like it. She forgot how advanced the world has become since her absence. Yue tried and tried but didn't successfully use it. Hmmm, I wonder if there are Messenger Hawks available in here, I mean, this city is supposed to be a melting pot of cultures right?

She went out of her apartment to search for such a shop. And luckily it was just across the street. The shop has a large billboard that says Mr. Ming-Qua's Messenger Hawk Aviary - Now Available For Citizenz of Republic City!. As she went inside, she marveled at the hundreds of messenger hawks that were caged. It was so noisy and smelly. She approached the old Fire-Nation man at the counter.

"Welcome young lady, in here to buy a hawk?" the old man said.

It was so weird for Yue to talk to someone from the Fire Nation, the nation who tried to kill her people. Zhao

"Yes please."

The old man went to the storage room. He was gone for quite some time. As Yue waited, she walked around the shop and explored. The world has truly changed. So did the people. She was not used to buying stuff on her own because when she was still a princess, she had servants to do it for her. However, despite the current situation, she was happy that she was doing something on her own. Freedom. Out of the restraints of the laws of her Tribe, she was free to do anything. The door of the storage room opened and the old man was now carrying a cage with a messenger hawk with it. It seemed to be tamed unlike the other hawks in display. She used the yuans Aang has given to her.

"Thank you Mr. Ming-Qua."

"Oh my dear, I'm not Mr. Ming Qua. I'm Shao-lo. Mr. Ming Qua is the owner of all the shops, I'm just a cashier. Hehe."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Mr. Shao-lo then. Thank you so much."

"No problem."

A secret message

Yue proceeded to her room. She decided for a hawk because she doesn't want to go to the temple herself. She wanted some space for a while. Yue wrote on the paper, it said:

Aang, have you found a way to open the doors to the Spirit World yet?

She folded it and put it inside the tube at the back of the hawk. She opened the window and let the hawk fly. Yue watched it as it approached Air Temple Island.

Yue waited eagerly for the reply.

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