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True Love
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Chapter 3: True Love

Today is a very special day. The Avatar and a boy and girl from our sister tribe has come. The afternoon they arrived, I was on a boat ride and my boat had passed their sky bison.

"This place is beautiful," I heard the girl comment.

"Yeah... she is..." I heard the boy say dreamily. I peered at him curiously as my boat turned around a corner.

That night, there was a huge feast to welcome the Avatar and the boy and his sister.

"Tonight, we celebrate the honor of our brother and sister of the Southern Tribe. And they have brought with them, someone special, someone who many of us believed disappeared from the world until now... the Avatar! We also celebrate my daughter's sixteenth birthday! Princess Yue is now of marrying age!" Father announced and the crowd cheered.

"Thank you Father. May the great moon and ocean spirits watch over us during these times!" I said smiling. I got a full look at the boy now. He looked rather handsome and I could tell he had a kind heart. I approached him.

"Hi there. Sokka, Southern Water Tribe," he said.

"Very nice to meet you," I replied. Sokka looked nervous.

"So... uhhh... you're a princess, huh? I'm kind of like a prince myself back home!" he said nervously. He then proceeded to ask if I wanted to do an activity together. I said yes. I knew exactly what he meant by that. As I walked back to the Palace, I felt a sudden spark inside me. I knew that I had fallen in love.

The next morning, I was out on a ride when Sokka spotted me and ran alongside the boat. I told him to meet me on the bridge at night. But I began having inner conflict with this decision. I don't like Hahn and when I'm around him I'm repulsed but with Sokka, I feel like I'm hurting someone.

That night, I was on the bridge staring at the stars when Sokka came.

"Hi Princess Yue. I made you something. I carved it myself," Sokka said, showing me a small carving.

"Oh, it's a bear," I said.

"Actually, it's a fish," he said.

"Oh. Sorry, I made a mistake. I shouldn't have asked you to come here," I said sadly and ran off with tears in my eyes. What was wrong with me? Now I broke Sokka's heart. I'm such a monster. I had cried myself to sleep that night. Is it wrong for me to love him? The betrothal necklace that I had received was a shackle. It kept me away from freedom. I felt like I was screaming at the top of my lungs and yet, no one can hear me.

The next morning, there was a judgment. Aang had tried to teach Katara Waterbending in secret last night but was caught by Pakku. Katara was supposed to apologize but instead snapped and decided to fight Master Pakku. So, she and Pakku fought until he discovered Katara's necklace. He was engaged to Katara's grandmother! At the mention of the word 'custom', I ran off crying.

That night, I was standing on the bridge weeping to myself when Sokka came.

"What do you want from me?" I asked tearfully.

"Nothing. I just want you to know, I think you're beautiful, and, I never thought a girl like you could notice a guy like me," he said.

"You don't understand," I started to say.

"No, no. I get it. You're a princess and I'm just a peasant," Sokka said sadly.

"No, Sokka..." I began.

"It's okay. You don't have to say anything. I'll see you around," he said and started to walk away. Oh no. I would not break his heart this time. I grabbed Sokka, turned him around and pulled him into a kiss. I could tell he felt bewildered, but he relaxed and kissed me back. It was short, but sweet. As soon as we broke away, he asked me what was up.

"We can't be together and it's not why you think it it. It's because... I'm engaged," I said sadly, revealing my betrothal necklace. I ran off, the tears coming back again.

Author's Note

Hopefully everyone liked the way I put the betrothal necklace as :)

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