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ABCLAF Logo This Kataang one-shot takes place in The Guru.

Chapter Twenty-Five: Troubles Lurking

The light is so beautiful.

So very, very beautiful.

Spirits. It's . . . it's like forever. It just goes on and on.

It's a mountain.

A forever mountain.

And the sky.

The starry, starry sky.

The forever sky.

He stands there, illuminated by the beautiful light—is it violet? It must be violet, though there are no words to describe this unearthly, heavenly light—and he wonders why he is here, standing at the pinnacle of all.

I can't remember.

It's just too . . . beautiful.

It's just too . . . forever.

It's just too . . . everything.

His world tips.

It twirls.

It whirls.

It spins.

It sings.

He can hear it.

The singing.

He can hear the singing, so clear, so light, so warm.

It calls to him.

Now, think of your attachments and let them go, sing the voices, and the echoes bring harmony to the melody. Let them go . . . let them go . . . let them go . . .

He can see Katara, waving to him. He waves back a little, and she smiles at him, that beautiful smile that makes his heart ache just to look at it.

A smile that itself is a light.

Let them go . . .

Let them go . . .

Let them go . . .

He loves Katara.

But love is not the only thing he needs to become an Avatar.

One by one, the memories of her fade, shut down, disappear, until all he has is a smile and a name.

A smile.


And a name.


Then the name is gone, and she is frozen there, on the horizon, smiling, waiting.

He pauses.

He no longer knows why he loves his girl, except for, perhaps, her smile.

But the rest is not there.

He smiles back and waves.

The girl disappears, a twinkle of light announcing his readiness for the descent into the Avatar State.

And still the voices sing.

Let the pure cosmic energy flow, they sing. Flow . . . flow . . . flow . . .

He is balancing upon the bridge of an aurora, its massive stream of light straddling the gap between him and the Avatar State.

He presses forward, careful not to fall, and he forgets who he is and why he is here.

He can see himself.

A spirit of himself.



He is inside the other-him, his tattoos shimmering with a bluish light, his eyes glowing, and he can feel the cosmic energy flowing into him, giving him the Avatar State.

Giving him what he needs.

And then he hears it.

A single scream.

He turns.

The girl.

The smile.


The name.


The memories.

Locking into place like falling blocks.

Each one taking away a part of the Avatar.

Each one bringing back a part of the boy.


She needs him.

And he will sacrifice all for her.

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